Hidden away in a dark, abandoned warehouse, a man sat in an old, battered leather chair, smiling to himself and stroking his glowing phone. Completely invested in his day dream, he did not notice his assistant come into the room.


"Oh! Dammit girl! You awoke me from my day dream...oh, this is about...him, isn't it."

"Yes, sir. He worries too much."

"Mmm. Yes. Leave me alone with my captive for now."

"Of course, sir. Remember, appointment at three. Can't turn down the Palace."

She left, her heels clicking to the tempo emanating from the clock above a large cage. Inside of said cage, John slowly pried his eyes open, energy draining rapidly as he uncovered the severity of his capture. His captive just sat on his office regal chair, cackling to himself.

"You bloody quim! Why the fuck am I in your little cage?

"Oh John! You're up! I'm glad, I was so bored. Of course, you know what that's like, why else has Sherlock kept you for so long?"

Moriarty lept out of his spinning chair, stalking his current prey. John sat in an official manner, not letting his eyes stray from the maniacal cat circling the cage.

Moriarty stopped short, just at the front of the cage. He clapped his hands together and exclaimed, "So! You're probably wondering, just like all of my other captives, "why am I here?" Well, I'll tell you! You're going to help me catch my most infuriating enemy. And you are going to enjoy it."

John snarled out, "Not now, not ever," before spitting on the expensive snake skin shoe in front of him.

Moriarty flared, eyes widening in disgust, but calmed just as quickly and whispered, "I. Don't. Think. So. Mycroft, would you mind coming out of your little hiding space?"

Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's own brother, stepped out from a small corner looking absolutely ashamed.

"I'm sorry...he was threatening me..."

"No. Don't talk to me. I can see why Sherlock hates you so much."

Mycroft flinched at the harsh words, before looking to his employer. "It's 2:30. We should leave."

Moriarty, seemingly bored, said with indifference, "A short goodbye, doctor." He left, pulling Mycroft with him, and shut the lights, leaving John to worry in darkness.