New Story again? Yes I have writer's block! So it's summer and what's better than a summer love? AU

Pairings: DannyxSam, JimmiexJames, Kaitlynx Blake, One side BradxScarlett and one side BradxJimmie

Describing Characters:

Samantha Candance Manson- age: 18; Looks like: Long butt lenght black hair with purple highlights with perwinkle eyes (hair is straight), nice hourglass form; Height:5'8, Style: Gothic mixed with a bit of normal; Nickname: Sam; Love interest: Daniel Fenton/Phantom Dress: (beach) binki purple top, tight black shorts,black flipflops (daily) dark purple off the shoulder top, black mini skirt, heel boots

Daniel Richard Fenton/Phantom- (Fenton: human) age: 18 1/2; Looks Like: Long spiky black hair(Hangs over his icy blue eye-mmmh smexy!-) , built full of muscles from ghostfighting; Height:6'2; Style: Normal and a bit of gothic not much but a bit; Nickname: Danny, Dan Dan; Love interest: Samantha Manson Dress: (beach) Orange swiming trucks (daily) white T and blue jeans with sneakers. (Phantom: ghost)age: 18 1/2; Looks like: Long spiky snowy white hair(Hangs over his glowing green eyes), built full of muscles from ghostfighting; Height:6'2; Style:Gothic and a bit of normal; Nickname: Phantom; Love interest: Sam Dress: Black and white spandex

(Info on my characters)

Jimmie Foley/Jane: She's a very loving girl, she's easily angered. She's a halfa and her halfa name is Jimmie Jane. As Jimmie Foley, she has long brown-ish black hair and moss green eyes. Jimalyn Evelina Foley wears a yellow halter with a yellow jeweld strap around her neck, a green jean skirt and some high brown sandles, She also where a ridious big red heart hair clip on the left of her hair, she has very straight hair that stop at her lower back and a bang over her left eye. She also has a bracelet from her father, it shape like a snake that wrap around her wrist and has a second head, that works as a Fenton Thermos. Jimmie Jane Has wavy long red hair that stops above her butt, her eyes are also red and her dress is fitting uptop and fluffed out out the waist and half thigh with black heels.

James Mcknight: He's a very shy African male and he's as clueless as Danny. He has to be the man in charge or he'll go crazy! He has short, black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He wears black tee's with graphic designs for his favorite video games. He wears all types od pants, and his favorite black sneakers. He's also inlove with Jimmie but she doesn't realize it

Blake James: He's the british mysterious one. He was once evil but he still has his dark ways. He has short shaggy dark brown hair and bright hazel eyes. He wears fitting tee's that shows his nice six pack with loose dark jeans and black sneakers.

Brad Jakes: He's part human/animal/ghost. He takes shape of a human during the day and at night his a dog that lives with Jimmie. He loves Jimmie but she doesn't see it. His ghost form has white hair, grey eyes, he wear an all white spandex with green boots. When he's evil his hair turns black and his eyes turn green. He's dog form is a chocolate lab with grey eyes. His human form, he has purple eyes and black hair. He was loose clothing.

Katilyn James: A pretty blue eyed girl with curly mid-brown hair and a beautiful pale girl with blue hair and green eyes (goddess form). She part goddess and human; she Jimie sister in heart and mind. She has the most perfect body but eaisly lose her temper. She's very adventous yet quiet and shy. She and Jimalyn are complete oppisites but best friends.

Stephanie Faith Caverly: Our little emo girl. The top part of her hair is red and black underneath, she has a super dark hat on her head, She very pale with grey eyes (she wears green contacts though) She loves music and her colors are black and green. her top super low cut but a blue-ish green top underneath. She wears a black belt that had two blue-ish green strings. Her wrist band are blue-ish green and black and lastly her skirt is two layed and mid thigh. First is a short upper thigh in all blue-green then stops mid thigh in all black. She's falls inlove with anyone she sees. She hates Jimmie back she wants Brad attention but Brad loves Jimmie. She's very multipolor...

Disclaimer: I don't own Kaitlyn :( she's my sissy though but I don't own Danny Phantom said isn't it?

