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Kid Flash, Artemis and Nightwing get sucked into another dimension while on a raid at S.T.A.R. Labs. Confused and lost, they run into a few heroes that need help – a lot of it. Will they ever get home? And what are those heroes hiding from them? Spitfire. AU.

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Chapter 1: Portal

"Artemis!" Wally shouted, reaching out to her. The archer gritted her teeth, summoning her strength before pulling herself towards the metal bar and hauling her front body in front of it.

All three heroes' bodies were parallel to the ground. Windows shattered in the distance, and the whirling sound intensified. A blue-green portal swirled with energy right behind them, sucking them in forcefully.

Kid Flash still clung onto the pole in front of him, trying to reach out to his girlfriend, who was the nearest and closest to being sucked into the portal that led to who-knows-where. It could lead to another planet, another solar system, or even another dimension. There was no guarantee that they'd come back, either.

The speedster swore. "Nightwing!"

"Working on it." Wally's best friend, the Dark Knight's protégé, grunted back as he typed furiously on his glove computer. Well, as best as he could, considering the fact that he was hanging onto dear life and clutching another metal railing with a muscled arm.

"Wally!" Artemis shouted. "Wally, listen to me."

The 19 year old in question stared at her, snapping to attention. "I'm going to jump. You're going to catch me. Swing me to reach that button-"

"No! Don't you know how dangerous that is?" Kid Flash's eyes widened under his cowl. "If you miss, if I don't catch you..."

"Just shut up and trust me, Baywatch." The blonde snapped, before softening slightly, her eyes searching his. "You'll catch me."

Wally was silent for a while, before he gave his acknowledgement in the form of a stiff, curt nod. Artemis breathed in and out deeply, closing her eyes, before hauling herself more off the edge of her pole.

"One. Two. Three."

Artemis pushed herself off, stretching out and hoping for them best.

It seemed like she was flying, for a moment, until she realised, with a sense of dread, that she was being sucked back into the portal.

That moment, a warm, gloved hand secured itself around her right hand.

Wally caught her.

He had done it.

Mouth splitting open in a wide grin, she matched Wally's smile as they hung there, staring at each other in relief and thankfulness. Her left hand stretched forward and secured itself at Wally's forearm.

Before he started swinging her to the Power Down button to the side of the room, a chair which had previously been nailed down was uprooted by the sheer force of the portal, and rammed right into Nightwing.

Losing his grip on the pole, the 16 year old slipped.

Luckily enough, Wally had been positioned right in front of him, and caught him by the arm in time. Nightwing sighed, hanging onto his best friend. "This isn't asterous at all."

"No way." Artemis rolled her eyes, commenting dryly. "I would never have guessed."

Before Dick could retort, a pained grunt attracted their attention. Both heroes looked back to see Kid Flash suffering with both their weights added onto his load. His costume had split where he was balancing on the metal pole on his torso, seeing as both his hands were occupied, and he was already bruising. Not to mention the strain on his arms and the open cut on his back where a large piece of glass had flew into.

Artemis and Richard looked at each other knowingly.

"Wally, its fine." Nightwing mumbled, tapping at his friends' hand.

"No it's not." He growled back. It wasn't supposed to be that way. It was supposed to be a normal, weekly raid on the suspicious branches of any found CADMUS or S.T.A.R. labs. Nothing was supposed to happen.

All of them were supposed to be safe.

All of them were supposed to return back to base unharmed.

This wasn't in the plan.

He wasn't going to lose two of his closest friends in one night.


Artemis knew what was going on in his mind. Being with the same person for so long, on life endangering missions, did that to you. She forced a smile. "Wally, it's gonna be fine. Bird brain here'll be able to bring us back."

Wally shook his head, willing the tears to stay back.

"Wally, we're gonna let go. It's gonna be fine." Dick reassured him gently, nodding at Artemis, although still a little pissed at the nickname. He was not a bird brain!

Their hands released, the archer closing her eyes. This was better. Wally didn't have to die.

They jerked violently, but were still held back. Kid Flash kept on holding onto them, his knuckles turning white as he clutched onto his best friends with all that he had.

With wide eyes, Artemis looked to Grayson for help. "He won't let go. We won't hold for long. Dick, it's hurting him."

Richard's eyes narrowed as he looked back to his best friend. "Please, Wally. Let go."

He looked up at them with tears streaming freely down his face. "How do you expect me to let my best friends die?"

It was clear that the speedster wasn't planning on listening to them willingly. But if he didn't let go, his body was going to give in. The metal pole rested right on his hip bone and with the force and added pressure and weight, the already brittle structure was going to break.

"He's going to die." Artemis cried out, tears overflowing. Without that particular bone, Wally was a goner. The metal pole would ram right into a few important organs, and even with speedster healing, it was very possible that he might die.

"I won't let him." Dick growled decidedly. It was based on luck and chance, but it was better than letting his friend die right in front of him.

Whipping out his taser, Nightwing hesitated for a moment before shocking his friend.

At first, it looked like he wasn't going to budge.

It wasn't until a few minutes into the shock that Kid Flash let go, and all three of them plunged into the portal.

The boy's eyes were red and puffy, a tell-tale sign that he'd been crying. Of course, his two companions couldn't say anything about that – they'd been crying too. Sobbing and tiring themselves to sleep.

He ran a hand through his short black hair tiredly, messing it up again. His hair had always been untameable, and he happened to look good with its windblown style.

Another one of their comrades had fallen the past day.

They were all weary and tired.

With every death, they seemed to spiral more and more into depression, more and more out of hand. Even though they were the good guys, they had their fair share of the dark underbelly of society and of hero-ism.

The three of them had been part of a team. One that had been basking in glory, one that had been like family. Of course, there were only three of them left alive from that team. The others had all perished slowly, from the hands of different villains.

The girl's hand clenched, squishing the domino mask that she held in her hand.

They were out in the open, yet none of them had covered their faces.

Secret identities were a thing of the past. Masks were only needed during an operation, and that was only to keep up appearances. It was pretending that they were still in the past. The only one who still had a secret identity was the Bat. He managed a company to bring in profits that would help support them. Anyone else hadn't used a civilian name in probably a few years.

Superheroes weren't welcome anymore. Yes, they were feared, but the people disliked them, some to the point of hate. They were the ones who 'destroyed' their cities, but only during the fight with villains. They were blamed for the super villains that popped up around the globe.

Her eyes zoomed out again, and she sighed. "Impulse."

The black haired boy snapped to attention, and she relayed the crime to him. "A robbery down a few streets. You shouldn't miss it, there's this guy with a gun out there holding an old woman hostage."

The other blonde haired boy scoffed. "So they're normal?"

"It looks like it." She shrugged.

Impulse rolled his eyes. "They probably wanna die." He flipped up his hood, placing his domino mask back on his eyes, before turning around to face the other two heroes. "You coming, Tigress, Red?"

Tigress laughed, slightly purring, as she lurched forward with her claws out, her hood falling into place, before running on all fours with her bow and arrows secured on her back. Impulse followed after, as Red Robin tsked, shaking his head as he shot out his grappling hook. "Hasty, hasty."

He smirked, placing the black domino mask back over his cold, ice blue eyes before swinging off after his two best friends.

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