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Chapter 2: Unfamiliar

"Artemis… Artemis? Wake up." A familiar voice said, shaking her as he called out.

Weird. It wasn't Wally.

Artemis groaned, shifting her hand over her eyes to block out the sunlight. She rolled over, groping around for her blanket. Shit. Where'd it go? She was so tired, she just wanted to go back to sleep.

Why was her bed so... prickly?

Before she could ponder on it further, her hand went smack onto something – or somebody – lying next to her. She heard a muffled chuckle. Her hand felt upwards. What was this fabric? It was so distant… was it latex?



She only knew one person in the entire team that had a full body suit of latex, and that was...

"Kid Flash!" She gasped, snapping upright. Next to her, the only one awake, who had been biting down on his lip so far, burst out laughing his signature creepy-laugh. Nightwing rolled on the floor clutching his stomach. She rolled her eyes. "Ugh. Boys."

The three of them seemed to be in a park of some sort. She'd been lying on the grass, which explained the prickly feeling. Richard was still rolling about on the ground, laughing, while Wally lay on the grass next to her. A pang of worry hit her as she realised he was still unconscious.

Seeing her concern for his best friend, the first Robin stopped laughing with a small hiccup, and looked up at her. "He's fine, just a little roughed up around the edges. He's just recuperating now, to let his speed healing do its job."

Artemis nodded, standing up and dusting off her uniform. As she bent down to pick up a few stray arrows, Nightwing stood to clean himself off and survey their surroundings. "So, where are we, exactly?"

The young billionaire's brows furrowed slightly, creasing his domino mask. "It appears that we're in Central City. To be precise, Central City Park. Wally and I come here often; he probably brings you here on dates too." He paused, shuddering. "Don't answer that."

Artemis chuckled slightly, dumping the rest of her arrows into the green quiver that was strapped onto her back, before checking if her bow was in a usable condition. "Well, I guess we're lucky we landed here, then."

It was no secret how Central City, and its sister city, Keystone, were the friendliest towns in the entire of the United States, and maybe even the world. The people were relaxed, and practically worshipped their hero, The Flash, and his partner, Kid Flash.

"Hopefully." Nightwing commented darkly. If they'd ended up in another dimension, it could turn out like Gotham, or even worse. "Can you handle Kid? No offence, but I'm sure I'd be better at close range combat than you."

The archer smirked. "No problem. He's probably not too light for his height, though. Everything in that body's muscle."

Nightwing chuckled, showing his earlier, 'Robin' side. He winked after recovering. "I'd bet you'd know."

"Psht. No…" Artemis waved it off as she heaved the boy up, blushing red.

As she helped him up, the red head's eyes blinked back sleep before he woke up fully. Smiling, he placed a wet kiss on Artemis's cheek, swaying slightly as though he was drunk. The archer blushed even darker when the black haired boy acted bashful towards them.

Leaving Wally to recover, the three walked out from behind the bushes to the mostly populated lanes, with the speedster leaning on their resident archer heavily.

Once they were seen, whispers tore through the crowd, and it seemed as though every single person were staring at them with wide eyes. The curious thing was that they actually looked frightened.

The civilians in the crowd made way for the three of them, keeping a long distance away.


"…What're they doing here?"

"Can't be…"

"…Are they the Hoods?"

"Careful. If they hear you…"

"…Did they change their costumes?"

Artemis growled, "What's everyone's problem?"

Nightwing was at a loss, too, and only shrugged as they approached to opening to the park.

That was when Wally decided to launch himself away from Artemis, stumbling over to a circular metal plate in the middle of a plot of grass. He seemed confused, swaying back over to the two heroes.

His voice was almost frantic. "Where is it?"

Artemis looked to Nightwing, who shook his head. "Where's what, Baywatch?"

"Don't call me that!" He shouted, tripping onto the archer. She looked amused, though Batman's protégé took note that the people around them flinched back at his loud words. "How can you not know? Where is it?"

Exasperated, she turned back to the other boy. "You're the best friend. What's he talking about?"

Nightwing turned back to his glove computer, typing so fast his fingers were a blur on the projectile keyboard. He began to read out loud. "Central City prides itself with its two heroes, The Flash and his protégé, Kid Flash. One of the ways they show the two speedsters their appreciation is part of the city's own decorum. Multiple statues of the first Flash, the current and most famous Flash, and Kid Flash, were constructed. The most popular one is the two storey high statue of the Flash outside of the Town Hall, followed by the fully bronze statue of all three Flashes outside of the Flash memorial museum…"

Artemis chuckled. "I now know why Wall's always so big-headed."

"There it is." Dick said, reading out his findings, "The newest statue is one of Kid Flash, only recently constructed at the opening of Central City Park, the biggest and best of its kind in the entire continent. Standing at six meters and made entirely of only-" He whistled appreciatively, before continuing. "Granite and marble."

The archer rolled her eyes, looking back to a frantically searching Wally, who was already speeding around tipsily. She shrugged, looking at the crowd behind them. If it would help them understand, she'd ask. Approaching a few people, she addressed them. "Hey. Seen a statue around here? Of that guy, about 2 stories tall and made of white stone?"

They were speechless, stumbling back a few paces as they looked at her with wide, pleading eyes. A little girl burst into tears at the sight of her, while her parents seemed terrified at the thought that her attention would be drawn to them.

She groaned, ignoring the little girls' parents as she knelt down in front of the girl. "Hey, hey. Why're you crying? There's nothing scary here or anything. We're heroes. We'll protect you."

The girl only started wailing louder, and her parents snatched her back, running away to the car park as fast as they could.

Frustrated and deeply confused, the archer turned back to the two boys, who both shrugged. Even Wally had calmed down by then.

It was deathly silent.

Until, pounding footsteps on the pavement sounded out. Further behind, someone could be heard distinctly, calling out a theft.

Both Wally and Artemis looked to Dick, who was by far the most efficient and least attention grabbing, compared to their own powers and abilities.

The boy shrugged, slipping two short staffs out of his compartments. He twirled them around before joining them together to form a long Bo Staff with a sharp click.

Unconsciously, both superheroes stepped backwards to let Nightwing take centre stage.

The thief, clad in full black and wearing a hat that covered his eyes, ran into sight. The crowd parted for him hurriedly, leaving way for a woman to come running in behind the thief, still calling out for help.

When she saw the three of them, she immediately stopped in her tracks and stared. Shock and … terror registered in her eyes as she froze on the spot.

The thief hadn't seen them yet, continuing to run forward.

Nightwing smacked him in the stomach with his staff, easily overpowering the thief. He was sent flying back. His hat fell off, as did the woman's purse that he'd snatched, and he landed on the floor with a thud.

In seconds, the staff was aimed at his neck threateningly.

Fear shone in his eyes, and the most shocking thing happened.

The man got down on his knees, and started begging for his life.

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