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I can't believe I have been in Seattle for two years today, where did all that time go? Two years ago I hugged my dad Charlie good-bye as my best friend Alice and I drove off to start our adult lives in Seattle.

When I moved in with Charlie, little did I know just how much change was coming my way. After living with my mom my entire life, I needed a break from constantly taking care of her and her broken heart. I decided the summer between my sophomore and junior year to move to Forks, Washington and live with my dad.

You know how people say opposites attract. Well that is definitely me and Alice. I am quiet and shy, where Alice is outgoing, and far from quiet. I am a cup is half empty kind of girl and she is more the cup is half full. She is optimistic and I am not so easily convinced. She is a five foot nothing, one hundred and five pounds, soaking wet ball of fun and I am 5'5, one hundred twenty pounds and more of a hermit crab than a ball of fun. Her short spikey hair, dark brown eyes, and absolutely flawless pale skin along with her grace make her look like a pixie scampering around. I on the other hand have long wavy brown hair and blue eyes, but when I move I'd be more likely to be compared to a clumsy elephant than a pixy.

A couple months before Alice and I graduated from Forks High School, we decided we wanted to move to Seattle and get an apartment together. We were so excited to move and find a place of our own. Alice had found us the most amazing two bedroom loft in the U District, which was a very young area of Seattle. The building was a renovated warehouse with exposed brick, dark wood beams, bright colors and sharp lines. We were on the top floor and had the most amazing view of all the shops in the area. It was perfect for us and just a few minutes from downtown.

Just two days after moving to Seattle Alice and I went to a book store. I loved reading and wanted to get a new book since I had read all of mine several times. Alice was more of a fashion magazine type of girl but she went with me anyway since I agreed to go shopping with her afterwards. I was absolutely dreading it, so I lingered in the book store as long as possible. As luck would have it, Alice would be forever grateful to me for dragging her along. At the book store that day, Alice met Jasper Cullen. Jasper was six feet tall, jaw length blonde hair, light brown eyes and the complete embodiment of a southern gentleman. Alice was utterly in love at first sight.

"Bella, come here. I want you to meet someone." Alice was always meeting new people, so I wasn't shocked she had met someone in the bookstore. I didn't know why she was so excited but, she practically dragged me behind her.

"Okay, Okay Alice! I'm coming! Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Bella, I would like you to meet Jasper Cullen"

"Hi Bella, it's nice to meet you." Jasper said while leaning over to shake my hand.

"Hi Jasper, it's nice to meet you as well." I could see why Alice was so excited to introduce me because he was just her type. I could see in her eyes she was enamored by him. She tends to get what she wants so I had no doubt they would be dating soon.

"Bella, I was telling Jasper that we just moved to town and we were looking for jobs. Guess what? He owns a coffee shop called Cool Beans and offered us a job. Isn't that great, Bella?" How is it, I bring Alice to a bookstore and not only does she meet her dream man, but gets us a job as well? She amazes me.

We started at Cool Beans, a very eclectic, comfy coffee shop in the middle of the U District just one week after meeting Jasper. Needless to say, they are still going strong. They are absolutely in love and the cutest couple I've ever seen. I was happily envious of her new relationship. I'd been on several dates since moving here but nothing had come of them. The last relationship I had was with Mike Newton in high school, but that ended when I decided to move to Seattle and he moved to New York to go to school. I loved him and we were happy but we had different ideas for our future. He wanted to start our lives together right away by moving to New York with him but I wanted to figure out who I was and what I was going to do.

After living in Seattle for two year, I'd finally decided I wanted to work in web design but I needed to start taking classes. I begun saving up as much money as I could to pay for school by working at Cool Beans.

Alice came from a very well off family. Her parents offered to pay our rent, so that helped me save money quicker. I should be able to begin classes in about six months. I loved working at the coffee shop, knowing I was that much closer to reaching my goal.

I had only been at Cool Beans for a couple weeks, and I enjoyed working for Jasper and with my best friend. However, working here was, well, for a lack of a better word – dull. That was until Jacob Black walked into the shop, looking for a job.

Jacob was over six feet tall, very tan and very fit. He had short spikey black hair and brown eyes you could get lost in. Oh and the most delicious looking lips I'd ever seen. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

"Hi, I was wondering if you guys were looking for any help?" he said while his eyes searched the shop and finally landed on me. I almost didn't answer him, because I couldn't believe he was talking to me. It wasn't like anyone else was at the counter to help him, but he was talking to me. All I could do was stare with my mouth half open and I could feel my cheeks flush to their oh so common shade of pink.

"Um…Yea, I'm not sure, maybe. Give me just a second, and I will check with the owner, Jasper. I'll be right back." Way to be smooth, Bella.

I found Jasper sitting in his office having lunch with Alice. I'm sure my cheeks were pink and I was panting so I wasn't surprised when they looked at me concerned.

"Bella are you ok?" Jasper asked, jumping up to come make sure I was fine.

"Yea I'm ok. There is just this incredibly good-looking guy at the counter asking if we have any openings. Please say yes." Holy crap, I'd turned into a goofy schoolgirl. I know Jasper is Alice's boyfriend and is at the apartment all the time, but my inadvertent confession was turning my cheeks redder by the moment.

"Really, that's why you look like you are about to throw up, because a good looking guy asked if we were hiring?" Jasper asked, laughing.

"Baby, don't be mean to her. You know how flustered she gets in the presence of a good-looking guy. I wonder why she doesn't have any problems being around you." Alice's lip curved up into a one-sided smirk while glancing up at Jasper through her perfectly long lashes. I could always count on Alice to jump to my aid.

"I don't know. Why is that, Bella, aren't I good looking?" he said, questioning me with his eyes. Is he kidding me? I'm so not going to answer that question. He was just trying to make me a blush again.

"I'm not answering that question. So are you hiring? You know, we really could use some more help. Not to mention, he's absolutely beautiful, so maybe he will help bring in some more customers."

"That's a horrible argument." Jasper said through a smile "Have him fill out an application and I will look at it. As long as he can spell his name right I'll call him in a couple days and hire him. Will that work for you, sweetheart?"

"That is perfect, Jasper! Thank you!" I gave him a huge hug and took an application out to the beautiful stranger.

"Here is an application. If you will fill it out … I will give it to the owner. If he's interested, he will give you a call."

"Okay, great. Thanks! I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Bella."

"Okay. Well, thank you, Bella."

It wasn't until he left and I glanced at his application that I knew his name was Jacob Black. Black, like the color of his hair that I just wanted to grab and…oh good lord, get yourself together Bella!

Well, they have seen each other for the first time, and Bella lost her mind a little.

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