Well guys, I am hoping that you are enjoying the story! Just really disappointed that we aren't getting a lot of reviews! Well I may just keep moving on! Just to clear up the end of the last chapter: Katniss got hit over the head with the car door, in turn she got a concussion, this is why she keeps saying that she was fine and wouldn't answer the question! This happened to me last summer when we were playing rugby game and decided to run straight into someone who was a lot bigger than me! I end up walking around saying to everyone that I was fine! I had concussion, a broken nose and a broken cheekbone! It did have some perks and I am now going out with his twin brother!

Onto the story!

Peeta's Point of View

Finnick and I end up brining Katniss to Nurse Trinket's office. She complained the whole way saying she was fine. When we tried to ask her questions she either stared at us or once again told us she was fine! When we arrived at the nurse's office we were shooed to the waiting area as she looked over. We could hear her talking away before there w

as the familiar sound of wrenching and vomiting.

After a couple of minutes the nurse came back out to me and Finnick to tell us what was going on.

"Katniss, seems to be suffering from a serve concussion. She has been showing signs of being sleepy and drowsy and the worst thing for her to do now would be for her to fall asleep."

"What would happen if she was to fall asleep?"

"It could result in her staying asleep for a long period of time, almost like a coma."

Finnick suddenly stands from his seat before heading into her room.

"Where are you going boy?"

"To make sure, she doesn't go to sleep! And they call you the nurse."

All three of us rush in to see a sleeping Katniss.

Katniss Point of View

I can hear a continuous beeping noise which seems to bring me out from my sleep. My head is hurting like there is no tomorrow, but it isn't like the normal headache I have, this one. We head is thumping. I slowing open my eyelids to see grey tiles, the light being to bright to keep them open for long. I hear a rustling noise coming beside me, trying to turn around to see who or what was making the noise. Turning around slowly in the bed, I see someone sitting in the seat beside my bed.


"Katniss, how are you feeling?"

"My head is really sore. What happened?"

"Well Annie was surprised to see you, and hit you on the head when she opened the car door."

"How long have I been asleep for?"

Peeta checks his watch before laughing quietly.

"School has just finished so, about seven hours."

"I was always good with my timing."

I feel a sudden wave of nausea overcoming I lean over the side of my bed, and empty my stomach over the side of the bed. I feel my hair being removed from my face and a bowl being put under my mouth trying to keep it from hitting the floor. Peeta continue to rub my back as I continue to be sick. Once I feel like I'm finished I lean back and Peeta is already holding out a tissue for me to wipe my mouth.

We hear the door open behind us and a nurse has come in, to check on me.

"Oh I see your up Miss Everdeen."

"She has already been sick, is she going to be ok?"

"Well, your holding a bed pan, and it's normal for her to be a wee bit nausea once she wakes up but she should be fine in a couple of hours, she hopefully will be able to go home this evening.

Peeta's face has already dropped at the thought of holding the equivalent of someone's toilet. I chuckle slightly at his expression, as the nurse takes what we thought was a bowl of Peeta and directs him to a room with a sink so he can wash his hands and be able to get me a glass of water.

"So Miss Everdeen, how are you feeling now that you have emptied yourself on your boyfriend?"

"Peeta, he isn't my boyfriend."

"Oh, I just thoguht, with him staying with you and all that there was something there."

"We care deeply for each other, but we just haven't really put any labels on it yet."

"Well, I know you might not think it yet, but I wouldn't let that boy go. There aren't many out there like him."

"I know, I don't think there is anything I could do to deserve him."

We were finally allowed home just after dinner. I had refused the food in the hospital when they had offered it to me, but was gladly accepting the offer of MacDonalds on the way home. Peeta had just stopped off at the closest MacDonalds on the way home when I saw a familar red Corsa. You have got to be kidding me! We tried to snick in and snick out but as soon as we opened the main door: Annie was shouting and calling us over. Peeta told me to go and he would just order me what I wanted. I walked over to a table with Annie and Finnick sitting at it.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I hope we can still be friends."

"Of course Annie, it was all just an accident."

"You see I told you Annie, Katniss would see it as an accident. We all know you didn't mean it on purpose."

"I just didn't want to lose a friend: I've lost a lot of friends."

"I lost a good friend too many years ago."

