Okay! Sorry for taking the story down all of a sudden. I had to resolve something for it. I thank Invader-Neo from deviantART with the inspiration to the story and the bracelet chart. I know links prob'ly still don't work, but here is the link to their DA account if you want to read the story there: gallery/34669035

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And now! On to the story, which will be posted in two chapters a time, since they're so darn short XD

ORANGE: kiss

The gel bracelets were a strange sex game. From a hug to actual sex; depended on the bracelet and the snapper. Of course, the "wearers"; those who wear the bracelet, can choose which bracelets to wear. What they do is up to the "snapper"; the ones who snap the bracelets. Of course, the bracelet they snap could be at random. Still, the game was strange. But we all played. The whole school. Gaz was a master at it.

No one bothered me; why would they? I had gotten better looking since middle school; I know because a lot of girl took notice of me finally. They see me as a "mysterious, dark, and misunderstood" kind of guy. I figured mostly because of the fact I still wore my dark clothing. Not that I minded, it kept their attention from my geeky side.

Regardless, it didn't stop us from playing the game. Gaz went risky and wore red, black, clear, and white bands with the more tame ones. Rarely were those snapped because she often hid them under her sleeves.

I was looking at the bracelets now, again wondering if I should take them off. "Hey."

"Hey, Gaz. Any snap today?" I asked.

"Yep." I looked up at her.

"Who? Which one?"

"Orange..." Gaz hesitated. "...Zim."


"Don't get your pants in a bunch. He plays the game, and snapped it. I think to mess with you."

"Well, it's working!"

"Guess what else."


"He tastes good," Gaz said. As I just stood there, she smirked and sauntered off. School was let out, but I knew where Zim lived, obviously.

Despite better judgment, I was at his base. The gnomes watched me as I approached the door. I knocked, and judged where his wrist would be when he opened the door.

"Dib-stink?" I saw the bands. Located the orange, and grabbed it. One loud SNAP! and I was up against Zim, crashing my lips to his in an instant.

I could feel the surprise, the shock on his face. He most likely had expected a fight from me, not this: a kiss. As I ran back to my own house I scolded myself for it. But after a few blocks, all I could really think of, was his exotic taste.

PINK: hickey

"Oh god," Gaz said, laughing.

"Shut up, Gaz," I said. I was sitting on the couch, my face in my hands.

"Good God, this is BRILLIANT!" Gaz said. "Oh, you prob'ly bruised his mouth!"

"I did not!"

"You practically made out with him!" she was a ball with this. "And I lied!"


"He didn't get my bracelet, moron! I was curious on what you'd do! This is better than anything!"

"You're such a bitch!"

"I know!" Gaz agreed, still laughing. "Oh man, it hurts!"

I stomped up to my room, unable to continue listening. After slamming my door her laughter was finally muffled. I sighed and laid down. Already dark out, no shock I fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, it was darker outside. I readjusted my glasses and looked at the clock. Almost 2 a.m.. Why was I awake? A shuffle and I knew. Before I could sit up something was on my stomach and chest. SNAP!

Snap? I looked up. Zim held a pink bracelet and the key card at my face. Pink = hickey.

"Why?" I asked.

"Zim's intrigued," he said.

"Why so late?"

"Early. It is two in the Earth morning," he said. Before I asked anything else he was kissing my neck.


He bit a little and sucked a tender spot. I pursed my lips to muffle a moan. His antennae perked. Great, now he's intrigued. He focused on the one spot. Eventually, I'd felt uncomfortable long enough.

"S-stop. Now," I said. But of course he wasn't done. Always having to beat each other, I heard SNAP! again. What this time? Another pink. And an orange? They snapped at the same time.

He started on the other side. He was stronger than he looked, effectively pinning me down. After I said to stop a second tie, barely controlling myself, he moved to my mouth. I didn't know he knew how to kiss up until now, I didn't complain; his exotic taste was AMAZING.

After he left me breathless, he snuck back out the window. All I could think was three things:

1) Damn he tasted good,

2) I was breathless and overheating, and,

3) ...How was I gonna get him back?