Wing:All right here's my favorite game ...

King:WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES! "Pointing at the sky with a spot light shining down out of nowhere"

Wing:...King "Darkly"

King:Hmmm? "Still in position"

Wing:What have I told you about spotlights? "Darkly"

King:Ummm...That the're expensive and not to use them? "sweating"

Wing:Exactly "sweatly"

"Then Wing took out her hammer of epicness and smashed King in to the ground in a loony toons indent"

Wing:ANYway this is a story with my and king's OCs Zai and Ryan "Putting her hammer on her shoulder's"

King:I regret nothing... "Shakly pointing a hand to the heavens from in his indent"

Wing:...well ignoring that, on with the story!

(The plains)

It was a bright evening when the sounds of galoping filled the air as a party moved through the plains on horseback. They rode for about a minute they stopped at a cliff that overlooked the nearby kingdom,Balandor that was in the mist of a celabration with cheers eminating from the town around the castle.

The party concisted of two identical black suited men that appeared to be infantary, but the ones that were more notible was a eyepatched Farian garbed in green lizard scale armor, and was a swift swordsmen jugdeing by the katana strapped to his waist, the next one was more dressed like a circus troupe leader then a fighter with a handle bar mustashe, dressed in a red and gold over coat and black poofy pants, all in all he looked out of place but the insane glint in his eyes says otherwise, the last one looked to be the leader, he was dressed in demonic black armor with a horned helmet with red slits for eyes and his face is not shown.

"General, I give you Balandor" the short man said

The man did not give any indication that he heard but the short man continued as if he did.

"heh heh heh yes, General Dragias, I think tonight's celebration will be one to remember." the short man continued

Dragias still did not answer and kept stareing at Balandor, the place where their prize was.

(The gates)

The scene changes to the gates of Balandor with a cloaked man with a long wrapped up package walking towards the gates where two castle guard were standing. Now normaly they would be slacking off but today was the princess's birthday so security was tightened.

As the hooded man was about to pass them one of the guards called out to him causing him to stop.

"Hey, you with the hood! Not so fast." Guard #1 said

"Hm? You wouldn't be talking to me would you?" The hooded man said as he turned his head so that a beard and tanned skin could be seen

"Let's have a look at your face." Guard #1 said as he walked up to him

"Surely you've better things to look upon then the pockmarks and wrinkles of a tired old man no?" The hooded old man tried as guard #1 stood infront of him

"I said, take off the hood and show me your face!" guard #1 said louder and pushed the old man's shoulder

The hooded man slowly raised his head and his dark eyes could be seen flashing bright red. This seemed to have done somthing to guard #1 as he jerked once and dropped his spear.

"Good enough. Proceed." Guard #1 said in a dazed voice as he seemed to sway abit

"Oh, many thanks. You soldiers are truly a credit to your king." the hooded man said and he started to walk into Balandor

"Hey, you sure? I don't like the looks of him..." Guard #2 said as he walked to his compainon who only groaned in response

The same hooded man could now be seen standing in town.

"Any moment now. The prophecies were very specific about where it would begin." The hooded man muttered

(The Castle)

The scene changes to Balandor castle where the princess could be seen looking out into the town with her father the king standing a ways behind her.

"Cisna..." King Valtos sighed as the old attendent Sarvain walked up so that he stood next to him

"Your Grace? How does our young princess fare today?" Sarvain asked politely

"Look at her, Sarvain. She's the picture of her mother." The King said wistfuly

"Ten painful years since that day and still my Cisna speaks not a word." The King continues thinking of when his beloved wife was murdered in front of his daughter

"Are you certain we should proceed with the ball? Presenting her to the people now might only add to their alarm." Sarvain tried

"Oh, what nonsense. None of those attending expect Cisna to speak. Her presence and her composure will suffice." The King shot down

Sarvain hmmmed,not convinced.

"Still...I would give all my riches to see a real smile cross her face again." The King wished

"Floraine, She would know. She always knew how to make Cisna laugh..." Th King said sadly and sighing

"Sire...Forgive me, but the princess's heartbreaking condition begs the old question. Why in creation are we making peace with the same people who robbed her of her mother?" Sarvain asked desperately

"My wife is gone Sarvain. War has taken her, just as it has taken so many before her. But war will not bring her back." The king started as he turned towards Sarvain

"The Farians speak our tongue. We ought to trade words with them from now on, not lives." The King finished

The old atendent did not look pleased but said nothing.