Side Note: Tucker is Jimmie's dad so he isn't going to mention much in this story! Jazz is in college! Jack and Maddie died and left Danny their house okay? I just fits in with the plot.

Prologue: Summer Plan

"Sam," Jimmie asked as she picked up Brad. He was currently in puppy form, enjoying how Jimmie rubbed his head.

"What?" Sam asked, looking at her. Jimmie sat on the edge of Sam's bed; Brad content on her lap.

"It's time to get Kaitlyn a boyfriend!" Jimmie squealed. Brad put his head on Jimmie's chest listening at her heartbeat.

"What is it with you and my love life?" Kaitlyn asked annoyed, "First my sister and now you."

"This summer is going to be different, girls." Jimmie said putting Brad down and twirl around the room, "This summer we're doing to date. Have summer love, games and challenges!"

"What's wrong with the way we do summer vacation?" Sam asked.

"Nothing but we do the same thing every year!" Jimmie said, "Go to the park, babysit, watch movies at your house, slumber parties at my house, sleep over at Kat's house, swim in you indoor swimming pool. School's over; time to stop be so educated and time to party!" Jimmie said standing on Sam's bed. Brad transform back into human form and looked at Kaitlyn and Sam, both looking at Jimmie as if she grew another head.

"So you're suggesting..." Kaitlyn trailed off.

"We go out this summer, meet new people, get a boyfriend, see the world without closed doors." Jimmie said smiling that faded when Stephanie walked in and near Brad.

"Yes girls, believe what that says." Stephanie said rolling her green eyes.

"No one invited you to this Stephanie."Jimmie said as Stephanie rubbed Brad's shoulder.

"I'm always invited right, Brad?" She pouted at him; Brad frowned . He quickly trotted over to the three girls and grip Jimmie's shoulders.

"Way to go Brad!" Jimmie squealed before hugging him. Brad cheeks turn bright red before hugging back smiling. Jimmie let go and head to the door.

"I'll be right back, I want to go on a quick walk. I'll be back in an half hour." Jimmie said before anyone could object she ran outside.

James McKnight, Blake James and Danny Fenton were all sitting in Danny's room.

"So what's on the agenda, James?" Danny asked.

"This summer, we're staying in Amity Park." James said.

"Why?" Blake asked, his British accent easily detected.

"I want us to stay here and doing stuff in Amity." James said.

"Wait a minute here," Blake said as realization hit him, "it's a girl!"

"No-" James said looking down and Danny grinned.

"Who is she James?" Danny asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

"There's no-" James sighed, "Her name is Jimalyn Foley. Her dad owns the Meat Shop and the computers stores."

"She's pretty?" Blake asked, "or does she has a 'good personality'."

"Both," James said, "guys she wants us to meet her and her friends."

"Well then sure we do owe you one from last year with doing our project." Danny said.

"Anything else with this meet up?" Blake asked.

"Nope nothing," James looked at the time, "I gotta go to the bathroom."

"Okay," Danny replied.

"Hurry lair!" Blake scream after James.

Instead of going to the restroom, he ran out the house.

Jimmie was on the corner of The Fenton house and waiting on James. She smiled seeing him walking her direction, she was currently invisible, thanks to her ghost powers. She grabbed James and kissed him on the lips.

"I should help you with more stuff if I get kisses like this." James said as Jimmie giggled flipping her long red hair. Her red eyes searching his hazel ones.

"Do they know our plan?" She asked.

"No but I told them I want them to meet you and you're friends."James said before Jimmie tackled his lips again.

"Yes! I love you, you know that?" Jimmie asked as her fingers touched his face from her fingerless gloves.

"Of course and I love you too." James said, holding her face, "Though I think Blake is probably on to us."

"I promise Kaitlyn can handle that. We should hook them up!" Jimmie said grinning.

"One match up at a time. Danny and Sam first; then Blake and James," James said before they kissed one more time.

Jimmie return to human form and walked up to the Fenton household. Jimmie was slightly nervous as she gripped James's hand. James noticed before pulling her hand up to his lips and kissing her hand gently. Jimmie looked away smiling, her heart racing at the sweet gesture as James seated her onto the couch.

