Long Overdue

A/N: Kay, I wrote this because there were no stories about Nudge and ter Borcht and I was feeling bored! Sorry for spelling and grammar and stuff, but I'm a first timer so yeah. Bad excuse but whatevs:) And my Snickers perception is off, cuz I'm allergic to p-nuts (totally against my penname, I know) I don't own this series yet... Working on equal rights cuz I am a civil rights activist... Yeah that made no sense... Kay bye!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you you reigning champion, NUDGE!" screams Iggy, who is currently jumping all over the purple sparkly stage. On the stage, there is a long table with two chairs on opposite ends and a covered dish in the middle.

And then the crowd (Max and Fang) goes wild and all that.

Iggy waits for them to finish before continuing with, "And we have her challenger, Dr. ter Borcht!"

It was said with great enthusiasm, and the crowd's response was deafening...


*tomato from Max*

Whilst country music plays in the background, the two sit at their seats and mentally prepare themselves for the battle of the century.

Iggy sees that they are ready and calls Gazzy in to uncover the dish...

...to reveal...


ter Borcht looks around, confused. "I thought dat vee vere gohing to vatch a battle to de death, not a snikuhs pahty!"

Iggy and Gazzy exchange a look, grinning evilly...uh-oh.

"Dis is a Snikuhs battle... to the death," Gazzy mimics, and Iggy follows him up saying, "Ready? Set. GGGOOOO!"

Though skeptical, Borchty picked up his first Snickers bar and bit into it. He sighs as his teeth bit through the chocolate and peanuts and ooooh, was that caramel? Omnomnom!

But he was shaken out if his reverie by chantings of "NUDGE NUDGE NUDGE!"

Oh sh*t! A competition! He stuffed it quickly in his mouth, and picked up another.

Meanwhile, Nudge hadn't said a word, strangely enough, but that could be pardoned due to the fact that she was working a fourth bar through her motor mouth. Borchty is now worried; he was barely through his second! But he could sense Nudge slowing down by 1.583%, so he stays strong and increased his rate by 23.574%. He was a scientist after all!

By the time Nudge had gotten to her seventh, ter Borcht was caught up, only half a bar behind! Even so, both have turned a twinge of green, and Angel had brought out two buckets, just in case...

And ter Borcht had pulled ahead, on his ninth bar while Nudge lay sprawled out on the ground, chewing the last bites of the eighth. The crowd booed even louder, with was easy since Fang was being Fangulous and Max was Maxalicious as per usual.

Anyway, half an hour later, Nudge and Borchty both finished their ninth bar. Nudge reached for the tenth and last bar and took a bite. Seeing Nudge's smirk, Borchty realized that a mutant would never beat him, and so he stoically ignored the knots in his stomach and reached for the last bar on the platter. But he had barely grazed the chocolate with his teeth when his eyes rolled back, and he collapsed in a chocolaty, gooey mess.

Iggy nudges the fallen whitecoat with his shoe, than wipes the shoe off. When no noise comes from the pile, he turns to Nudge and smiles. "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, please give a round of applause to the champion of the battle, NUDGE!"

Fang claps loudly while Max screams happily, saying that Nudge was amazing and calling Borch-face some choice words.

Angel and Gazzy did a little jig around the stage, but were thrown off and into the audience by a mocha blur and her bucket, on the way to a relieving bathroom break. The rest of the Flock followed, leaving the emaciated whitecoat behind. Then they had a bubble party with zebras and beef jerky, but that's a story for another time...

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