Cisna noticed her father and ran towards him, when she reached him she curtsed close to the ground in respect.

"Oh Cisna! You look radiant. That dress suits you beautifully." The King complimented

Cisna expectedly did not answer and graced her father with a small strained smile.

"Your grace." A castle guard said as he walked in and kneeled

"What is it?" The King asked as he and Sarvain turned towards the guard

"Archduke Dalam of Faria will be arriving shortly." The guard informed

"Good. See that he is given a proper welcome." The King said

"Yes Sire. Also a group calling themselves the Marcus Revelers are outside the gates. They say they wish to perform in honor of Her Highness's special day. Shall I turn them away?" The guard informed

"A circus, today?" The King asked himself

"A gift! What day could be more deserving of a little extra celebration?" Sarvian said with an unusual amount of joy in his voice

"Hmmm very well. Let them into the city then." The king said after he glanced at his daughter

"Yes sire." Sarvain nodded and the guard behind him stood up bowed and left with Sarvain following, as Sarvain left he smirked with a Dark look in his eyes.

(Castle gates)

"Anything to report?" Cyrus Captain of the castleguard asked the guard on duty as he walked up

"No sir" The guard answered

They then heard the Farian procession approach with their two beasts with the Archduke in the middle being carried in a chair that was being held by his attendents with Farian soldiers marching in front.

"That is quite the prossesion." The guard said impressed

"I hope the Archduke has enough pillows. Tch warmongering Farian scum." Cyrus said darkly

As the procession started to pass them the Archduke raised his hand in a stopping motion and the procession stopped and Cyrus and the guard kneeled to the archduke.

"Who are you?" Dalam asked in a semi-interested tone

"I am Cyrus of Balandor. Captain of the castleguard." Cyrus anwered

"Your Excellency, we are most honored by your visit" Cyrus said and bowed his head so that Dalam could not see the rage in his face

"Hmmm Are you now? Tell me sir how is his grace? Is he doing well these days?" Dalam asked

"He is doing quite well, your excellency." Cyrus answered

"Is he now? That's good to hear. Now then if you will excuse me." Dalam said and the procession continued forward once more

"Does His Grace really hope to make peace with these people" Asked the still kneeling guard

"Peace with the Farians?" Cyrus scoffed as he and the guard stood up "The idea makes my blood boil."

"Has the king forgotten so soon?" Cyrus asked as he looked up at the castle

(Rapacci wines)

"Ok I need you to lift the barrels where your friend points them out." Rapacci ordered his two new male employes

The first guy was 6'3 bordering on 6'4 Long spiky black hair that goes down to his back and stops above his waist. Dark green eyes, slightly muscular. Wears black boots. Pants are jeans with black at the bottom and green at the top. Wears a black short short sleeve shirt but has a long sleeved hoodie with black at the bottom and green at the top like the pants over the shirt. His clothes looked to be designed to be light and durable and fashionable at the same time

The second guy was tall 6'9 bordering on 7'0 dark tanned skin ,snow white hair that went over his shoulders that was slightly spikey and crimson eyes wears a brown short sleaved vest that has a silver lion head shaped shoulder guard on his left shoulder, black shoulder bag that hangs on the right side of his waist with dark green sleaveless shirt, black cargo pants that have many tools that are tapped up with white tape at the ends, with dark brown boots that are steel toed and dark steel armored guantlets and was slightly more muscular then his friend.

"Got it." The white haired one said in a slight accent and nodded as he bent down and picked up a large heavy barrel with ease and put it on his shoulder with no signs of stress on his face

Rapacci blinked at the white haired ones strength, he just picked up a barrel that even he couldn't lift without help, and with no visable effort on his part. The black haired one noticed this and grinned.

"Don't worry you get used to it." The black haired one said as he patted the stunned warg on the back who had his jaw catching flys when the white haired one picked up two more barrels AND still did not show any strain, the black haired one was really trying hard not to laugh at this point.

They did what Rapacci ordered them to do for a good part of an hour, maybe more. They were down to the last wall in the shop on the right side with Rapacci pointing out the verious spaces where the special wine would be placed.