"Yo Danny, Blake get down here!" James yelled.

"Why we're in the middle of playing Doom!" Blake said, Jimmie guess it was him from his accent.

"Get you butts down here! There's someone I want you to meet!" James yelled, Danny walked down stairs with Blake. Well more pricesly, Blake was thrown over Danny's shoulder as Danny walked down stairs.

"I like your friends." Jimmie said softly to James. Danny finally place Blake down and both guys jaw. Jimmie flipped her hair over her shoulder and walk to them.

"Hi; I'm Jimalyn Foley but call me Jimmie." Danny shook her hand and smile.

"Danny Fenton," He said as Blake stood there his mouth still dropped, "that's Blake James."

"Nice to meet you Blake. You know, my bestfriend has your last name? Her name is Kaitlyn, she has very very nice hips." Jimmie said winking at him.

Blake looked away blushing, don't take long for the girl to warm up to someone, huh?

Danny started laughing, "You're trouble in waiting."

"Well I try." Jimmie said cheekly as she raised her hand wanting a highfive. Danny slapped his hand with her's and smile at James.

"Compare to your past girlfriends; I like her the most." Danny said as Jimmie cuddled up into James.

"Is that something I should worry about?" Jimmie asked jokingly.

"Nope." James said before kissing her head.

"Hey I have to go, would yall like to go the water park? I'll pay for everyone." Jimmie said.

"I can pay my own way in," all three boys snapped.

"I know but can't I spoil you?" Jimmie asked pouting.

"Well..." The guys said thinking.

"Great! Meet me at four at Amity Flood Works Park. Bye James."Jimmie said smiling before kissing his lips.

And with that she left.

Jimmie walked into Sam's Manison as gently and quietly as she could. Last thing she wanted to to be caught-

"Jim, yeah I can still see you!" Kaitlyn said, "you've been out for 25 minutes."

"Cool; five minutes less than suspected." Jimmie said smiling.

"Where were you?" Kaitlyn asked.

"No where in important," Jimmie said then lower her voice, "yet."

"What was that?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Nothing sweetie!" Jimmie said as she rushed upstairs. Needless to say, Kaitlyn chased after her demanding where she was.

"We're leaving now to get swim suits." Jimmie said, pulling Sam from Stephine and rush down stair holding onto Kaitlyn too. Jimmie jumpped into her chair and drove off to the mall with Stephine runinng behind them and Brad only fazed in the car.

The next day came, Jimmie awoken early for work. She works at the Amity Park Daycare, she drove to James's home to see him walking out.

"Hey stranger wanna ride?" Jimmie asked smiling sweetly at him.

"My mommy told me never talk to strangers," James said before opening the door and siting beside her, his face close to her, " but she said the most beautiful ones, will change my mind." James said before kiss her lips gently.

"Ugh Jamerison Leonardo McKnight you're so corny!" Jimmie said.

"Ugh Jimalyn Evelina Foley you're turning me to a corny sap!" James teased.

Soon Jimmie and James pulled up to the daycare. They got out the car and worked, flirting whenever they could.

~Sam's Manison~

"Sam?" Kaitlyn asked, "Have you seen Jimmie?"

"Hmn?" Sam asked back.

"Where's Jimmie?" Kaitlyn repeated,"it's 3:50 her sift ends at 2:10."

"I dunno'," Sam said, "do you think she's planning something?"

"Yes," Kaitlyn said, "I mean buying us binikis, taking out out to the water park, paying for every single thing? I can't figure out what's going to happening."

"Well Jimmie is the unpredictable." Sam said, "That's why she's my friend. Weird, crazy, sneaky, nice, I can handle that."

"I wish. I just can't just grasp what she's trying to do." Kaitlyn said looking out the window for her bestfriend.

~Fenton House~

"So wanna talk about anything?" Danny asked. They were playing doom as just helping each other bet level 66.

"Not really." Blake said.

"Not even James's girlfriend?" Danny asked.

"Naw, I'm fine." Blake said walking away into the kitchen.

Danny turns to look at you reading this, "Well I tried."

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