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Why? You`ve hurt me so.

Stiles POW

"Why does it have to be this way Derek?" I stared into his cold hearted eyes, seeing nothing. No emotion, none what so ever. No matter how much I pleaded or cried or screamed he just stood there, he just showed indifference. How dare he break up with me! We dated for 3 years, 3! I gave him my all, I gave him everything, and I helped him refurnish his house. I tried to be the best mate ever! But apparently it wasn't enough! "Because Stiles I never liked you, I only enjoyed the sex." Derek could easily look like he didn't care, look like he was angry, sad, unhappy, pleasured. It was all fake, everything! I hated him now, I didn't want him back anymore! Im now taking Pat Benatar`s advice Hit me with your best shot Derek, Fire Away!

"So you can leave now, I fucking packed your shit, leave. NOW!" Derek pointed towards the door and my suitcase, "What part of NOW don't you understand? Are you that stupid?" I got up and stared at him, "My dad was right, you aren't worth it." I stormed out with my stuff to my jeep and screamed over my shoulder "You know Derek not everyone's perfect like you! Wait didn't you date a maniac bitch that killed your family?" I grinned at his pained look and drove off, crumbling then….

I cried all the way home, I mean all the way home. But I never once felt the shattering feeling of Derek hitting the ground crying.

*************************************3 Weeks Later***********************************

Derek`s POW

Maybe breaking up with Stiles was a horriable idea. You're an idiot! Mate will never ever EVER take you back now! Look at yourself now, a pathetic excuse for a man, a mate an Alpha! My inner wolf criticized me, yelled at me, and screamed at me, he hated me. But I had to, I`m Alpha and I`m dangerous, to dangerous! I stared at Stiles through his window; it hurt me to see him. I haven't eaten, slept or, well I can hardly breathe now. I feel worthless, I`m so sorry Stiles. So sorry.

I loved to see him sleep at his desk, he looked so peaceful, and although he woke up with a horrible crook in his neck he looked peaceful. I slowly opened his window and stepped in, I was afraid to awake him, afraid to face the truth. I couldn't tell him that every night I`ve been watching him, waiting for the right moment to go back. But I`m afraid there won`t be one. There never will be one, I messed up too much, and he will hate me forever.

*************************************The Morning After*****************************************

Stiles POW

For some odd reason I`ve felt like Derek has been with me, like he is making sure I`m alright. I don't even know why I`m still caring about that bastard anyways. I think I might be finally over him, no wait, and scratch that. No, no, no, no, I`m not going got cry again.

I sat there and cried for a good hour, it's not like Scott could get his head out of Alison`s ass for more than a second to see if I`m alright. I wish this all never happened, I miss Derek, I miss that stupid son of a bitch, so much.

*************************************One Week Later*********************************************

Derek`s POW

I sat on the stairs in my house, it looked so beautiful thanks to Stiles. My beautiful mate, my Sty, My Stiles. I`m such a bad mate he deserves so much better than what I can give him, so much better. NO! Stop being so stupid! He is our mate, you love him and he misses us! I fought with my inner wolf, but he didn't want to hear it. Leave the bond open! Feel what you`ve made mate go through, feel it! I couldn't do it; I didn't want to feel the pain I made Stiles go through. It is too much, I`ve put him through way to much hell.

I heard Stiles erratic heartbeat before I heard his jeep, I even missed the horrible hum of his Jeep. He would never let me fix it, he rather watch me shirtless was the Jeep. But it usually ended up in a heated make out session or sex. I never used him for the sex, not once. I love him, I do and I`m so, so sorry.

I heard him at the door, but I couldn't find the will to open the door. He entered slowly but stopped when he saw me. "Oh Hi Derek."


Oh and sorry for making Derek a douche...

Derek: Am I really that mean?

Stiles: No your to sweet DerBear! *kisses his cheek*

Derek: Thanks babe *grabs and starts to make out*

Me: Oh *takes picture* this is going into my personal file!

Derek: Do you mind?

Me: No, not really! :D