"Hey, why are we doing this again?" The black haired one asked the white haired one with a raised eyebrow as he held a clipboard

"Because the last map we had was trashed when you decided to go drinking, and we cannot afford a new one seeing as how we'er flat broke." the white haired one said in a bland tone that had a slight as he lifted the last barrel to the nook where his friend pointed it out.

"I told you it was an accident... Well can't we just work at the guild instead?" The black haired one asked

"We can't we're still on probation from the last stunt you pulled." The white haired one answered as he started counting the wine barrels

"He was asking for it..." The black haired one muttered as he started checking things off on the clipboard with a white feather pen

You see a noble man was being a prick about the way they dealed with the job they finished and was refusing to pay them, the black haired one jumped him and started a fight that escalated into full-on brawl that nearly destroyed the whole guild building before it was stopped by his friend's and the guild master's intervention. They then had to pay for the damages, which made them broke in the first place, and they got banned for at least six months.

Before the white haired man could say anything else the door to the shop opened drawing their attention to it. It turned out to be Leonard the one Rapacci was muttering about killing, flaying, and verious other ways of instilling death on the copper haired youth.

"Dammit Leonard!" Rapacci yelled getting out of the lazy position behind his desk and glared at him

"Woah!" Leonard exclaimed suprised and stopped walking suddenly

"Where the hell have you been?" Rapacci yelled putting his hands on his desk and standing up "You better not have forgotten what today is!"

"Yeah I know." Leonard said placing his hands in a placating gesture

"Today is the Princess's ball. She's introduced to society, and we step into the big time, got it" Leonard said as the warg had ranted about it for weeks and practicly pounded it into him

"This is a momentous day for Rapacci wines" Rapacci said excitedly "The court picked us to supply wine for a party at the castle!"

"We gotta do it right and earn the shop a bona fide royal commendation!" Rapacci said thinking about all the obstacles he faced to get to this point as Leonard held his hands behind his head, clearly he had heard this dozens of times before.

"Ah, I've worked my fingers to the bone to get this far..." Rapacci said as he clenched his fists, he then did something that made both of his new workers sweatdrop...he threw back his head and sobbed loudly into his arm. Hard to believe that he used to be a famous fist fighter if the rumours were true.

"Look, I'll leave for the Parma winery now, and I'll still be back with time to spare." Leonard said taking his hands out from behind his head

"Ha You better." Rapacci threatened "I rented a beastwaine at the village for you"

"Use it ta cart the wine back here like your life depends on it." Rapacci said as he got out from behind his desk

"Cause it does!" Rapacci finished as he got in Leonard's face

"All...all right!" Leonard stamered holding his hands up

"And while you're at it, those are the new guys." Rapacci said as he pointed at the two confused workers with the black haired one scratching his head

"Take them with you" Rapacci finished

"Oh." Leonard said and walked up to them

"Hi there, I'm Leonard." Leonard introduced himself with a smile

"The names Ryan nice to meet you." The black haired one named Ryan said

"Zai, likewise." The white haired one named Zai nodded once

Before they could talk any more Rapacci threw a wooden bucket at Leonard's head causing Ryan to duck and Zai to jump back in suprise.

"Just get your butts moving!" Rapacci yelled still in his throwing pose "You can talk on the road!"

"All right, gods..." Leonard said as he rubbed the back of his head where the bucket hit


"Let's see..." Leonard muttered as he looked at the paper Rapacci shoved in his hand before they left as Ryan looked at it from his left and Zai looked at it by leaning a bit over their heads behind them

"So we have to fetch the barrels from the Parma warehouse using the beastwaine." Leonard said "Boy thats a lot of work!"

"Could be worse..." Zai said quitely

"How could it be worse?" Leonard asked as he looked up at Zai with a raised eyebrow

"Well we could have to cart the heavy wine barrels back ourselves for one..." Ryan answered with his index finger pointing up

Leonard shuddered at that thought, that it could indeed get much worse.

