Chapter 2: Problems old and new


Master Hand came rushing up to Sonic and Streak's room to see what the problem was. He was about to open the door, but Streak broke down the door by being thrown into it. Sonic came stomping out. "I am not sharing a room with him!" Sonic shouted. "It's not like I picked the room…" muttered Streak. "Now now, Sonic we only have two other available spots. One is the guest room, but we can't use that one, and the other is Samus's room. We can't use that either, because-" "Too bad Master, I want that room. Anything is better than sharing a room with that smart mouth." Master Hand sighed. "Alright, but I warn you, you will probably be begging to bunk with Sonic again."

Master Hand led Streak down the stairs and into the basement. "Roomy." said Streak. "Yeah and for good reason. Well, good luck. You'll need it." Master Hand left Streak alone to re-unpack. He looked up at the clock. "Hmm, he won't be here for awhile considering it's only eight." said Streak (he thinks Samus is a guy). So he decided to turn on the T.V and watch a little. After a little bit, he looked to the clock again. "Sheesh, already 10?" Streak turned the T.V off and turned to go to bed, when he felt a sharp pain in his back. Then, he passed out.

When he came to, he noticed he was tied to the bed. "Mmph!" Streak tried to say something, but he was gagged. "What are you doing here!" hissed a voice. Streak then noticed a women with long blond hair walk into view. She then proceeded to un-gag him. "Who are you?" asked Streak. "Samus, but the better question is who are you?" asked Samus. Her voice was oddly calm, but her eyes burned with fury. "Well, I'm your new roommate, Streak the Hedgehog. Now can ya untie me so I can sleep? I gotta match tomorrow!" said Streak. He noticed that she looked confused. He wondered at it, but then he let it go. "Fine then, I sleep like this then g'night." Streak fell asleep right as he finished his statement.

Samus looked at Streak, confused. 'He's a guy, but he didn't hit on me. Most guys do, is he dating someone or does he not find me attractive?' thought Samus. She thought some more, then decided it must be the first one. She decided to try out her theory tomorrow, so she went to sleep.

Streak woke up still tied to his bed. He sighed that Samus didn't untie him. "Good morning." said Samus. Streak blinked, confused at the sudden change in her demeanor. "I have a question for you. Do you have a girlfriend." asked Samus. "Uh, no why?" replied Streak confused. "No reason. Now let me untie you." Samus walked over to his bed and started to undo the knots. It didn't take very long and soon, Streak was sitting up, rubbing his wrists. Right after Streak felt his wrists started to feel normal he sped out the door. Samus frowned at his sudden departure. 'I guess I didn't exactly make the best first impression' thought Samus. "Hey ya comin?" asked Streak who came back to the door. Samus smiled, "Yeah I while."

Streak got to the breakfast table first and what he saw looked great. Pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, French toast, hash browns, omelets, eggs in every form (scrambled, sunny side up, etc.), and a multitude of exotic food to. He got one of everything and wolfed it down as fast as he could since it was eight and his match was at eight forty. When he finished, it was eight ten so he decided to squeeze in some training.

Streak sped down to the training room and saw a lot of people there fighting robotic Brawlers. Each part of the room was divided into slots where Brawlers fought the Alloys. He went over to an empty slot and pressed the button to release the Alloys. It took him 2 minutes to defeat the wave of Alloys. "Come on! I thought I'd have a challenge! Uh oh, eight thirty! Better head to the Green Team wait room!" Streak sped off to the wait room. Anticipating his first Brawl win.

Sonic went up to the stand with Tails, Shadow, and Amy to watch the next match. "So Tails, ready to see a Pokemon Battle?" asked Sonic. "Yeah! I've always wanted to see how the trainer commands his team!"

Streak entered the Green Room and saw the Pokemon, Mewtwo. 'What are you doing here? I am about to compete against the Pokemon Trainer, Red, and Pikachu!' said Mewtwo. "Ow, I always hate telepathy, and I'm competing. Thought it'd be fun to be the only non-Pokemon fighting in this match." replied Streak.

"On the Red Team, Red the Pokemon Trainer fighting with Charizard and Pikachu! On the Green Team, Mewtwo and Streak!" announced Master Hand.

"WHAT!" shouted Sonic.

"Go Charizard! Go Pikachu!" shouted Red. He threw the Pokeballs containing the Pokemon.

"Ready for Green Lightning!" shouted Streak.

'Behold my powers! I am the most powerful Pokemon in the world!' said Mewtwo.

