Author Note: Thank you to those who have been reading my story so far. It is very much appreciated and it encourages me to continue writing this Digimon adventure. I did my best to add more description of what my digimon look like. I am going to add a link to my profile page with character designs that will appear over the course of the story. Like the story, though, it will come one at a time. Thanks again!

Episode 2: Pharaohmon VS Ursamon

The silence that filled the dark ruins was eerie, but no one seemed to know of what to make of the situation. The ninja and dragon creature were looking confused from the jackal's response while everyone else was recovering from the shock of showing up there. Kami was still so stunned that she couldn't even take the moment to freak over that animals were talking - if they could be called animals. The dragon looked like any regular dragon from books, minus the gigantic size. The jackal's paws were covered by golden gauntlets and his feet had a similar gold covering them to give an overall Egyptian feel. As for the ninja, Kami couldn't tell whether it was human or not. It was human in shape, but she couldn't see the face. Beneath the ninja's hood there was nothing more than a maroon and violet mask to conceal everything but the eyes. What the heck were they? Kami looked to the other three, and they had the same confusion etched across their faces. Thankfully, the silence was broken moments later as the creatures expressed their own confusion amongst themselves.

"What are humans?" the dragon asked. She started to flap her wings and curiously flew towards Miki. "They are very strange looking if you ask me," she remarked.

Miki, being as curious as ever, laughed at the little dragon. "You're the one who is strange looking," he said. Hearing Miki speak made the dragon flap backwards in fear. In a flash, the ninja was standing threateningly between the dragon and Miki until Payton got up and placed himself between the creature and Miki.

"Keep back!" Payton warned with a glare.

"Watch who you challenge, human. Come near Kiramon and I'll bury you into the walls." Neither Payton nor the ninja would back down, but as it continued, Kami could see the dragon called Kiramon continuing to look at Miki. Almost in adoration. Miki was returning the same look.

"We better intervene." Hiro remarked. He was standing, and leaving her to be the only still on the ground. So she quickly stood too while nodding.

"I don't think they mean harm," she answered.

"We are not harmful," the jackal interrupted while walking over to the ninja and dragged her from her post a good foot before he had to dodge a series of attacks from the ninja. "Well, these impostor servants shouldn't be."

"Oh for mon's sake, not this again!" the ninja ceased her attacks and raised her arms in exasperation. "I told you we are not impostors coming to take your kingdom. We were running from Arismon's soldier and fell down here, where we found your buried butt chained to the throne!"

"Humph!" the jackal growled. "My soldiers had defeated the last of his militia before my confrontation with him. There is no way he has more soldiers by now."

Kami watched the quarrel go back and fourth when it was useless to follow. She was still trying to sort out the present situation and didn't need to deal with some pointless argument they were sorting out on their own. "Excuse me, if you're not harmful, then what exactly are you and could you tell us where in the world we are right now?"

The jackal looked towards her with that gaze again. He looked like his mind was contemplating something extremely serious, and it made her nervousness grow. Why couldn't she have the dragon staring at her instead? At least she seemed friendlier. Kami glanced over to Miki and the dragon, who seemed to conquer Payton's defenses and was now happily playing with Miki. "We are digital monsters- the jackal cut in. "However, we prefer the term digimon for short. My name is Anumon. I am the ruler of the western kingdom in the digital world that you are now in.

"The digital what?" Kami, Payton and Hiro's voices were in perfect unison. Miki was busy tickling the dragon.

"Digital World," the ninja answered. Her arms were folded across her chest. "However, there is no such thing as the western kingdom or any kind of kingdom in these parts. It is all under Arismon's power, which someone cannot seem to grasp." The ninja fired a glare at Anumon. "I am Shintomon. I look over Kiramon." She briefly gestured to the playing dragon then approached them. Shintomon stopped in front of Hiro and was almost examining the way Anumon had been gazing at Kami a moment ago. "According to his royal highness, you are a human, but why does it feel like you are different from other humans?"

Hiro blinked. For the most part, he was good at keeping his cool, but in that moment he was nervously scratching the back of his head. " my name is Hiro. All of our names are different, though. I am like any other human." He had no idea how to respond to the question.

"You are probably his partner, Shintomon." Anumon responded. "Every digimon has a human partner that enables digivolution even when they are in separate worlds. It is written into your data to know who that human is when you see them. It's like Kiramon with the little human and myself with that human," he explained. The claw on his gauntlet was pointing towards Kami, and now it was her turn to blink.

