Gunter and Gunther, were Penguins that lived in the Ice Kingdom and served their eternal master, the Ice King. The poor wizard was off his deep end, but still retained a basic amount of knowledge, though he had no memories of his past life.

For some indescribable reason, he named all of the Penguins some variation of Gunter. Some were named Gunder, Ginter, Ginger, but, it all stayed remotely close to Gunter.

As we were saying, Gunter and Gunther had recently had a new Penguin (not a cat…) baby, and it was Ice Kingdom tradition for the King to name the new bor n.

The other penguins clapped their flippers joyfully for the newfound baby, all hoping it could be named something more unique. "Wak wak" Gunter told his wife. "Wak wak wak" she whispered, concerned.

Ice King held the baby in his arms, examining it carefully. It squealed at the sight of the odd, bearded man in front of him.

"NO BEING AFRAID!" The sociopath yelled. Everyone stayed silent.

"Hmmm….How about Gunter?" Everyone moaned. Nope. It was just another Gunter.