I look up to see Finnick staring back at me, but Annie continues to tell me all about the day in school I missed. The more and more she speaks the more I can see she isn't fully with us. Finnick watches over Annie and continues to look back at me, almost waiting for me to hurt her in any way. I know that even though Finnick is popular and seen very highly in the school, Annie has been known as the more strange and quiet girl. Annie continue to babble away about a history research paper that she was doing for school, when Peeta returned back with our food. And oh my day was I hungry. I started to inhale the food, before Peeta, rested his hand on top of mine, telling me with my eyes that I need to slow down before I choked. In the end I ended up finishing all my food, Annie chips, half of Peeta's burger and another round of chips again. After clearing the tables we all kind of looked at each other and then to Annie waiting for her to once again start up a conversation.

"Are any of you trying out for the school play tomorrow? Finnick think I should join and add something other than the swimming team to my CV."

"Annie, we talked about this…"

"Sorry… it doesn't matter, if you don't want to…"

Peeta has already butted in trying to put the girl at ease without Finnick trying to make things easier on me.

"We were talking about that a few days ago. Katniss was thinking of trying out, and I'm sure I'll be roped in by Finnick as well"

Annie has already got that giddy face on her, and if no one else was looking I would have killed Peeta there and then. There was no way I was going to disappoint Annie after today.

"Well, I was only thinking about it, you know just a small part, and well if you are trying out for it, I don't see any reason not to go and make a fool of myself."

Annie is already rambling away about what it would be like to be part of the play together and being able to spend a lot of time together.

"And we can rehearse lines at each others house, and we can get dinner after the rehearsals. It would be like having a sister, I always wanted a sister."

It was at that moment I broke down, only thinking of one thing Prim. How she probably would have been in the play and made sure that I would go and see her in the opening night, stand beside her as she got nervous. Peeta quietly excused us, as he could see the distress written on my face due to Annie's comment and dragged me back out to the car.

We were silent the whole way home, just a comforting silence, as Peeta's hand stayed on top of mine. When we made it up the driveway, and Peeta cu the engine, turned around and looked at me did I truly break down and cry into his shoulder.

"Shh…Katniss it's all right, you know she didn't mean what she said. Well, she just wants a friend. Annie, she has a few problems going on at the moment. Her parents…well. She was at a swimming competition about two years ago and it was the first time her parents had let her go alone. There had been a lot of arson attacks in her neighbourhood, and well she lost her parents and her younger brother that night. She went into herself slightly, and would have many flashbacks and attacks. She has been getting better, but Finnick has been by her side for a long time. At the start of this behaviour they tried to deem her mentally insane and wanted to take her away. Finnick did everything in his power to help her, and he is very protective over her. He wouldn't let her have a lot of friends because they always use her or just well some things aren't really nice."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because Annie wants to be your friend, and well she needs someone who wouldn't leave her when things get tough. She only has a few friends that Finnick has allowed: Johanna and me are really the only one she is allowed."

"I want to be Annie's friend.

Peeta's point of view

We finally head back to bed when it hits ten we sat up most of the night just talking and well kissing as well. I could tell Katniss wanted to says something, but kept holding it back or as soon as she was about to say something she would look like a fish and then close her mouth again.

"Katniss, please tell me what is wrong?"

"It's just something the nurse said and it got me thinking."

"Are you ok? Is there something wrong? I could take you back now."

I had already jumped up and was heading over to the coffee table to pick up my car keys to bring her back to the hospital till I felt her hand on me and it made me stop and turn around and look at her.

"No, it nothing about my health, I wouldn't have been allowed home if there was something wrong with me."

"Then what is it?"



"What are we Peeta? Are we friends? Are we good friends? Are we friends that kiss? I know you care about me but what am I?"

"Are you trying to say you want to be in a relationship?"

"I don't know Peeta, the thought of being in a relationship scares me, but I feel safe with you."

I look down at Katniss, my beautiful Katniss, and hold her tight to me, before placing a chaste kiss to her lips, but she wanted more as she deepens the kiss.

"Peeta, it will be hard, even I know that I will be hard work, and I wouldn't always be perfect, and your mother will hate me. I might get depressed some times…"

"I would take all of that and more Katniss just to be with you…Katniss… will you be my girlfriend?"