"Partner?" Kami looked to Hiro, but he was only shrugging his shoulders. He wasn't following this either. By the looks of it, Shintomon wasn't either.

"Where do you get all this nonsense from? You act like you know what is going on, yet you're delusional enough to think this is a kingdom. Do you know or are you just insane from all the dust?"

Anumon barked in annoyance. "I do know!" He looked ready to strike at Shintomon, but before they could engage into battle a menacing roar rumbled through the room. Everyone stood still even Miki and Kiramon stopped playing.

"What was that?" Miki asked. Kiramon was perched on top of his head, looking in the direction it had come from then quickly retreated into her partner's arms.

"Ursamon is awake!" she whimpered.

"What is Ursamon?" Kami asked. If it was a digimon like the three before them, then shouldn't it be harmless? This time it wasn't Anumon who answered.

"It is the soldier Kiramon and I had been running from." Shintomon responded with her eyes focused on the area Ursamon had last been seen. Debris was gradually moving away and patches of brown could be seen emerging. "He is very dangerous."

"What level is this Ursamon?" Anumon asked.

"Champion, but even a Champion level would have a hard time against him."

"We will see about that."

The jackal digimon stepped towards the debris and watched the rest of the digimon emerge. Kami stepped back in fear. Ursamon was the equivalent to a massive grizzly bear except he was carrying two battle axes. Two things that should never be combined. However, Anumon did not seem intimidated in the slightest. The digimon was glaring at the champion level digimon. "Ursamon, you are trespassing in my kingdom! Allies of Arismon are not welcome here!"

Shintomon smacked her mask where a forehead would be while Ursamon stood onto his hind legs and entered a battle stance. He greatly towered over the little jackal, but Anumon entered his own battle stance as well. "You have been warned." Anumon remarked. "Digimon Link activate! Digivolve into champion!"

Kami wasn't sure what to expect. By the looks of it, no one else was sure what to expect either. For herself, Hiro, Payton and Miki, everything he said sounded like gibberish. Meanwhile, Shintomon and Kiramon's eyes widened at his words almost in disbelief. The one thing she did not anticipate, though, was Anumon continuing to stand there and get swatted across the room by one of Ursamon's axes.

"Are you insane?!" Shintomon bellowed at the jackal digimon. "Arismon controls all digivolution. You can't digivolve!"

Anumon was slowly getting up as he rubbed the back of his head. He clearly looked confused by what had just happened, but now was not the time to decipher the latest mystery. Ursamon was turning his attention towards Kiramon and Miki, and preparing his axes. "Howling rush!" Anumon became surrounded in a torrent of howling winds and rocketed towards the digimon. He collided with Ursamon's right wrist and knocked an axe from the digimon's hands. Anumon was starting his descent to the ground, but quickly twisted his body so he was facing the digimon as his feet touched the ground. "Sand Blaster!" A tornado of sand formed from the ground and struck Ursamon in the eyes to temporarily blind him.

"Go now!" Anumon commanded as he made a dash for one of the hallways. Kami did not need telling twice and quickly glanced at the others to make sure they were running too before following suit. As they ran Anumon was back to talking with Shintomon while firing Kami the occasional glare. "How can Arismon control digivolution? I've always been able to digivolve. I did so when I last battled him, and that was when my human partner didn't exist in this world."

"I have no idea. No one has been able to freely digivolve in centuries. At least, not since Arismon took over."

Anumon's eyes widened. "How long has he been ruling for?" Another roar bellowed until the hallway was rumbling. Anumon quickly dashed forward and stopped at the entrance to another room. "In here!" This room was twice the size of the previous room, but it looked like a dead end.

"There is no way out of here." Shintomon glared. "Are you trying to hand Kiramon over to him?"

"No." Anumon pointed towards the ceiling to reveal a series of roots. "This is the courtyard...or at least was. Your friend could fly out of here if we break them, but it would be hard to get the humans out of here too until Ursamon is defeated. Even if I cannot digivolve I shall fight him. You can guard the humans, while Kiramon gets out of here."

"No." Kiramon returned to her place on Miki's head where she was shaking hers. "Shintomon, help Anumon fight. I can protect everyone else. There is no way I will leave Miki."

