I know, I know, you're probably wondering why I'm starting another story when I can barely keep up with my others!

The truth is, I love Katniss and Finnick together and it makes me really happy. So sorry Annie fans, I love her too!


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Screams, yells, I can hear them all. They're begging me to come back, to stay with them. I can't, he's gone. My boy with bread, shot, executed right before the eyes of all Panem, right before my eyes.

His lips moved as the bullet hit him and he fell to the ground. I know he was whispering my name, I just know he was. The moment he was shot, I flung myself at the TV, punching through the screen, tearing my hands in the process. I couldn't feel it then, I can barely feel anything now.

I'm gone, drifting along in my own river of sorrow, wishing that everything was a dream and any second I am going to wake up with his arms around me, before the quell. We should be back at home. He should be in the kitchen smiling as he decorates a cake with delicate flowers. He never deserved this, and yet it happened, all because of my selfishness.

"Stay with me" someone orders me with a soft voice as arms encase me close to the person's body. I can tell by his salty smell that it is Finnick. I sob into his chest, not caring if I ruin one of the thirteen issued gray shirts.

"Boy, get her out of here" I can feel Haymitch give Finnick a gruff shove towards the door as more people rush into the command center.

I look around; Coin's smirk tells me she knew this would happen. It was only a matter of time before the great mockingjay broke.

Others rush in their uniforms. I catch a glimpse of Gale briefly as he runs past. Another rescue mission and more lost lives. When will we ever learn?

I drowning in my own sorrow again as my vision get splotchy and blacken. This was never supposed to happen, ever.

"Katniss, come on" Peeta laughs and I can hear his heavy tread creaking over the floorboards of the first floor.

My fingers separate the three sections of hair and make the braid my fingers have become so attuned to, effortlessly.

"What's taking you so long, we're going to be late" he groans and his footsteps make their way up and into my, wait our, room.

I smile and give myself a once over. At least I'm presentable.

"You know the kids are waiting right?" his arms encircle my waist as he pulls me back and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead.

As if on cue, two children come running into the room arguing no doubt.

"Mommy, Pearl said she would let me have the arrows next but she didn't give them to me" my little boy comes running up to us and Peeta swiftly lets go much to the delight of the older girl standing in the doorframe.

"Look kid, I told you you're still too young. Plus mom's taking me to hunt today" she yawns, acting bored. A skill she must have inherited from me.

Peeta decides to take the role of peace maker and bends down next to him.

"Mommy is taking Pearl to hunt today, but do you remember what we are doing Cinna?" he asks calmly and Cinna's eyes light up.

"Frosting Mommy's birthday cake" he squeals and then claps his hand over his mouth like he has just spilled the biggest secret ever.

"Way to ruin it all Cinna" Pearl groans leaving the room.

"He didn't ruin it, you're father talks in his sleep" I smile down at Peeta who is still on his hands and knees next to Cinna.

Suddenly, screams fill the house and my motherly instinct kicks in.

"Mom" Pearl is screaming as I race down the stairs to find her bloodstained body lying at the edge of the stairs.

Cinna runs past me to his sister and blood starts pouring from him too. Then there is a gunshot and I look up just long enough to see Peeta drop over next to our kids.

"Katniss" I struggle against the soothing arms around me. For a second I swear they are Peeta's but then I remember the horrid day that just passed and I know they can't be. Peeta is dead.

"Peeta" I cry out still throwing wild kicks and punches at the person whose arms are wrapped tightly around me trying to dodge the struggling.

I'm on a bed, I figure that much out, a hospital one most likely. The same person who carried me here is holding me in their lap. Finnick.

"Katniss, shh it was just a dream" he hangs onto me tighter. He must be struggling too by the way he holds his face.

His eyes are squeezed shut tightly. Every few seconds, a stray tear floats down his face and drops onto the top of my head.

"Annie" I whisper and he stiffens around me.

He lost his sister, crazy Annie. He loved her more than anything that walked the planet. He protected her from the world, and everything in it. He tried so hard to be the big brother she needed. In the end, nothing got past the capitol and she was captured.

"Katniss, please don't" he responds and his body trembles a little when I lean down and rest my head on his leg.

Peeta runs through my head as I lay and try to sleep. Why does everything good have to be taken in this world?