"Point taken" Leonard said

"And there's no way we can make Zai carry all of it for us, such a shame." Ryan mock sighed and got gibb slapped for it by Zai who had a tick mark

"Heh heh well, let's get going." Leonard said as he grinned at his compainions antics

"Come on then what are we waiting for!" Ryan said and dashed forward

"Hey! Wait up!" Leonard called out and followed after with Zai who sighed but followed after his friends

After a bit they caught up and after Zai convinced Ryan to slow down, walking with Leonard on Ryan's left and Zai walking on his right.

"So what'd Rapacci make you guys do before I got there anyway?" Leonard asked

"Eh, he made Zai lift Barrels of wine into some slots while I jotted them down on the clipboard." Ryan answered and shrugged his shoulders

"How old are you guys?" Leonard asked

"We're both 19" Zai answered shortly

The next moment they passed by a hooded old man who was walking in the other direction. Leonard who felt as if he was compelled to do so gazed at the old man before being slightly suprised that he was looking back as if he were studying him before turning and continuing on his way.

"You know him?" Zai asked seeing that Leonard lagged behind and caught up

"I was about to ask you guys the same thing." Leonard said

"Well I don't" Ryan said and put his hands behind his head

Before they reached their destination the group noticed a large crowd gatheing and festive music playing, they were curious so they went to see what it was about.

"Hey look!" Leonard exclaimed as he spotted two giant green lizards with white eyes pulling what looked like a circus theater enter through the gates

"A circus, great." Ryan said sarcasticly while Zai grimiced next to him

"You guys don't like the circus?" Leonard asked with a raised eyebrow at his new friends

"Its the crowds and the noise I don't like. For Ryan, its- ." Zai answered before Ryan slapped his hand over his mouth which made Leonard blink and stare at him which caused him to sweat

"Oh look the leader's about to say something." Ryan said hastily diverting Leonards attention and sighed lifting his hand from his friends mouth and glared at him who shrugged his shoulders looking inocently in another direction

From the theater a short man in a top hat, white overcoat, wiry moustache and a red nose called out to the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen! Young and old of Balandor! In honor of Her Highness's coming-of-age day, I give you wonders aplenty and sights unlike any!"

Then with a wave of his arm fireworks, streamers, and confette exploded out of verious places of the theater with the clown acrobats doing tricks with props and beach balls."Step right up, the Marcus Revelers have arrived" The short troupe leader yelled as he waved to the crowd

"I've never seen a circus! This is going to be some party!" Leonard exclaimed as the circus made its way past

"Well man you can watch it by yourself when we get back." Ryan said shivering and glareing at the clowns of the retreating circus while Zai nodded next to him rubbing his temples annoyed at the noise

"Well lets get going then, the wine won't deliver itself." Zai stated and his friends nodded and left through the gate into the plains

(Balastor plain)

The party then reached the gate to the Balastor plains and equipped their respective weapons, Leonard had a plain short sword and a buckler shield, Zai had a large dark green war hammer with black inlays and a dark brown handle strapped across his back, and Ryan had a valiant sword strapped to his waist but no shield.

"The village of Parma is due south of here, so its pretty much a straight shot." Leonard explained as he pointed down the road with his new friends behind him

"There's not much to it, but its a nice enough place." Leonard said and turned towards his new friends

"Say, you guys are new to Balandor, aren't you?" Leonard asked them

"Sort of...this is my first time back in ten years." Ryan answered honestly

"Oh really? What about you?" Leonard asked Zai

"Wouldn't know if I did or not." Zai answered

"Why?" Leonard asked tilting his head

"I don't remember anything beyond four years ago." Zai stated rubbing his head where the the scar was hidden by his hair

"Wow that's gotta be rough." Leonard stated winceing at the thought

"Yeah, but I think we should get to Parma we don't want Rapacci flaying our new friend would we?" Ryan said smirking at Zai in which he returned the smirk, then they turned their attention to the now sweating Leonard as he realised he almost forgot about the delivery.

"Uh well, lets get going because I really don't want to be flayed." Leonard said shakly to his two snikering friends

"Yeah and you can show us the sights along the way, sound good to you?" Zai asked Leonard who nodded

"Yeah just keep on the alert for monsters. We're in the wild now." Leonard warned

"We got your back man, just give the word." Ryan said putting his hand on his swords hilt as next to him Zai nodded as he put his hand on his hammer's handle

And the group headed off across the plains to their destination.

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