I'm sorry to say but this is the last chapter of closing the bottle! Actually I'm really excited because this will be the first every story that I have finished! Yes it took me a long time but I'm sure it takes a long time to do anything! Hard to believe the things that have happened during that time. I want to thank everyone for supporting me both on Fanfiction and at home here. You have all been wonderful and I hope you will like my other stories and those that are yet to come! So with out anything further I present to you the final chapter of Closing the Bottle!

Katniss's Point of View

It's been five years since we adopted Rose, are family as increased with the birth of Dillon Mellark. He was born almost five months ago, and Rose was delighted to finally be a big sister. She also got another wish, we called him Bentley. He is a Golden Labrador, I was reluctant to get a dog, but when Rose and Peeta came home with him one night, I couldn't say no. There has also been some other bigger changes in the house. Peeta graduated almost two years ago, and it has almost been eighteen months that we now live beside a Mellark bakery. Rose helps her father on the weekends, and she will defiantly be taking it over when she is older. She has more cooking ability than me. I also got a new job. I'm now a publishing author. Peeta had been placing a lot of my work with publishers when I quit my course so we could have Rose. Almost a year after we had Rose, one of them got back to me. After publishing four books,co authoring some textbooks and now lecturing at the local college I am being kept busy.

Annie and Finnick also have had a few changes to their plans as well. Miles was born in Canada when Finnick was at a swimming competition and because he was born so early they spent the first three months in Canada, thankfully Johanna had family up there that allowed them to stay so they could visit their son every day. They now live down the road with their three boys. Miles, Christopher and Johnny. Christopher and Johnny were born on New Years Day two years ago. Annie is a stay at home mum, while Finnick stills swims, and teaches some of the younger teams. Already Miles had started, and looks to be following in the footsteps of his parents.

Johanna moved down with her boyfriend Frank as soon as they graduated, and take many different opportunities to babysit for both families. I know if Frank had his way they would have a few of their own running around the place as well.

We still see Sam and Rachel, after having to deal with many cases as well as ours they decided that they should start seeing each other outside work, and after six months of dating, they tied the knot and now have two little girls Ella and Molly. They also live close, and normally the girls are playing with Rose, doing each others hair, and playing tea parties.

Today is Rose's first day of High School. As I am now brushing her hair and putting it into the plaits which I once did from Prim it feels like a have a little bit of her with me today. She never got the chance to get to this stage in her life, but I know that she is looking down on us all with a huge smile of pride. I think of where I have come from, what could have happened to me, if Peeta hadn't come to my rescue. He was my one chance, and one opportunity to have this life that I really wanted, but would never admit it to myself. When I finish her hair, and she turns around and sees Peeta at the door holding her little brother Miles, I can fully see that this is the life that I really wanted, and that I would never want it taken away from me. I needed Peeta to help me close the bottle, so that I could open the life that I now have.

Everyone is downstairs, we normally share lifts to the school, and since it was Rose's first day, Peeta was taking the children with him. Thankfully because it is a Friday, there was only going to be a half day, so we decided to have a little party for all the children when they finish. Annie, Rachel, Johanna and I have been left with Dillon, Christopher, Johnny and Molly. While the fathers bring the others to school, and then head to work for the rest of the day. As we set up the tables and all the decorations Johanna head straight towards me.

"Frank wants to get married." She blurts out at me.

"That's great Johanna, did you give him an answer?"

"No, I don't know, I don't like the idea of being settled down, and having the whole commitment thing. That was never me."

"You would like it Johanna, it would be brillant. I never thought I would want a family, but it has been the best thing ever."

"Well, how long have you and Peeta been together and you still aren't married. Frank and I have been together what a year. You have been with Peeta for seven years and there is no marriage yet, or have you a commitment issue?"

"No, we just were busy looking after Rose, and then we had Dillon."

"Katniss, just you keep telling yourself, because the only person you are fooling is yourself!"

Johanna's comments sits with me all day, does Peeta want to get married. At twenty five, there is not really any reason not to get married. We already have two kids and knowing Peeta he probably wants another two to spoil. But he has never said anything to me, had I just made it clear that there was no point asking me! It takes up most of my thought that afternoon until the children come home with their fathers. There is excitement all round as they tell us about their day and their new teachers. Mr Mellark is down once again seeing the children, and feeding them more sweets. He treats all the children as if they were is own, all getting cuddles, and gifts. I quickly pull Peeta over to the side, deciding that I need to confront my fear.

"Peeta, why wouldn't you marry me?"

He looks stunned at the question, defiantly not knowing how to answer the question. He stands there without words for almost a minute before I start to panic.

"You don't want that do you. Do you even want me or is just because of the children. Do you not love me?"

"Of course I love you Katniss."

"Then why wouldn't you marry me?"

"You never said anything before now. You should have talked with me!"

"And you should have talked with me!" He gently pulls my arm, pulling me towards our bedroom. He closes the door behind him, before heading over to his side of the bed, and lifting up the mattress, and pulling out a small box. He hands it to me.

"I bought this almost two days before we adopted Rose, I wanted to do it on the day when we adopted her at the party, but it didn't seem right. There were many times that I wanted to ask you. When I graduated, the opening of the bakery, after your first book, when Dillon was born, but nothing seemed right. You never seemed unhappy and I didn't mind I just wanted you happy."

I open the box that is now in my hands to see a simple diamond ring, but I know that it shouts me. It is simple and elegant, but not in anybodies face. I can feel the tears running down my face at the thought of the love Peeta shows me at all times. He lifts the ring out of the box, and places it on my finger, and all I can do is cry at the thought of all the things that I have. A family, a hope, all the things that I didn't have before.