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Jimmie and James were walking hand in hand as to the Fenton House. Jimmie was walking in her bikini, strapless red top with a black-jeweled skulk with cross bones and the same design on the lower half. All Jimmie's hair was in a ponytail and a bang covering her left eye and small black pumps. James was still in his clothing, he knocked at the door and waited for someone to answer it. Jimmie grinned as a plan formed in her mind.

"Wanna freak your friends out?" Jimmie asked.

"How?" James asked,

"Like this," Jimmie said with a sausy grin.

She leaned on the doorframe and pull James toward her. She wrapped her legs around James's waist and James's hands automatically grabbed her thighs to keep her up. Jimmie lazily wrap her arms around his neck and sloppy kissed him. James's eyes slowly closed; this is a reason why he likes Jimmie. Always unpredictable, sweet, kind, deliciously evil, and more. Danny opened the door and his blue eyes widen before shielding them.

"DUDE! That's just- you know what?" Danny said, once he open the door, "I took too long to answer the door just... just walk in when you're done." With that he left.

"Hey Daniel I-" Blake looked up, he watched the kissing couple and smile, "Nice brother, nice."

"Get your swimming trunks, boys. I'm ready to go swimming." Jimmie said giggling then jumping down from James.

"Aww," James whine before coming behind her, wrapping his arm tightly around her waist. He lower his head to her ear and whispers, "I was enjoying myself."

"Well then," Jimmie said after the boys left, "remember we don't know either other. We'll accidently meet up and I'll come up and-" Jimmie was cut off by Danny running down the stairs.

Danny was in his swimming trunks and white tee. His swimming trunks had the appearance of fire with colors of orange, yellows, and a hint of light blue. To Jimmie, it seem to be a flame; a flame that would never die. Jimmie also notice the muscular shoulders and arms he had. Why is he hiding them? Modest. Danny's very modest; Sam will love that.

"Well," Blake said walking down in black and dark green trunks. The trunks were dark green with the waist band black, "We should head out."

"Yeah but guys I got to get some uh-," Jimmie thought quickly, "Hair pins! Yes, I need hair pins."

"You know, my older sister, Jazz, left some when she left for college. Want to use them?" Danny asked as he started walking upstairs.

"NO!" Jimmie screamed, "I mean I barely know her. I can't possibly use those pins. Just head out without me and here James," Jimmie put a stack of hundreds in James's hand, "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"But Jim-" Danny said but was cut off by Jimmie pushing them all out the house.

"Oh and Blake, Kat has like the most prettiest blue eyes ever. B and K making a baby name T!" And with that she took off running.

She sharply turned around a corner and into an ally. She turn into her ghostfrom before turning invisible. She looked back at the guys, they seem to be in a light daze. They weren't expecting her to that, she smiled as James. She really love him and people seen it just by the way they look at each other.

'The Plan Jimalyn. The Plan remember?'

"Oh yeah I almost forgot." Jimmie said aloud before flying to Sam's.

~At Sam's~

"I hate Jimalyn. I hate her so much right now." Kaitlyn said as she paced in her swim suit.

Her bikini had long ribbon like strings that tied around her neck, the colors were green and silver. Jimmie admire how the silver actually sparkle, the silver outline was color in green. It was the time where people could call, "Sexy yet eloquent."

"C'mon she's only trying to help," Sam said gently, "She isn't threatening us... yet atleast."

"You're the gothic one in the group; I expect you to be on my side. Jimmie even got you in a bikini!" Kaitlyn yelled.

And it was true. Jimmie got Sam into a sexy purple bikini, at the bottom fitted like a second skin and travel up her sides to her breast and cross around her neck like a halter. There was a huge diamond gap showing her stomach, and Sam wore her oxy color jewel belly ring. Sam really didn't want the smiwsuit but Jimmie was very good at this like this.

~Flash Back at the mall~

Jimmie held out the swimsuit and handed to Sam.

"No way in Hades I'm wearing that!" Sam screamed; slapping it out Jimmie's hand.

"Mmhm... you're getting it.." Jimmie replied calmly.

"You can buy it but I'm not wearing that!" Sam said as Jimmie purchase it and walked back. She tried to hand it to Sam, who refused it.

"I don't give a snail! You're wearing this or I'ma tell the world Sam Manson was blonde with bright purple eyes and super shiny pink lipgloss." Jimmie said holding up the promise picture.

"H- ho- how did you get this!" Sam tried to grabbed the picture.

"Ah ah ah," Jimmie sung, "wear this swimsuit and I'll destroy the picture infornt of you."

"Fine!" Sam said snatching the bag and stomping out the store. Jimmie grinned; she has 28 other pictures Sam doesn't know about.

~End of Flash Back~

"Let's just say; she has a way with words." Sam said putting a towel in the bag.

The bag was huge and full of towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, spear clothing, spear shoes, hair supplies and more. This was Jimmie's bag; why do she have all this? They'll never understand. Sam sat down on her bed and looked out the window, Jimmie left 20 minutes ago to get hair pins from her house. What Sam didn't understand is why didn't Jimmie just use hers?

"Blackmail?" Kaitlyn asked with crossed arms

"Big time." Sam said as Jimmie walked through the door.

"Let's go! BRAD; C'MON WE'RE LEAVING!" Jimmie screamed and picked up the bag. Brad was in puppy form, her pant happily as Jimmie pat his head.

