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Eli watched her as she stood among the tall girls and Aiden,unknowing how out of place she was. She still smiled and laughed at everything Aiden says. Her fifteen minutes of fame were up, and she is the only one who doesn't know it.

Eli felt a pang in his first for her. All the bits of flirting he'd attemped the last few days had done little to none for him. If she knew it had taken him an entire hour to work up the nerve to call her anto invite her to this party, maybe she'd be over here spending time with him, like he wanted.

The red dress she wore flattered her waist and chest. Eli couldn't take his eyes off of her. He sat and smiled at her from his spot on the couch. Finally, Jane did what she did best and speak out. He saw that the girls and Aiden looked at her awkwardly before she excused herself and wandered back over to him. She looked utterly disappointed and upset. Something else was bothering her.

She talked about the evening for a minute before confessing she had to be somewhere else. Eli's heart sank at her words. An hour of working up the nerve to even talk to her and only an hour and a half later she has to leave. Eli wasn't going to let this night go to waste. Not yet at least..

"Perfect!" Eli stood and offered her his hand. "I'll drive you there."

"oh, you really don't have to..." Jane took his hand and helped her up.

"Nonsense! What gentleman would I be if I made you find your own way?"

Jane smiled at him as she took the arm he offered her in a playful way and began to exit the party. Suddenly she paused. "Oh, shouldn't we say bye to Aiden?"

She tried to pull out of his arm but he gently pulled her forward instead. "Nah, I think he will understand." Eli smiled at Jane as she nodded and let him lead her out to his car. For Grey's nephew and fashion designer, he had a pretty normal car. Jane wasn't going to lie, she expected some fancy sports car, but she could say she owls pleasantly surprised when a little convertable with fading red paint pulled up.

"Wow." Jane nodded as he opened the door for her. "I'll be honest. I pegged you as a sports car kind of guy." She climbed in and he shut the door.

When he got into the car on his side, he smirked at her. "Well Jane Quimby, there is still a lot you don't know about me."

He started up the car and soft music came from the stereo. Jane inspected the car as he drove. It wasn't that tidy as there were papers and notebooks stuffed with drawings and designs littering the backseat and floor in the front. She picked up a paper on the floor and looked it over while Eli glanced at her. "Did you draw these?"

He chuckled at her, "Of course I did. Why else would they be in my car?" he casually drove with a hand on the wheel of the car and he leaned back in his seat. It was dark, but Jane could still see a playful twinkle in his eye.

She gave him a look before she knelt down and picked up a few more of his pieces. "Wow Eli, some of these are actually really good.."

Eli smiled at her as she looked over his work. "That's not what your friend Jeremy said. Ametuar, immature.." ElI mocked his accent with the last few words. He caught a soft smile on Jane's features as she continued to sift through his work. He was quiet for a moment before speaking again. "So how'd I do?"

Jane gave him a questioning look. "How'd you do. How'd you do on what?"

"Proving myself to you?" Eli stopped at a light and turned to meet Jane's gaze.

She smiled and nodded at him. "Considering you saved Donnovan and Decker's butt with your jacket and met India's standards..." She paused to glance back down at the drawings. She had picked up a notebook and was beginning to flip through it. "You did."

Eli felt a flutter of confidence. Every word that came out of this girls mouth only caused his developing crush grow stronger and stronger. "Good. Now where am I even going?" Jane chuckled and directed him to the graveyard. He began turning the way she directed as he shook his head. "You know, grave robbing is illegal."

She playfully punched him in the arm. "I'm not digging up dead people, don't worry. It's a scary movie in the graveyard."

"Sounds fun.." Eli trailed off.

Jane turned to look at him again, her smile dropping. "Well what are you doing after you drop me off?"

Eli sighed, "I don't know.. Probably head home and watch some tv."

"Well," Jane smoothed her skirt, "We would be way over-dressed together, but you're welcome to join me.. I have to warn you though, the local high school students come." Jane covered her tracks about being in high school. "They'll all know me too after I did a project at work about what teen style is. So don't be weirded out if a bunch of eleventh or twelfth graders come and say hi, okay?"

Eli chuckled at her. "Sure Jane. Sounds like it will be a good time though. It beats watching repeats of How I met your Mother."

Jane laughed, as did he. He chances another glance at her, catching her eye. "Uh.." She laughed lightly before continuing. "It's just up here on the left." She pointed ahead and Eli pulled the car over onto the curb just a little way down the road. They got out and started the short walk to the cemetery. "Oh Eli, you get to meet my brother!"

"Your brother? Is he in high school?" Eli gave Jane a questioning look.

She chuckled. "No, he just works there."

Eli nodded at her. "Alright, cool. I look forward to meeting him."

The pair had reached the cemetery and were walking in in just enough time for the movie to start. Jane glanced around, looking for her brother or best friend. Billie was on a blanket with a girl Jane didn't know and she felt her heart crack slightly. But when she looked over at her brother, her heart broke. "Ben.." He was sitting by himself on his blanket, somberly watching the movie. Champagne sat beside him with two still full glasses.

"Ben?" Eli asked as he followed Jane's gaze to the man on the blanket by himself. "Is that your brother?"

"Yeah.." Jane said quietly before going over to him and kneeling down. She rest her hand on her brother's shoulder in the most affectionate way she could manage. "Hey, where's Rita?"

Ben looked at his sister somberly. "You know how you warned me not to come on too strong?" He paused to look at Jane. "Lesson learned.."

"You know how you warned me not to let the fame thing go to my head? Lesson learned." Jane smiled at her brother slightly. "That's why me and Eli ditched the Hollywood party and came here."

"Eli?" Ben gave his sister a questioning glance. "The guy who you despise at work?" He emphasized the word 'despise' to get his point across.

Jane turned around to look at a semi-awkward looking Eli standing a couple feet away. "Yeah, he turned out to not be so bad after all.."

Eli turned to look at Jane and gave her a grin. As she was smiling back, she noticed Ben had gotten up. She turned back to her brother. "Where are you going?"

Ben shrugged, "Home. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed early. It's been... A long day. You guys can have the blanket. There snacks in that bag." He gave Jane a forced smile only she could see through. "You kids have fun."

Jane stood and gave her brother a hug. She knew he needed the support, but right now he wanted to be alone. "Alright. Drive safe, okay?"

Ben nodded. "See you." He turned to Eli next and shook his hand. "Nice meeting you, Eli."

Eli gave Ben a reassuring smile, "No, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you."

Ben nodded and left the graveyard while Eli came forwartoons plopped down next to Jane. She was smoothing her dress over her legs as he sat. He gave her a mischievous grin. "I'm not so bad, huh?"

Jane laughed. "No, not that bad at all. I will be honest though, I didn't like you at first."

Eli laughed with her, "I could have guessed that. But I liked you from the start."

"You did?" Jane glanced at him.

"Shh!" A girl nearby leaned toward them.

Eli gave Jane an awkward glance before they burst of Ito a quiet fit of giggles. "Maybe we should be quieter" Eli whispered to her.

She nodded agreement before whispering back. "Snacks?"

Eli nodded before looking over at her to see her pull out a huge container full of red and pink candy hearts.

Jane paused awkwardly. "Uhm... These were for my brother's girlfriend.."

Eli shrugged before grabbing the container and ripping the top off. He reached inside and grabbed two candy hearts, handing one to Jane. They laughed as quietly as they could before biting into their candy hearts.

Eli tore off his suit jacket and tossed it off to the side. He loosened his tie more than it already was before he leaned band son one hand and snatched another candy heart. He smiled at Jane from the corner of his eye and turned back to the movie. He was so glad he manned up and called her.

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