Well, hello again everyone! Glad to see you're reading this :D Before I get right to the story, we'll have a quick recap of what was happening at the end of Supernova because let's face it: It's been awhile. XD (If you remember everything, feel free to skip ahead.)

An enormous war between light and darkness took place as light tried to sweep over the worlds and wipe out all darkness, causing an imbalance that would destroy the entire universe. Katie and company destroyed all the Solstices, the creautres of light that were fighting off the Heartless, but the imbalance still caused a universe-wide implosion. To stop it before everything was lost, Roxas unlocked his own heart, using his own light and darkness to create a seperation between the light and dark of the universe. He left with a promise to find a way back. Katie tried to stop him but the powerful explosion that ensued left all of us uncertain what happened or if anyone survived...

Where…am I?

I feel…like I've been sleeping…forever…

I don't remember anything…


I wake up to empty space. I don't know where I am. The air is black and white at the same time. I stand up, even though there's no ground. Everything is strange and alien. The horizon seems to fade in and out of existence. Maybe it isn't really there at all. I stand. I stare blankly at everything. It's so monotonous. I'm so numb. I fit in well.

I see something. It's off in the distance. I think. The fog obscures its identity, but it's a figure. It comes closer. I wait. The foggy air gives way. The mysterious person is a tall man with long, silver hair. He is holding out a black cloak. He's wearing one that looks just like it.

"Put it on."

I mechanically obey. I take the coat from him and stare at it.

"Then follow me." He turns and walks away.

I am still for a moment. My body automatically starts to work. I slip my arms through the leather sleeves of the cloak. I reach down and zip the coat up. Then I walk. I'm heading in the direction that the man went. There is a gaping black hole in front of me. My body doesn't react to it. It only walks forward. The dark flames engulf me. I disappear.

I fade in and out of consciousness. I can only make out blurry images and the sound of rain before I fall back into the dark. One time, I awake to someone standing beside me. All I see is their black shoes in front of my face and a black jacket that falls next to me.

"Put this on," the voice tells me. I try to moan out a question, but just like that, they're gone and I pass out.

I blink awake again and my vision hones in on my surroundings this time. One by one, each of my senses sharpens to their usual strength and I analyze the situation. I'm lying on a dark, wet road. The only sound I can make out is the low rumble of a storm and water hitting ground. I give a small groan as I push myself to a kneeling position and every muscle in my body gives a huge, simultaneous ache. My clothes are soaked beyond any hope of drying and the rain doesn't show any sign of letting up.

My gaze falls upon the cloak that was left by my side while I was unconscious. I reach over and pick it up to find that it's surprisingly waterproof. The droplets of rain from the sky simply run along its surface and fall to the ground. It would be nice to put it on and get out of the stormy weather for awhile. But who had left it there? Could I trust them? Well, how much harm could a coat really do? I slip my arms through the cool, leather sleeves. My legs yell in protest as I stand up. I have to use a wall for balance to keep myself standing. I force my body to allow me to lean over and zip up the front of the jacket, despite the tension in my back. I bend my knees repeatedly to loosen my legs out.

Man, I'm stiff. Just how long have I been unconscious anyway? I remember becoming human again, defending Hollow Bastion from the Solstices, then Roxas…

Roxas! What had happened to him? I rack my brain but can't come up with any memory to prove that he's ok. I only remember that blinding light. Roxas was right in the middle of it, was the cause of it actually. He had used the Keyblade to…save everyone. Was there any chance he could have survived? And what about the others? Were they still alive too? Were they here? I had no clue how I had ended up on this world. There was no way to know where they were either. But if I'm here and… fairly alive, maybe they are too.

When my legs allow it, I begin to walk the lonely street before me. There is a sudden flash of lightning and a crack of thunder so loud and close that I jump in shock and tumble to the ground due to my cramped muscles. I catch myself on my hands and knees, scraping up my palms and fingers on the dampened cement. I curse under my breath. Stupid storm.

I sulkily get up and shove my hands into my pockets. There is something in them. I draw out two leather gloves. "Sure, now I find these…" I mumble to myself as I pull them over my raw, aching hands. I sigh and, hands in pockets again, trudge along toward nothing.

When the small lane I'm on widens out into a path through the dark city, I look skyward. The clouds hide any hope-bringing stars but I stare and gape anyway. Looming above the tear-drenched world is a moon, enormous and pale and shaped like a heart. Everyone had always believed it was just a legend, a tale made up eons ago, a myth. But I'm truly standing beneath it. Kingdom Hearts.

The heart of all worlds. The key to the universe. It looks down upon this lifeless world, eternally hidden in its mystic sanctuary. Where the heck am I…?

He brought me somewhere. Somewhere he said would be familiar to me. All I see is orange. He said he looked into my memories and found this place. Then he went into my memories again. He drew out my name. That's what he said it was. It sounds familiar. Sounds like some distant person that I used to know.

I don't know who I am or why I'm here. I only know what I see. Everything else is blank. I place my hand over my chest where a thick scar cuts across my heart. It seems important. Somehow. The man grins at me. He speaks. "That's why you're here." A scar is why I'm here. I remember…just one thing…

He talks again. "You are why we're all here." His words don't make sense. I stare at the ground. It's green. He changes my name. Says the other name means nothing now. Says I'm one of them now. Those in the coats.

He walks away again. He beckons me to follow him. Calls me by my name. My new name.

I am XIII.