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XLVI: Reunion

Konoha Present Day:

"Ah... That's… unnecessary I'm afraid," a new voice came from behind them. The group spun around to see Yakushi Kabuto standing behind them with a smug grin on his face. "I've already… taken care of Naruto…"

Kabuto weakly leaned against a stairwell entrance. One arm was in a sling and his leg was encased in a cast up to mid-thigh.

"Kabuto! You're awake!" Sasuke frowned at Kabuto's shabby appearance. "Should you even be out of bed yet?"

"Probably… not…" He replied with a grin, "But I heard… Naruto-kun was… in intensive care and I couldn't… just stay in bed." He slowly collapsed into a heap at the bottom of the stairs, "I… probably should… have… tended my… own… wounds first…"

Tsunade performed a quick diagnostic jutsu, "What did you do, take a swan dive off a cliff into sharp rocks?" she said before healing the most severe injuries.

"Actually I was… helping evacuate civilians… when one of Orochimaru's snake summons crushed… the building I was in." Kabuto sighed in relief when Tsunade finished with his worst wounds and his breathing began to even out. "That's fine I can heal the rest myself." He said while rising slowly to his feet.

"What, exactly, did you mean when you said you took care of Naruto? We never got as far as the third test."

"The damage was pretty extensive. He was stabbed in the back with an incredibly sharp sword coated in a form of snake venom I'd never seen before. The blade entered his back between his eleventh and twelfth rib on his left side and exited near his celiac plexus and was swung down and left towards his left hip."

Tsunade's eyes went wide, as she quickly estimated the damage to his internal organs. "That should have bisected his kidney, spleen, large and small intestine… how did the wound not go septic?"

"Well…" Kabuto replied, "It did. The doctors here didn't even bother trying to fix anything as far as I could tell. They just filled the room with useless machinery and bustled around to make it look like they were working. If it wasn't for Naruto's unnatural regenerative abilities he wouldn't have lasted until the end of the day. As it is, he probably shaved years off of his lifespan."

"Get me the doctors in charge of Naruto's treatment." Jiraiya growled. "Heads are going to roll..."

Naruto's Mindscape, Present Day:

"Dad?" Naruto blinked muzzily, trying to sit up. "What are you doing here?"

"I was hoping you could tell me that..." Minato chuckled weakly, "But what are you doing inside the seal? And how did you end up on such good terms with the Kyuubi?"

"Kurama's not too bad once you get to know him, aren't you, you fuzzy bastard?"

Kurama growled menacingly. "What Have I told you about calling me that, you brat?"

"Do it more often?" Naruto replied cheekily.

Kurama sighed, "At least it's better than Fuzz-Butt..."

"As reassuring as it is to see you two joking around instead of, you know, trying to murder each other horribly... What. Is. Going. On?" Minato interrupted their banter, "And what happened to your eyes?"

"Ah... well... that's a long story..." Naruto turned to Kurama, wincing at the strain on the gaping wound in his side, "Do we have time; I seem to be dying here..."

"Eh? Someone's managed to stabilize you in the real world, the real problem is the seal," Kurama shrugged slightly, causing the bars that represented the seal to groan ominously, "But we have at least another half a day before there is a catastrophic failure."

"Big Boom?"

"Big Boom. Really Big boom"

"In that case, it all started when I was seven years old..."

Konoha General Hospital, Present Day:

"Well, while you're off killing staff I'll be..." Tsunade was interrupted by a series of muted explosions that shook the hospital. "What the hell was that?"

Before anyone could answer Sai staggered in covered in soot and badly burned. "He-he killed them all... I-I... coul-couldn't save any of them..."

"Sai!" Jiraiya frantically grabbed his operative's arms to prevent him from collapsing. "What happened?"

"D-Danzo... ble-blew up... his headquarters... and fled when... when he learned... learned his assassination failed... He killed... he killed all the ROOT Initiates... I couldn't save them... I'm... sorry... so sorry..." Sai trailed off, slowly going limp in Jiraiya's arms.

"Get this boy to an operating room, and so help me if he doesn't survive I'll break your necks!" Jiraiya bellowed. "And someone find Danzō, wring his scrawny neck and drag him back here!"

Naruto's Mindscape, Present Day:

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. Them." Minato growled through gritted teeth, "What were they thinking, leaving you alone for so long!"

"They had other responsibilities? Like Spying for and running the country?"

"Still... at least he taught you my Rasengan…"

Konoha General Hospital, Present Day:

"Since Naruto is stable, I'll start with Sensei." Tsunade said as she led the way to the Hokage's room. "I hope there are no objections?"

Sasuke, who was helping Kabuto keep up with Tsunade's brisk pace, glared at her. "Just Hurry."

Tsunade sighed at the boy's belligerent attitude. "I will work as quickly as I can, brat," she said while opening the door to the Hokage's room.

She stopped short when she saw Sarutobi laying still, wrapped in bandages and looking every one of his eighty-odd years, skin ashen and gray breathing in slow uneven gasps. "Oh Sensei what happened to you?" she muttered while rushing over to his side. Tsunade grabbed the clipboard from the foot of his bed and began leafing through it quickly, analyzing all the charts and notes it contained while pacing back and forth.

She suddenly came to an abrupt stop. "Where's the map of his Chakra network?" she growled. "It says here he has poor to no chakra circulation but there's no diagram highlighting were the problems are! Get me the head Hyuuga healer to explain this oversight!"

