1 -The ojamajos life


Doremi is 16 years old and she is one relationship with Akatsuki. Doremi´s best friend is Tetsuya Kotake and Tamaki Reika.

- Akatsuki-kun? – called Doremi.

- Yes Doremi-chan? – asked Akatsuki.

- I love you forever!

- Me to my love!

That's what you think Doremi. Soon everything will change.


Hazuki is 16 years old and she is one relationship with Tetsuya Kotake, but she don´t love him and Kotake isn´t love her too.

- Kotake-kun you know I in love with Massaru no? – asked Hazuki.

- Yes I know Hazuki-chan and I love Dojimi. – said one sad Kotake.

- Why you don´t confesses your feelings with Doremi-chan?

- Doremi is happy with Akatsuki.

Yes and Massaru is happy with Shiori.

Kotake kiss Hazuki lips but isn´t a love kiss.


Aiko isn´t one relationship. She live in Osaka with her father and mother. Aiko is very confuse because her are strangers dreams with her friend Doremi and Leon, but she dream more with Doremi.

- This is strangers dreams I in love with 2 persons?

Suddenly the she recipes one e-mail it´s Doremi.

"Hi my friend I miss you, tomorrow I and Hazuki-chan are school trip in Osaka. It´s great! See you tomorrow


Doremi Harukaze"

Aiko blushing and smiled.

-Yes. See you tomorrow Doremi-chan.

This is my first fanfiction of Ojamajo Doremi

English isn´t my first language