Okay Update here for this story. I have been looking the story over and I want to start it again, because of all the new aliens the storylines and lots of other stuff. Plus I can't even stand chapter 1 so I'm starting this story over again. The plot will be similar, but it's gonna be longer with new characters and new aliens. (I am discarding Ultimate Diamondhead, because he makes me cringe) but you will still be able to read these chapters but the name will be changed to: Ben Ten: TDU. Plus I wanted more episodes with just Jimmy and Ben and Z'saykir and co. will not be revealed as the masterminds till later. It will be split into two arcs of three seasons each. The first follows Jimmy and Ben as the only weilders of ultimatrixes and will be lighthearted. Arc two will be darker. I've just started writing the first couple chapters and I have no idea for when chap 1 will be up but I'm guessing late February to early March. Also Each season will have in between 16-24 chapters in them. If you have any more questions I am on formspring: .me/NRGRath I dunno if the link will work on all computers but my username is NRGRath. So see you soon guys. Sorry if you are disappoint about this plot being abandoned but I think you'll like the new plot as well.