The day the life support is removed, has finally arrived. Finnick, Annie and my father are all here with me. Refusing to leave the room for just a moment. I knew they would be like this morning. They were all friends with Katniss, and they have every right to be here as I do… But why do I feel like they should leave us alone? Why do I feel like they are watching me rather than watching Katniss? Angela has been in every thirty minutes trying her best to see if there is anything she can do for either Katniss or I. Already she tried to give me a sleeping pill during the night. However, each time she comes in I refuse to look at her, hoping that she wouldn't ask me again.

Finnick has decided to head downstairs and see if he can get any food for all of us while we wait. My father follows him out the door.

"I miss her. I don't know what I'm going to do if… She was the only one that understood me when things were going tough. She understood when I didn't want to talk to anyone but needed someone with me. She was there when I needed to talk to someone other than Finn. I need her back Peeta."

"I know Annie. I need her too. I never felt that I could find something so good but loss it so quickly. I never thought I would ever get the courage to speak to her, and when I finally got her I promised her… I promised her that I would be there for her. I promised I would never fail her. But I failed her when she needed me the most. I failed her Annie."

"Peeta look at me…look at me Peeta. You didn't fail her, you are the one sitting here, doing everything you can to get her back. Peeta, you said to me this wasn't my fault and now it is my turn to tell you that this isn't your fault. Peeta this is not your fault."

We end our conversation there and look back towards Katniss as she lies on the hospital bed. Still nothing has changed. Her bruises and cuts from the fall have all healed up and there isn't much sign that there is any potentially danger and that all she is doing is sleeping.

No more than five minutes later has my father and Finnick returned all carrying cups of tea and coffee for one another. My father hands me a cup of tea, and from the first sip I can tell that he has put sugar in it.

"Dad, you know I don't take sugar in my tea."

"Peeta, I'm sorry. Just drink it."

I take another sip, followed by another, and it is getting sweeter and sweeter with every drop I drink.

"How many sugars did you put in this? It's like trying to drink pure sugar, like the time mum had to put the sleeping syrup in our milk… Dad…"

Annie's Point of View

"What did you do to Peeta? Did you kill him?" I can feel my voice raising, as I race over towards Peeta's chair, trying to check for his pulse, which thankfully is still there.

"Annie, we just had to give him something to help him sleep. He will be awake in time to say goodbye to Katniss, but I didn't want him to have try and stay awake any longer."

"That was a stupid idea Mr Mellark, he needs to spend all the time he has left with Katniss that he has rather than trying to make it easier for you."

I look over towards Finnick, hoping that he agrees with me, but he just looks away hoping to avoid my sight.

"What do you think Finn? Where you all in with this as well? What if that was me in that bed, would you want to spend every minute with me, or would you want someone to put you to sleep, just to help them?"

"Annie, you know I don't think like that. It's just it's going to be hard on him, and he needs as much rest as he can. He hasn't left this room properly in almost a week. Hasn't slept properly, hasn't eaten properly. He needs help Annie."

"Well, the least you could have done was help him when today was finished when we know for sure that she wasn't going to becoming back. He is going to kill you if she doesn't wake up after this. Even if she does wake up he will he will still murder you."

"We will just have to wait and see what happens. Hope and pray that she does wake up." Mr Mellark says from his chair before he turns back towards his son, placing a small blanket around his sleeping form. Katniss had always said he looked younger in his sleep, and I can see were she is coming from. His head is rolled back and over the seat, his mouth wide open catching files, and the odd snort or miniature snores comes from him. I just hope that Katniss walks up so she can once again see Peeta in his sleep.

Peeta's Point of View

I can hear voice around me and I try and open my eyes once again, but I feel that they just wouldn't budge. All I can remember is trying to drink the horrible sugar tea, the sleeping syrup that my father had made me drink. I then remember where I am and suddenly I am able to open my eyes. I am now standing up from my seat that I had been sleeping on to see two nurses, one of them being Angela, my father, Finnick and Annie.

"What is happening?"

Suddenly one of Katniss's doctor walks in and I know straight away what is happening.

"No please, just give her some more time, she will walk up I know it."

"Peeta, I'm sorry but there is nothing more we can do for her. She can't last much longer just like this. I'm sorry for your loss. If you could please step out as we try and remove the maching from her." The doctor says trying to move around me to get towards Katniss and the machine that is keeping her alive.

"NO!" I jump right in front of the doctor, refusing to move. My father grabs my arm as I try and hold onto Katniss hand, however the doctor is calling for some of the male nurses to help my father and Finnick remove me from Katniss's side.

After another male nurse grabs my arm and is able to remove me from the room, my father and Finnick make me sit in one of the chairs until the doctor comes out after dealing with Katniss to check on me.

I don't look at anyone, I don't say anything. I don't even have any energy in me to cry, or to scream out. We can hear the small murmur of the nurses and doctor talking as they try and take the machine of Katniss.

I sit and stare at my shoes, they are my old sneakers, that I had since my feet stopped growing, and there is nothing to do but think back to Katniss. The times when we went on our long walk adventures, when she would shout at me for walking to loudly and disturbing the peace and quiet that the woods brought to her. But she never truly meant, she would always smack me in the arm playfully before pulling either one of her many funny faces or her typical scowl.

I am jolted out of my memories when I hear a shout from Katniss's room, which sounds like Angela, and a red light is flashing right above her room. Other nurses and another doctor are quickly making there way towards the door, and I try and stop one of them to ask them what is going on.

My father pulls me back towards my seat. We must be sitting there for another ten minutes before Angela comes burst out the door, smiling but with tears coming out of her eyes.

"She… She… She came back to you Peeta."

"Excuse me?" My father is the first out of his seat questioning her.

"When we remove the machine that was helping her heart beat, we always give the patient a minute to see if their heart tries to restart on their own, but we never got a response. We went on to remove the tubes form her, and when I went to remove a tube from her mouth, she let out one of the faints breath, but I felt it on my hand. We have been able to stabilize her. She is currently breathing on her own, and has been for the last fifteen minutes, we have to wait for the next hour before we can try and bring her out of a the coma. If she keeps breathing on her own for the next hour we will be able to get her to wake up by the end of the day."

"Can I see her?"

Angela nods her head slightly, before I am running into her room. There are a few nurses still there but Katniss is now sitting up in the bed, her body visible moves each time she takes a breath.

For the first time since I walked into this room more than a month ago. I feel some sort of hope. I know that she will be awake and that everything will finally be ok.

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