~At the Water Park~

Jimmie notice the guys were already there and standing in line. She smiled and looked at Danny, his eyes scanning the crowded. He was probably looking for her, she bite her lip. Great; he had to be the most caring guy to look for her while stage two of her plan. Jimmie looked at Brad returning to human form, she had to go in quietly. Danny eyes follow her and rested on Sam. This may work as long as they notice her yet-

"Jimmie!" Blake called out as Jimmie paled. She was caught!

Somehow, luck was on her side when she heard, "Ahh GHOST!" This cause people to scream and run. Kaitlyn looked panic, Sam was watching and Brad simply turn ghost.

"No Brad stay." Jimmie said grabbing his hand.

"Jimmie I need to help." Brad inform before she cuddled up to him.

"Please," Jimmie did a puppy-dog pout. Brad frown but stayed nevertheless.

"Look it's Danny Phantom!" A voice screamed.

Jimmie notice a pretty Latino girl was cheering, way too preppy. Danny Phantom came out his long snowy hair flying by the ghost he was fighting. The jet packs was a tad bit weird, what ghost needs jet packs?

"Skulker, get out!" Phantom growled and blasted the jet packs off. Skulker fell down... on to Sam Manson.

~Kaitlyn and Blake~

"Sam!" Kaitlyn said worried as she paced back and forward. The people separated the girls apart and the police kept to people into the cramp changing rooms. She was locked in with Blake, with a little help from James. She didn't know at the time, just worrying about Sam.

"Miss please, this Sam, is in good hands,"Blake said cussing about how his British accent affected his speaking.

"Suuurrreeee," Kaitlyn purred, "like I want one my best friends in the arms of a ghost I, nor she knows." Kaitlyn stressed raking her hand through her lock curly locks.

"He's Danny Phantom, he protects Amity." Blake said as his eyes were drawn to her hips. 'She has nice hips,' He thought.

"Since when?" Kaitlyn asked, "I never heard of this!"

"Since three years ago." Blake said, "where do you live?"

"Why would I tell you? So you can stalk me?" Kaitlyn asked

"Nope because if you live in Amity you would know." Blake said.

"What is that suppose to mean!" Kaitlyn demanded, hands on her hips.

"Meaning you're don't know the city Amity." Blake said shrugging his shoulders. He saw her eyes flash dangerously dark green.

"I'll have you to know, I've lived here for 17 years, meaning by whole life!" Kaitlyn growled.

"Then you never dated a boy then. All boys adore or jealous of Phantom." Blake said. And he was right not like she would admit that.

"You are an egotistical idiot!" And with that Kaitlyn ranted on and on about boys being idiots.

"I see," Blake said before getting up then walking to slowly, "You have very nice hips Kaitlyn."

"What! How dare you- wait what did you just say? I never told you my name." Kaitlyn said before frowning, "And my hips!"

"You can come out now," the police officer said after walking in and left. Blake held Kaitlyn head in his hands and press his lips to her soft ones. He gently lick her top lip then raced out the room.

"Why you little," Kaitlyn growled,"HOW DARE YOU!" Kaitlyn smiled and touched her lips.

~Few Minutes Later (Danny and Sam)~

"Hey Phantom," Jimmie said in ghost form as Phantom lifted up Sam.

"Yes?" He asked raising his thick black eyebrow.

"She lives on Cheery Lane 2350; her room is the only one with lights off."

"How do you know?" Phantom asked tighting his hold on Sam. Why is he protecting her so much? He didn't even know her name but she's so beautiful.

"I know where everyone lives, Phantom." Jimmie said flipping her hair.

"You're trouble in waiting aren't you?" Phantom asked; haven't he said this before?

"Well I try." Jimmie said cheekly as she wink and flew off.


Danny took her directions and laid Sam on her bed. He watched her as she slowly begin to twist and turn. Sam didn't have any bruises but Danny knew she'll be sore in the morning.

"Oi," Sam groan running fingers in her hair.

"Good, you're waking up." A voice said beside her. Sam notice the glowing white hair and bright green orbs memerozing her form.

"Who are you?" Sam asked rubbing her head.

"Phantom. Danny Phantom but call me Phantom." He asked as his hand went out and gently stroke her arm, "And you?"

"Sam." She answer trying to sit up. Phantom pulled her on to his lap, did I mention he was floating?

"Samantha?" Phantom whispers huskily.

"Uh it's just Sam." Sam said as a light blush brush her pale cheeks.

"Of course, but I think Samantha is sexier." He said, his lips close to her ear. She shievered, he is always this alluring? His hair and eyes only highlighted his perfect skin and a sly grin slid into view.

"Uh... well... um..." This was the first; Samantha Candance Manson couldn't snap a reply?

"Well I have to go," Phantom said before leaning down and kissing her forehead, "stay beautiful."

"Wait, Phantom?" Sam asked as he sat her down on a carpet.

"Yes Samantha?" Phantom asked. Sam blushed burn her ears and neck, she love how he said her name.

"Will I see you again?" She asked holding her cheek and tilting her head to the side.

"You know what?" Phantom said lowly and lean forward so his face was right infornt of her's, "You can count on it."

And with that he slowly disappeared only leaving his scent to fill the room.

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