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Phantasms Chapter Two: Vision

The world is rocking.

"She's not breathing." "Someone get the doctor! She won't last long at this rate." "Defibrillator?" "No, her eyes... Her eyes are moving! She's conscious!"

Is this for real... or not? I can't tell...

My body is strapped to the table, but it keeps moving around. The voices are loud, so loud... The adults keep telling me not to worry, but I can only blink at them. I can feel someone holding my hand, and the girl is crying. She looks afraid, like she was worried I was going to die. She speaks quietly to one of the ambulance technicians, whispering to him in fear. I can't understand what they're saying anyway. But the vibrations of their voices enter my skull and bounce around in my brain, stabbing a sharp pain into my temples.

It's getting hard for me to breathe...

Her dark blue eyes stare at me menacingly, despite that we're very far away from each other. The little girl's smile is cruel, evil even. From the tense way she stands, her arms clenched close to her chest, I know she wants to hurt me. That's the one thing she wants, the one thing that might make her move on. Seeing me in pain. How much pain, I'm not sure. Her lips part in a silent, nasty giggle, like I was the biggest joke in the entire world for her. She has no voice. None of them do. None of the children, with the exception of my little guardian, can speak outside of that one nightmare.

I still know she wants to kill me.

Either way, she doesn't come any closer to me. She stays at a distance, her body language warning me that I still have a little time. She drums her fingers on her thigh, right over the black pants underneath her skirt. She catches my gaze, motioning with a finger to look up. The girl runs her hand down her stomach, smoothing the red tinted fabric neatly. The stain sticks to her hand and she brings it to her mouth, sucking the blood from her fingertip.

I stare at her, wondering if it was my blood she was drinking... or her own. A strange look of ecstasy appears on her face and she licks her lips eagerly, giving me a much crueler grin. Her mouth moves silent, mocking the way she would have spoken if she was alive. Somehow, I know exactly what she's trying to tell me.

'You can't wake up this time. I won't let you.'

She always gave me those looks. Like I had done something absolutely horrible to this girl, as if I had drowned her goldfish or something. Or worse. She wants to kill me. … Was it blood for blood? My life in exchange for hers? The only problem... I had no idea who this girl was. I didn't know her, except from when she appeared in my life.

The girl clutches at her throat, her long nails scraping harshly against her flesh. In memory of her blood, I guess, her pale skin turns red but doesn't bleed. She keeps looking at me, her smile becoming a vicious snarl. Like I had just gotten on her nerves or something. Her eyes take on a hungry look, starving even. She licks her lips again, the famished look becoming worse. Automatically, even if it was only a dream, I take a step back. The fear feels hot in my stomach, like I just swallowed a burning coal.

She smirks, obviously amused by my reaction. She cocks her head to the side for a moment, staring at me with the mockingly innocent expression of a child. It was as if she was trying to see something in me, something she wanted. Her fingers keep clawing at her throat, angrily working at her skin. She glares at me, a cruelly desperate look. Like she wants me to see what I had done. What I had done to her. Like this was my fault. Look what you've done to me. This is your fault. This is all your fault.

Even if I didn't know why, that look always makes me want to cry. I can feel the tears rising up inside of me, making me choke. The words, if I had any to begin with, die in my throat. A cold guilt freezes my heart as I stare at that poor little girl. I sink to my knees, overwhelmed by her conviction and how the strange guilt enters my mind. What if I had done it? What if I had killed this girl?

She takes a step towards me and then another, her boot heels clacking against the floorboards loudly. Each click is a signal that she's coming closer, one more step toward my death. She stops in the middle of the room, as if by a wall. She puts her hands up in the air, pressing them against what looked like an invisible barrier that separated the two of us from each other. She growls silently, scratching at it like an infuriated cat. She mouths something to me, glaring at me viciously.

'I'll never forgive you, never. Not for all of eternity.'

The girl's lips move as the paramedics struggle to keep her still on the gurney.

Xion clutches at her hand, grasping it tightly. Olette can hear the bones inside of her hand creak from the sheer pressure, as if the unconscious girl might break her fingers. They shove her friend's hands into leather bonds, literally tying her down to keep her from moving. Three bands are tied across her chest, effectively cutting off all and any movement. Xion stops moving, her tense expression relaxing immediately, like it comforted it her for some reason.

'She almost looks asleep now, doesn't she?' Olette thinks to herself. 'How bizarre...' It was no question that the bonds had done it, but why?

Olette can't help but hear her, her friend's strange words. She holds the younger girl's hand tightly, as if only listening to the strange whispers would snap her out of her bizarre reverie. Xion whispers softly into her friend's ear, somehow keeping the paramedics from listening, as if what she was saying was for Olette's ears only. Olette isn't sure if this was a good thing or not but she leans in anyway, quietly listening to her as the tears drip down her cheeks.

"I'll never forgive you, never. Not for all of eternity. … I want to play, I want to play. … I think the world is so wonderful, isn't it just wonderful? … What's the point of being here? When we're all gone? Let us go. … It's dark here, it's always been dark here. … Who am I again? Let's go off together, just like you promised. …. Wake up. Wake up, Xion. Don't go through this again."

Olette looks at the paramedics, who were busily going through her friend's vital signs. One of them grabs Xion's free hand to measure her pulse, the other quickly straps on a mask onto her face. The sharp inhale of oxygen calms them somehow, as if they had been concerned about her breathing all along. They continue to move around the cramped space, making sure that the unconscious girl would be alright. One of them looks at Olette curiously, as if wondering what she was listening to. Olette says nothing but bends her head closer to Xion's mouth, listening quietly. She shivers, despite the heat inside of the ambulance cabin.

As Xion speaks, each of the voices sounds completely different, as if they all belong to different people. The girl's lips contorts strangely as she talks, each voice shifting into different pitches. Some were lower than the others, as if they belonged to older boys; others were much more higher pitched, like they belonged to very young girls. But there is one clear similarities to each of the voices, one that causes Olette to shiver violently when she realizes it.

All of the voices sound like they belonged to children.

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