Mewtwo started the attack by unleashing a Shadow Ball attack on Pikachu. "Piikachuuuu!" Pikachu unleashed a Thunderbolt attack exploding the Shadow Ball into a cloud of smoke. Streak then spin dashed through the smoke and connected with Pikachu making him fly off the stage. Then Charizard came in and unleashed a Flamethrower attack which caused Streak to catch on fire. He ran around quickly putting out the flames. 'You are mine.' Charizard turned around and Mewtwo let out an Aura Sphere and Shadow Ball from both his hands, but before they hit Charizard, Pikachu jumped in the way taking all of the damage from both attacks. "PIIIKAAAA!" Pikachu fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Mewtwo seemed stunned at the Pikachu's bravery taking two of his most powerful attacks. Red seized the opportunity by having Charizard unleash Blast Burn. Mewtwo was thrown back considerably while Streak's quills started on fire again. "I just put these out!" groaned Streak. Mewtwo got up from the ground, surprised at the power of the attack. "Charizard! Dragon Claw then follow up with Hyper Beam!" Charizard flew to Mewtwo quickly and struck Mewtwo across the face with Dragon Claw. 'Streak I grow weary. I need assistance.' said Mewtwo. Streak ran over to Mewtwo to help him up, but inadvertently took the blast of Charizard's Hyper Beam. "NOOOOO!" shouted Streak as he fell off the stage. 'Streak!' said Mewtwo. He couldn't believe it. Someone sacrificed himself for him. That got him mad. He looked at Charizard and unleashed two moves. Hyper Beam from one hand, and Dragon Rage from another. Charizard roared as he fell to the ground.

"And the winner is GREEN TEAM!" announced Master Hand. "Sonic are you upset that Streak won?" asked Amy. "Nah, he didn't win. He barely helped. It was Mewtwo that won." replied Sonic.

"Sonic!" hissed Tails. "Yeah? What is it?"

"Trouble, Eggman got the Master Emerald!"

"So? We can get It back no prob."

Tails found it hard to argue with that. "Sonic, you can stay here, Amy, and Knuckles will handle it. I'll speed ahead to tell Knuckles." said Shadow. Sonic gave Shadow a curious look. Shadow sighed, then said, "I'm not going to steal it. I just don't want any problems right now. Master Hand is considering letting me join the Brawl." After that Shadow sped off with Amy.

Streak walked out with Mewtwo, surprised that he even wanted to walk with him. Usually he was solitary. "Look Mewtwo, what's up? You're the lonely type, but now you're following me?" 'I thought we could train together. You have the capabilities to use psychokinetic power. Or PK powers as Ness and Lucas call them. I can sense it.' answered Mewtwo. "Really? Awesome! Okay Mewtwo, if you're really gonna train me how to use these powers, then I'll meet ya tomorrow. I have no matches." replied Streak. Mewtwo nodded then glided off. "Hey newbie!" Streak turned around and saw Fox from the other day. "Hey, uh Fox right!" said Streak. "Yeah nice match." said Fox. "Whadaya mean? I fell before it finished." Streak said meekly. "Nah, you took that Hyper Beam for Mewtwo right? If that hit him, he would've been done for and Charizard would've finished you easily as well." Streak listened to Fox's explanation and felt better. "Heh, thanks Fox. Have you had a match yet? I mean it's only…4 in the afternoon!" shouted Streak. "Ha! Yeah, your match was by far the best of the day. My match, I lost, but my partner fell in the beginning so it really was 2 on 1."

"Talk about bad luck."

"Yeah. Hey I got a question, why is Samus friendly to you? She's hostile to every guy here. Except me."

"Yeah, I don't know. She was at first, but she got real nice all of a sudden. Better than Sonic as a roommate though."

Fox said goodbye then walked off. Streak decided to go to his room and finish unpacking. When he got there though, Sonic and Tails were there. Streak just glared at Sonic and pushed his way past him. "Streak, you gotta listen to me!" said Sonic urgently. Streak just shook his head and continued unpacking. "Streak just listen!" said Tails with the same sense of urgency. "No." Streak simply sad as he ran out the door. 'Why do they wanna talk to me? Better question is why they would want to talk to me?' thought Streak.

Streak ran to the training room where he knocked Lucas over. "Ah!" shouted Lucas as he fell down. Streak looked down on the PSI powered youth on the ground. "Don't hurt me!" shrieked Lucas. Streak responded by holding out a hand for Lucas. He was hesitant at first, but then accepted it and got up. "Name's Streak. Sorry for knockin ya over." Lucas didn't respond, still wary about this new person. "Look, I'm not gunna hurtcha. Okay?" said Streak. "O-okay. My name's Lucas." said Lucas. "And why are you here? Are you unusually strong or-" "I have PSI powers." interrupted Lucas.

