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"Katniss, my name is Commander Paylor, and I'm here to help you." the short woman smiles, looking from me to Finn with an inquisitive glance at each of us. I can tell she's unsure of how to proceed, but I don't respond.

Instead I am haunted by thousands of shouts and screams, all filling my head at once. For a moment I'm sure the screams are real, and I let my body go limp, trying to drown out the wretched noises that consume me. Then Finn is holding me up, trying to whisper something over and over to me, begging me to tell him what's wrong, but I can't move, can't think.

That's when I realize the voices are in my head, and the flashback in my mind is in no way real. Despite these findings, my mind remains on my baby sister. For a moment I contemplate running before anyone can see the tears that threaten to spill over and trail down my cheeks, but I don't try to run.

I don't move I don't thrash about; instead I sit on the earthy floor of the forest surrounded by rebel soldiers and cry into Finn's arms. When he first notices the tears he tries to wipe them away, but I simply turn myself into his body, hiding my face in his warm chest

They had to know this was coming, someone had to have predicted this moment. I'm sure they've waited for months, contemplating when I would finally break. All the emotions I've kept locked tight in my tiny body has exploded out, destroying me in the process. All the times that I've fought with no energy, all the nights I've held back awful tears, every moment I've tried to be strong comes back to haunt me.

I know they've been waiting for this. The great mockingjay has broken.