"There hasn't been a Hyuuga healer since you left Tsunade-sama," Kabuto stated nervously, "They were all withdrawn on the order of the clan elders, something about healing being a waste of their Byakugan."

"That's absolutely ridiculous..." Tsunade muttered. "Get me Hinata! I'll have her do it."

Naruto's Mindscape, Present Day:

"I'm proud of you Naruto," Minato said with a warm smile, "To accomplish so much in such a short time, you've truly become a great ninja."

"As touching as this is, we're running out of time, you can tell him the rest of the story after we're done. Naruto show him the seal we've been working on. We need his help to finish it before our old one fails."

"You mean the Tori seal? Naruto frowned up at the Kyuubi. "But you're too big for that now. I don't think it'll work."

"And that's why we need his help.Hurry."

"And we were just getting to the best part too..."

"You can tell him about the Chunin exams when we're not in danger of blowing up and destroying Konoha... Again."

Konoha General Hospital, Present Day:

"I-Is this okay?" Hinata asked, "I've never d-done something like th-this before.

Tsunade took the piece of paper from Hinata and gave it a thorough inspection. "Are you sure, absolutely sure, that this is what his chakra coils look like?"

"Y-yeah, I-I've never seen anything like that b-before. It l-looks like something twisted them up into a spiral."

Tsunade pinched her nose, "Shiki-Fuin. How the hell are you still breathing Sensei?"

Jiraiya, who had been sulking in a corner while he waited for Tsunade's final verdict, perked up. "Naruto stopped a Shiki-Fuin? Is there any hope or was he too late to save Sensei?"

Tsunade took another glance at the diagram Hinata had drawn. "The Shiki-Fuin twisted his coils into a closed loop." She pointed to the four thickest lines that twisted around the edge of the spiral. "I can probably reconnect the four main chakra channels. Maybe two of the four lesser channels but the eight minor are a lost cause."

"And that means?"

"If I do it right he'll wake up but he'll only have half his maximum chakra output. His reserves should be fine, but with more than half of his channels locked away he won't be able to pit as much Chakra into his Jutsu as he used to."

"Better than nothing, Hime. Get started - with Danzō on the loose, we'll need him in charge."

Naruto's Mindscape, Present Day:

"So instead of two containment sections we'll use three?" Naruto winced as more of the seals bars began to disintegrate.

"Yes. One for Kurama, one for his Yin Chakra and one for his Yang." Minato replied, double checking his calculations in his head. "It should be enough to keep him from exploding out of your body if you so much as sneeze."

The Seal was three fold, two modified Eight Trigrams Seals each holding half of Kurama's massive chakra reserves, and a third unique seal that housed Kurama's mind.

Alongside the seal's unusual shape, the act of separating the Kyuubi from his chakra enabled Kurama's consciousness to be kept in a five sided box giving him direct access to Naruto's mind, which would allow him to directly experience Naruto's daily life and directly assist him in combat.

Minato impressed with his son's seal work. The idea of forming a seal from the inside of Naruto's mind was beyond anything any seal-master had every tried to accomplish. The seals simultaneously made extraction incredibly difficult, but also gave the Kyuubi more freedom than any sealed Bijuu had experienced before.

"Well, all that's left is to summon Gamatora and open the seal." Minato said, "I for one look forward to getting these chains out of me."

"Remember; do not let my Yin and Yang Chakra to mix during the sealing. Or you'll wish all that happened to us was an explosion."

"Okay, we can do this. Let's go!"

Konoha General Hospital, Present Day:

Tsunade exited the Operating Room with a look of grim satisfaction on her face. "I managed to reconnect all four main channels and three lesser channels. However, the minor channels were too intertwined to reposition."

"How is Sensei?"

"Still unconscious, but he should wake up soon."

Jiraiya let out a relived sigh. "That's a lot off of my shoulders Hime."

"Yes, well..." Tsunade began, only to be interrupted by the sounds of alarms, followed shortly by an ANBU shunshining into the room at high speeds.

"Jiraiya-sama, Naruto is awake and tearing off his restraints with alarming haste."

As the ANBU was speaking there was a spike of terrible chakra, one that set everyone's teeth on edge and made their skin try to crawl off and hide under a bed..

Tsunade and Jiraiya shared a look and said at the same time, "Kyuubi," and shunshined out of the O.R. faster than the ANBU could follow. Outside Naruto's room, they ran into Kakashi, Sasuke and Hinata. Waves of blood red malevolent chakra poured out of the open door. When Jiraiya tried to push pass Kakashi, he grabbed his shoulder and said, "Naruto said he knew what he was doing and to stand back."

Jiraiya peeked into the room. What he saw almost gave him a heart attack. Naruto's seal was glowing so bright that he could see it through the bandages around his stomach and deteriorating so rapidly there was no hope to fix it. He almost had another heart attack when he saw Naruto had summoned Gamatora, the scroll toad and had one hand poised over his seal fingers glowing blue about to completely unlock the seal.

"Don't Worry," Naruto said with a weirdly distorted voice, as if three people were speaking the same words at the same time, "We'll be right back. KAI!"

Jiraiya had to force himself to swallow past the lump in his throat, two of the voices were unmistakably Naruto's and Kurama's, but the third... the third sounded painfully like Minato's.

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