GLITTERY CLEAR AND RED: "feel up" and lap dance

"I am not cute," Zim mumbled again. Dib sighed as he pulled Zim into his room.

"You said that already. A lot," Dib stated. Zim stuck his segmented tongue out at Dib. He tore off his bracelets, tossing them into his pak. Dib reached to take his off, but Zim stopped his hand.

"I am aware," Zim said, referring to Dib's last statement. He pulled Dib to his bed, a spider leg shutting the bedroom door.

"Heh, eh… Zim?" Dib questioned. Zim sat Dib down on the bed. "What are you go-" SNAP!

"Red," Zim said before Dib bothered to look down. His face flushed.

"L-lap dacne?! Do you even know what that is?!" Dib asked incredulously.

"Zim heard of them in class and did his research, yes. He is surprised it does not happen more often."

"God, you know what it's done before for, right?"


"….I don't…. know…"

Zim put a hand over Dib's mouth, climbing onto him. "Would you prefer Zim snap another bracelet?" Dib's face flushed more. He honestly didn't know if he did or not. Zim smirked and snapped another glittery clear bracelet. He held it up with the red bracelet and his smirk grew. "Then allow me."


Gaz shut the front door with her foot, letting her Game Slave's battery rest for awhile as she headed up the stairs two at time. She heard a small laugh from Dib's room as she set her hand on her own door's handle. She turned with a confused look in her eyes. The laugh came again and Gaz opened Dib's door. "What…."

Zim stopped his hand and the two shot their heads towards Gaz. Dib abruptly pushed Zim off him and onto the floor. "OW!"


"My eyes! GOD, DIB, WHY?! UGH, I'M BLIND! That is so not right, in our own house!" Gaz screamed, covering her eyes and walking quickly to her own room. "Thanks a lot, ya asshole, now I'm scarred!"

"Hey! You were mocking me just a week ago about it!" Dib retorted, putting his shirt back on as he followed Gaz. She slammed her door in his face.

"At least have some decency about it, geez!"

"You didn't even knock!"

"So?! Do that at his house!"

As the siblings quarreled Zim grabbed his uniform's shirt and grumpily slipped it back on. "Interfering pig-stink."

"Zim, talk to her with me," Dib said. Zim snapped his neck to look at him.

"What?! Zim is not going to speak to that interrupting Earth-monkey."

"If you want anything for the next few days you will."

"Just because I eventually want to mate doesn't mean I can do what you say through bribery. Irkens are above that."


"Irkens are above bribery."

"Did you just say ma-"

"Zim will speak with the Earth-monkey," Zim said, pushing past Dib.


"And stay out!" Gaz said, pushing Zim back into Dib's room across the hall as she slammed her door shut. Dib chuckled as Zim sat grumpily on the bed.

"So did it go well?" he asked arrogantly. Zim gave him a death glare. When Dib started to chuckle more Zim pushed him roughly on the bed.

"Sorry, sorry… she's hard to talk to, at least now you know what it's like for me," Dib said. Zim sighed heavily and laid down next to him.

"If this is what siblings are like, then Zim is thankful he has none he knows of."

"That kinda stings. She's not all bad. Sometimes she's…. well, she can be… …yeah, she's a bitch most of the time, actually."

"How do you manage?" Zim asked, moving to his side. Dib chuckled for the third time and shifted to look him in the face.

"You grow up learning how," he said. He wrapped an arm around Zim's waist and shifted so that half of Zim was on top of him. "Kinda like growing up and learning how to deal with other Irkens, I guess; or bullies, if you prefer the human comparison."

"Believe me, growing up with other Irkens if very different from grown up with humans, Dib. Most were respective of each other."

"Regardless, there must've been cases of bullying."


"So what do you want to do now?"

"Hmm… Zim is unsure."

"Well… snap a bracelet by random. I don't usually wear the sex related ones, but something fun always comes up," Dib offered. Zim smirked and shut his eyes as he reached for the bracelets. The ever more satisfying snap signaled his cue to see what he had gotten: glittery purple.

"What is this one's purpose?"

"A French kiss if I'm not mistaken," Dib said proudly. He moved Zim up so that their heads were level.

"What is that?" Zim asked. Dib laughed.

"Shut up!" Gaz shouted. Dib smiled and gave Zim a kiss, running his tongue along his bottom lip. He felt the shiver shoot through the alien and Zim pulled away as much as he could.

"Why did you lick me, human?"

"Open your mouth when I do, it's sorta like asking to start," Dib tried to explain. He held Zim's head and moved it close again, repeating the action. The same shiver ran down Zim's spine and he complied to Dib's order.

Zim let out a surprised yelp when Dib stuck his tongue in his mouth. "What was that?"

"That's a French kiss. You use tongue."

"Humans have odd ways of showing love through the same general action. Who are these 'French'?"

"They're a type of country. France. Ya know… Paris, the Eiffel tower-"

"Zim only knows of them from school. Why did they make such a strange show of affection?"

"I guess a normal kiss wasn't enough. And it just sorta got the name as far as I know," Dib said. He moved so he and Zim were on their sides again. "Can I kiss you now?"

"Zim will allow it. But only because he is now intrigued with this 'Fren-"

Dib put his lips to Zim's before he could continue the ramble and proceeded to happily give him the kiss the bracelet demanded.