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Sebastian looked up from Ciel's feet to meet his eyes. "I wouldn't worry about that, Bocchan." He pulled Ciel's legs over his shoulders and put his hands on the edge of the bed. "I have a better idea." He smirked evilly at Ciel, who blushed wildly at the thought of what Sebastian was about to do to him.

Then he looked down and noticed that Sebastian hadn't did up the buttons on his semi-short shorts.

He knew he'd eventually end up getting in bed with someone but he never imagined another guy, much less Sebastian. He closed his eyes and felt Sebastian running his hands all over him, almost taking off his clothes completely (what a waste of time it was to put them on). He felt himself getting hard until he knew he couldn't hide his pleasured expression. He was completely flushed in the face now, lying back as Sebastian trailed his tongue from his legs, torso, chest and neck.

"CIIIIEEEELL!" They both shot a glance at the door as they heard Lizzie's cutesy-annoying voice downstairs.

Sebastian hopped up off the bed and Ciel sat up. "Quickly, dress me up, before someone sees!" He said seemingly slow as Sebastian had already had half of his attire back on. It took no more than two minutes to finish putting his clothes back on and head downstairs to where Lizzie was dolling everything up like a Barbie dreamhouse. Both of them were definitely frustrated, Ciel more than Sebastian. He would have to wait until nighttime to get what he now wanted more than revenge.

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