"We can keep Kiramon safe too!" Miki piped up. Everyone glanced at one another for a moment then nodded in unison. Everyone headed towards the back of the courtyard, leaving Shintomon and Anumon to battle the digimon.

"Are you sure about this?" Hiro asked. Kami glanced over at him to realize he was addressing her. "I mean, should we be leaving Shintomon and Anumon to fight Ursamon? According to them, they are our partners. Shouldn't we be helping them?"

"I'm not sure. We still don't really know them, but then again, look at Miki and his supposed partner." The two looked inseparable in a way that wasn't simple friends or new playmates. They were partners. "What could we do though? We aren't exactly fighters."

"I do not know... Any ideas Payton?" Hiro turned to the one guy who wasn't in the conflict of having a strange creature claiming to be his companion, and was instead too stressing over Miki's safety. This was no ordinary babysitting job.

"To be honest, I have no clue either," he answered rather bluntly. "Together, the two may be able to take on the Ursamon guy, but we also can't keep our guard down either by sitting down and having a snooze. Anything can happen and we need to be ready to react."

Kami nodded and quietly bit down on her lips to watch as Ursamon barged into the room and the two smaller digimon engaged him in combat. Shintomon and Anumon were unleashing an arsenal of attacks on the bear digimon that only seemed to irritate him as the battle progressed. The blows weren't doing much damage and only seemed to prevent Ursamon from progressing forward rather than weakening him. In comparison, Ursamon's blows sent them flying into the walls as easily as he had done so in the previous room. They were losing.

"We have to get out of here." Payton announced while Kami continued to stare on. His words went over her as she watched Anumon get hit by giant green claws and collide into the wall again. Shintomon had already took over Anumon's position and was throwing little ninja stars are the larger digimon. It lasted for about a second before she was struck by the side of the axe. From the corner of her eyes, she thought she could see Hiro flinching, but Kami was too distracted by the jackal digimon trying to rise again and weakly limping to stand in front of his opponent again. Partner or not, she could not watch this anymore, and ran towards the fight.

Somewhere far behind she could hear Payton and Hiro calling her name, but her attention was focused on what was ahead of her. Kami ran towards Anumon and grabbed his arm to pull him back, which almost resulted in her hand being sliced off before he realized who it was. "Are you stupid?" he asked in clear disbelief. "It's dangerous here!"

"You have no strength to fight anymore. Both you and Shintomon are going to get yourselves killed if you keep trying to fight him. Then you protecting your friend would have all been in vain."

"You have things mixed up, human. Protecting Kiramon is Shintomon's wish. I am fighting to protect my kingdom. This is my home and Arismon has trespassed upon it. I forbid it. Now get out of here before you get yourself killed." Anumon pulled his arm free and continued towards Ursamon, who was now halfway across the room. Kami glared and stepped in front of Anumon. "Get out of my way," he growled.

"No. If you haven't noticed yet, your home is destroyed and abandoned. It's in ruins, and I've only noticed that in the few minutes I have been in this world. Even if you want to make things better, the only way you will do that is if you leave right now and return another day. This Arismon guy you keep talking about will walk all over your home if you are dead." Kami said in a raised voice. The digimon was glaring furiously at her, but she was mirroring the same gaze until Anumon's switched to panic. Ursamon had reached them.

"Human, go!" The urgency in Anumon's voice almost sounded desperate, but Kami knew she could not walk away now.

"Not unless you leave too." She watched the smaller digimon as he seemed to struggle over something inside of himself to the point he could hardly concentrate on the Ursamon before them to even notice the axe swinging towards them. Kami grabbed Anumon and pulled them both to the ground as an axe swung past their heads, and then she was hurrying to her feet when the electronic beeping sound from her phone returned.

"Warrior's Crush!" Ursamon bellowed. The entire ground began ripping apart where they stood and Kami pulled out her phone to find it didn't look like it anymore. It was a touch screen of sorts with orange and blue grips on the ends, and had a flashing D on the screen. The entire device was flashing. Kami was interrupted by Anumon shoving her towards a patch of solid ground while he was left jumping from tile to tile to find a stable one. Meanwhile, Ursamon looked like he was readying a second attack.

