"The pain…it's too much to take. God, please make it go away." Meiko, a 23 year old woman sobbed at the dinner table. He was really, truly gone. She couldn't believe it. All the wonderful times they had together had shattered. All of it, carried away on the wind. "He can't be gone!" she screamed, tears running down her red face.

She stood shakily, and lifted the chair next to her. It was one of his favorite chairs. Images of her late husband, Kamui Gakupo, flashed through her mind. She smashed the chair against the kitchen floor.

He had passed only 1 day ago; a heart attack had hit him while he was enveloped in sleep. And today, the 3rd of April, had been their anniversary. She had some wine placed on the table in commemoration of this, and all she could do was stare at it. That lonely little bottle, but it was obvious it wasn't wine. It was temptation.

"Please, I can't hurt like this any longer!" It had only been a day, but she had severe separation problems. She missed him so much that she couldn't bear it. It was bad enough when he would leave for whatever reason, but not being able to see him ever again? Her heart ached.

Still crying, Meiko picked up the lonely bottle and undid the top. This would be a long night...

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