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Extended summary: This story is one for Katniss and Peeta. Katniss has lost her father and her mother has gone into depression. She turns to hunting, but it doesn't go according to plan. During a bad winter, Prim dies. Katniss turns to drink to help console her problems. Her only friend is the other town drunk. Haymitch. Her mother can no longer take the strain of her abusive daughter so is a travelling nurse, around all the districts. Katniss feels so alone so turns to the drink harder. Her original hunting partner, Gale has moved on and now lives in District four with his mother. Two of his siblings also died during the bad winter. Katniss is now sixteen and is attending school. She normally turns up drunk, or with a hangover. The townspeople feel sorry for her, but many leave her too it. They know that she will either die of alcohol poisoning or suicide. Only one person doesn't give up on her. THERE ARE NO HUNGER GAMES!



I walk up with a pounding headache. I'm lying on the floor curled up in a small ball, with Prim's clothes all around me. I'm in her room. I don't remember much of last night; all I know was there were nightmares. Ever since my father's death I had nightmares, but Prim was always able to bring me back. I tried everything I could to save her, I worked, and bought her medicine, food… she was just too young, too weak to cope with the horrors that winter brought. Many of the Saem children died that year. There was no food, cold winter; nothing could be done to save them. We just watched them die. I couldn't cope. I had lost father, Prim, and now mother. She promised she would come back, she never did. That was almost three years ago. I look towards the clock in the hallway. 8.45am, I need to get to school. The desk at the back in the left hand corner is calling me in each of my classes. No one talks to me, normally by noon, I'm either sent home or to nurses office. The principal and all my teachers know my situation; they are just smile at me sympathetically.

I full on my uniform, leaving without breakfast, as I normally do. I walk, past all the houses that most people have left to look for better lives in other districts. Many left after that winter, they couldn't cope anymore. Many of them moved to more industrial districts and were doing well for themselves. They had proper homes, proper food, a proper life… I was already late when I walked into my classroom, everyone was already seated. I didn't give an excuse just walked to the back of the classroom, taking my seat. No one looks at me; they have got use to my ways. I sit and listen on how to perform simultaneous equations. I just sit and stare at the broad, I think to myself of how much Prim loved maths, how she probably would be sitting beside me in the additional group, due to her brains. She also wanted to become a teacher or a doctor. She dreamed that one day she would have a big family and that they would move to district four to be near the sea, and how my family would come and visit in the summer. I feel tears slide down my face as I start to rub the back of my hand to cover them. The bell for my next class comes, and I feel a hand on my shoulder. Peeta. He hands me a plain handkerchief and walks on. I just stare after him. He was always looking out for me: he left food on my doorstep when I was losing some weight, gave me a complete homework sheet before Maths and even just little things like now. I never thanked him, just went on with my life as if didn't exist. We never talked he just handed my stuff, and walked on. His father and my mother had been friendly once, and I knew his father had probably told him to look out for me. Everyone else told their kids to stay well away from me, telling them that I would led them astray. I started walking towards English, when I felt my head ache starting to take over. I had been sweating the whole team in Maths and my breathing was becoming more laboured and more intense and laboured. I felt my legs starting to buckle beneath me. I tried to calm onto something but I just kept falling, hitting my head on the way down against the lockers, blackness then took over.


I heard her sobs from the back of the classroom, I knew no one else heard them; she was good at covering them. She had many years at perfecting this. The bell came and I waited for her to leave the classroom, before I lift the other handkerchief that I always kept ready for her to need it. I was on my way to English when I heard the bang coming for the corridor. I turned around to see Katniss trying to clutch one of the lockers. By the time I reached her she had already blacked out. I lifted her up just like I did every day, carrying her to the nurse's office.

"Hey Peeta, what's wrong today? It's not even 10°clock yet."

"She blacked out in the corridor. She looked like she was having a hangover this morning."

Ms Trinket the school nurse showed me towards the small hospital bed. She took a damp cloth handing it towards me. I moved it across her head. She was taking her to take her temperature.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Just a hangover…"

"Ms Trinket, what's really wrong with her?"

"She is getting worse Peeta, she taking too much. If she doesn't stop…it'll kill her. Her body can't cope anymore. She needs you."

"She doesn't even know me, I can't tell her that, she'll think I'm just someone using her."

"Peeta, you care for her. When everyone sees she's in pain, they walk on, you stop. You want to help her, and you are she needs more."


"Peeta, put it like this if you don't help her she will poison herself, you don't want that do we know?"

I look back on the sleeping body on top of the hospital bed, her breathing has gone back to normal and she has stopped sweating. I walk over to her and brush some hair out of her face. I kiss her temple and walk towards the door.

"Keep her here, I need to go speak to Cinna, tell him, we are going home and don't mention this…I'll take her home after English."

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