"Anumon!" The flashing of her device sent a beam of light towards the little digimon and he became surrounded in a sphere of white chains. The last thing she saw of Anumon's expression was surprise before he was consumed in the light. Kami looked to the device's screen and it now displayed a series of gauges. "What's going on?!" The light and chains vanished moments later and a different creature was standing in Anumon's place.

"This is more like it," the creature said. Like Anumon, it was a jackal, but this one was easily six feet and closer to Ursamon's height. The jackal was wearing a blue and white head piece, a white loin cloth around it's waist, and menacing golden gauntlets with large blades emitting from them.


The digimon turned towards her and gave a small grin. "It's Pharaohmon now," he answered, and turned towards the Ursamon. "I can handle him this time. Get everyone out of here while I finish this." Pharaohmon then charged the Ursamon and rammed him into a wall. "Desert Tomb!" Sand erupted from all directions and began to trap Ursamon into pillars shaped by the sand. This was their cue to escape.

Kami waited for the others to arrive, with Hiro assisting an injured Shintomon taking up the rear, before continuing. "Please don't do anything that stupid again, Kami," Hiro muttered while Kami offered to help move the digimon too.

"Frankly I don't want to." Kami answered. She slung Shintomon's other arm over her shoulder and slowly began to walk with the two at a steady pace amongst the chaos. "Shintomon, what exactly happened to Anumon? Or Pharaohmon, I guess?"

"He digivolved. I don't know how, but you somehow how made him bypass the control Arismon has over the digital world to enter his champion level." Shintomon answered. "I never thought I would see the day that a digimon freely evolves."

"I think it was my phone that did it." With her free hand, Kami held out the device that use to be her phone. "It changed when we were on our way here but I didn't really notice it until now when it had begun acting up.

"I've seen something similar before." Shintomon answered. "When Kiramon found Anumon, he had one of those with him. However, the scent on yours isn't the same. There must be multiple devices around."

"Like this?" Hiro's hand had been in his pocket and he pulled out a device too. Only his was red and green, and the screen still displayed the D on it. "I think my phone had changed too when I came here."

"It's definitely the same type of device, but its scent isn't the same either." This was all becoming too bizarre, Kami concluded, and that wasn't even including everything from the past thirty minutes.

"Guys, quit talking and hurry up! We gotta split right now!" Payton called from up ahead. Him, Miki and Kiramon were already by the doorway again. Meanwhile, Ursamon broke free from the pillars and threw Pharaohmon towards the broken floor. Pharaohmon managed to catch himself on a ledge before he could completely fall, but Ursamon was already charging towards Payton's group to finish his objective quickly.

"We got to move!" Shintomon said and tried to pick up her pace, but she still looked like she was in no condition to fight the digimon. Meanwhile, Payton got Miki and Kiramon through the doorway and then turned around to face the digimon.

"Payton!" Kami could have cursed him, but she knew it would not make him move. His stubbornness was worse than hers when he had a responsibility. He wasn't going to let the digimon near Miki. Frantically, she looked over to Pharaohmon, who was back on his feet and making a run towards the doorway too, but there was no way he could make it in time. Ursamon reached the doorway and readied to strike with his axe until he stopped mid swing.

Payton looked like he was still awaiting the harsh impact of the digimon's axe, but Ursamon couldn't do it. The digimon dropped both of his weapons and stepped back while clutching his head. Black chains began to appear around the creature and were pulling at the digimon to grab the axes again, but it was clear he was fighting back.

"Pharaohmon, destroy the chains! Quick!" This time it was Shintomon yelling as she released herself from Kami and Hiro's support to summon ninja stars and fire them at the black chains. One by one the black chains disintegrated as they were struck by Shintomon's stars and Pharaohmon's blades. When the final chain was destroyed, Ursamon was consumed in a white light and began to shrink. When the light faded away, there was a small bear digimon collapsed on the ground. He had the same brown fur as Ursamon, but rather than weapons, the bear wore a small head band with two feathers sticking out at the side.

"What just happened?" Payton piped up.

"Arismon uses the black chains to control digimon." Shintomon explained. She was gradually walking over with her eyes on the bear digimon. "The only time you can free a digimon is when their chains are destroyed. Then they will return to their prior form."

"Ursamon's chains only appeared because of the data that makes up his existence." Pharaohmon was looking at the small digimon too before turning his gaze to Payton. "A digimon is meant to protect their partner no matter what, which means they cannot attack you either. Ursamon, who is now the digimon you see before you, is your partner."