"PSI? Sweet! Me too! Well, at least Mewtwo thinks so."

"Well, if Mewtwo thinks so, then maybe Ness and I can help. But Mewtwo kinda scares me."

"No prob, I'll convince him."

Streak trained for a bit with Lucas, then decided it was time for bed. He did after all have another early match tomorrow. "Why did I sign up for all of the early ones?" he groaned. He warily entered his room this time, prepared for an ambush by Sonic and Tails, but only saw Samus in her sleep clothes. "G'night Samus." said Streak. "Night Streak." replied Samus. Streak couldn't sleep though, he was too excited to unlock his Psychic powers. Eventually he fell asleep.

Sonic woke up the next morning, ready for his one-on-one match with Streak. Hopefully, he could try and explain the situation to him during the match.

Streak woke up, ready to pummel Sonic. "Time to learn at least one power before the match." he said. He quickly ran out the door and into the training room to find Ness and Lucas locked in Psychic combat with Mewtwo. "Whoa! What's going on!" shouted Streak. 'They claim that they are to teach you!' said Mewtwo. "They are. That way I'll learn more moves." said Streak. Mewtwo reluctantly agreed turning to Streak, ready to give someone knowledge that no one else knows.

'Now, to learn Psychic abilities, you must look deep within yourself. You must know what you are looking for before you can find it. Now most find this easy, but for most, it causes great pain.' said Mewtwo. Streak did as he said; he started looking at his memories.

(Streak's Memories. 1st Person view, 11 years old) The city lay burning before my eyes. I could still make out their screams. Hers among them. I loved her. But he took it all away from him in an instant. That black hedgehog. "Shadow." I spat out his name. I hate him, and any who associate with him. He does not deserve to live. "I will find you. Don't worry Ceil. You will be avenged. CHAOS CONTROL!" I teleported away from my home.

1 year later-I arrived in front of a city, hearing of something called the X-Grand Prix. Then I saw a list of former racers. He was there. Shadow. I decided to enter, maybe I could gain some insight to his whereabouts.

2 years later-I got a letter in the mail. Apparently, it was something called the "Smash Tournament" where heroes and villains from other universes fight in a friendly brawl. Apparently, there was a prize at the end. Streak looked at a list of combatant, surprised there were already so many. "Huh, so I guess I impressed someone." He filled out the entry form, then saw certain people that could assist in a brawl. He stopped cold. Shadow. "I'm going to kill you."

(Present day. 3rd person view) "He doesn't look so good."

"Keep the IV in his arm. His pulse is weak to. That doesn't look good."

"Will he be alright?"

"I don't know. He's in bad shape. I don't know what could've caused this."

'Streak, can you hear me?' asked Mewtwo

'Yeah, but I can't move!'

'That's normal, your body is in shock by the sudden flow of energy.'

'Does that mean I have Psychic powers?'

'Yes, know I will try and wake you, but it will cause a lot of pain.'

Mewtwo used his Psychic powers to awaken Streak, which did cause a lot of pain.

"AAARRRGGH!" shouted Streak. His pulse skyrocketed, and because of the pain, he psychiced everyone into the medical bay walls.

"Streak are you alright?" Streak looked up to see Sonic looking over him and next to him was Shadow. "YOU! YOU FUCKING SON OF BITCH! I WILL KILL YOU AND BURN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING CORPSE!" Streak tried to get up and tackle Shadow, but he was pinned down by Mewtwo. "LEMME FUCKING KILL HIM! DAMN YOU MEWTWO!" Streak was hysterical. But then, he surprised everyone in the room. He used his new powers to dissipate Mewtwo's powers and put him unconscious. "Now for you!" he shouted. "What the hell are you doing?" asked Shadow.

"Trying to kill you!"

"Wha! Why?"

"You burned my city and killed everyone there and I have proof."

"Let me see this proof."

Streak immediately stood up, yanked the IVs out of his him, causing blood to trickle down his arm and walked out of the room. "Sir, you can't leave!" said the nurse. Streak ignored him and dragged Shadow to his room. Streak slammed the door open, causing Samus to jump out of bed. "Streak you're-""Not now Samus." growled Streak. Samus was surprised at his sudden ferocity. He yanked open his duffel bag and pulled out something Shadow instantly recognized. "A badge…" Shadow quietly said. "Yes your badge that you dropped when you burned my city!" shouted Streak. "No, that belonged to one of the Shadow clones Dr. Eggman made, I thought they were all gone." Shadow said with disbelief. "So, now are you ready to listen to me?" asked Sonic who just entered the room. Streak sighed, "Yes."

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