Wing:Alright I'm back and King is behaving, rigghhhht? "Sweetly"

King:Yes..."Scared stiff as he was strapped with dinamite and Wing held the trigger"

Wing:Good now I brought Carefree Luminary over, how ya doing Senpai?

Luminary:Good, better now that His Highness has shut up...(shrugging)

King:HEY- (The sight of Wing putting her finger on the trigger shut him up)

Wing:Ah the sound of sweet silence, music is it not? (Smirking)

Luminary:Yes, yes it is. Oh and we don't own WKC, too troublesome...

Zai:But Greywing44 does own me...

Ryan:Yeah, Littleking9512 owns me...

Wing:Yup, so on with the story. (Smirking at King's misfortune)

The group of youths gazed about in awe at what they saw. The grand hall they had found themselves in was basked in the golden glow of candles and the amount of glamorously dressed Lords and Ladies filling the room indicated that nearly, if not all of the nobles in Balandor had been invited. The centre was draped in a deep red carpet where many couples were dancing in rhythm to a band of musicians that were in one corner of the hall whilst a banquet table had been set up along the opposite wall where the group made their way towards via the far edge to avoid detection.

"So this is how the better half lives. . .when did you get that cake?" Zai asked Yulie with a rasied eyebrow as she seemed to get it out of thin air

"Trade secret" Yulie answered with a grin as Ryan stole two wine bottles that a nearby waiter was now missing.

Leonard however was paying no attention to all the delicious edibles and drinks. He had become curious as to why the music and dancing had stop and peeked around a pillar to see why. Upon spotting Princess Cisna herself stepping into the grand hall, Leonard forgot to breath as he looked back on the first day he had seen her and become smitten with the troubled maiden.

"Hey Leonard, whatcha looking at?" Yulie asked as she suddenly got on his kneeling form to see what he was looking at

When she saw that he was stareing at the Princess jealousy welled up in her gut .

"It's rude to stare at royalty you know." Yulie said angerly to him and shoved off him

Leonard was too confused and surprised to understand what was happening. One minute, Yulie had practically dropped herself on top of him; the next, she had shoved off of him so hard as she stomped away that he nearly found himself being sent into the centre of the hall. He might have wanted to see the princess, but not that close.

Yulie was grumbling as she stomped away from Leonard but was suprised when Ryan appeared infront of her with Zai next to him, both were holding a bottle of wine.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Ryan asked looking concered at Yulie's change in attitude.

"I'm fine..." Yulie muttered still a little angry

Ryan seemed to think for a moment before grinning as a piece of cake apeared in his hand that a nearby noble was now missing.

"Cake for your thoughts then?" Ryan asked with a grin as he noticed the corners fo her mouth twitch

"...What flavor is it?" Yulie asked arms crossed as she closed one eye

"Chocolate." Ryan answered and laughed when the cake was snatched out of his hand and she happily shoved a fork-full in her mouth

"Bribery, so low..." Yulie joked with a haughty tone as Ryan grinned

"Let me guess, the reason your angry is because captain ponytail over there is drooling over the Princess?" Zai asked bluntly which made Yulie's eyes widen

"No thats not-" Yulie tried before she cut herself off as the two weren't buying it

"It's kinda obvious to anyone but him apparently... Your better off giving your heart to someone else before it breaks.." Zai said which made Yulie sigh as it was probably true

"Yeah I've seen his type, seen em dozens of times before." Ryan said nodding at what Zai said


The party was sure to be in full swing by now and even the Castleguard was sure to be more lax at this hour. Now the real fun could begin!

"Enough of this charade!" He declared throwing off his disguise. "Iiiiiiiiit's showtime!"

Jumping off the platform, the portly madman activated the summoning runes hidden inside the caravan. The explosion ripping through the roof caused the crowds to run off as a pyredaemos emerged from the wreckage while the hidden troops spilled from their hidding spots.

"Head for the castle! Slaughter all in your way!" Belcitane ordered his men. By the time the sun rose, peace talks would be the furthest from the townfolk of Balandor's mind.

Back with the gang...

Yulie opened her mouth to comment on that but was interupted.

The door slamed open to reveal a wounded soldier who stumbled through the party goers, then landing on his knees.

"Your Grace...a messege." The guard said with blood dribling out the corner of his mouth.

"This is a party! What the devil is it!" The king shouted not seeing the blood.

"A monster as atacked killing- " A pyredemos with a few broken teeth smashed open the door cutting him off.

"What the hell!" Ryan called out seeing the Pyredeamos smash through the door.

Ryan paused for a moment and thought for a second. "Hey Zai, does that big fellar look familar?" Ryan asked him not fully grasping the situation.

"Oh yeah it was the Pyredemos that we smacked in the face with you in your hamster ball form." Zai answered rubbing his chin

"Wait, you guys did that?" Yulie shouted as black soldiers poared in through the destroyed door

"Yup, Ryan stay with Yulie I'm going to distract brimstone breath over there." Zai said jerking his thumb at the behemoth behind them

"But...fine come on Yulie!" Ryan shouted as he saw the look Zai gave him, he then grabbed Yulie's hand and ran off with her leaving Zai with the beast

"Hey, brimstone breath!" Zai shouted as he walked into the beast's line of sight "Remember me?"

It seems it does remember as it glared at one of the people who rearranged its face. It then aimed its cannon at him and fired a large fireball at him.

"Batter up." Zai stated then drew his hammer and smashed the fireball away into its foot making it roar in pain, it then glared at him again and charged.

"This is gonna be a long night..." Zai muttered as he saw this

Meanwhile in another part of the castle...

"So they took the oportunity to come tonight as well." A cloaked male growled as he made his way down a side passage quickening his pace to the treasure vault.

With Ryan and Yulie.

"We have to keep going or they're going to get us!" Ryan told Yulie as they ran from the magi, they left Zai to deal with the beast as he could handle it, Leonard was who knows where at the moment

"But what about Leonard?" Yulie asked him concerned about her childhood friend.

"He'll be fine." Ryan told her trying to put her mind at ease.

"How do you know?" Yulie asked Ryan who just smiled and said.

"Call it a gut feeling. He'll be fine, I know it. You should worry about yourself for now." Ryan told her.

"Hey!" Yulie said getting angry for a bit but it went away quickly.

"Thanks." Yulie told him as Ryan smile grew wider.

"No problem- Yulie stay behind me." Ryan told her as he got in between her and the approaching magi. They saw him and Yulie and began to come closer ready to attack. Ryan began casting a spell as he prepared for the magi getting closer.

One of the magi noticed and told the others as they charged at him intent on interrupting the spell he was gonna cast. Big mistake.

"Wind Sphere: Great Breakthrough." Ryan stated calmly as a small dome of green mana encased him and Yulie, protecting them as the magi's weapons did nothing but get stuck inside the wind sphere.

"Wind magic?" One of the magi said surprised before Ryan smirked.

"Goodbye" Ryan said as the wind sphere expanded and sent the magi flying when it made contact with them.

"Whoa." Yulie said impressed of Ryan's skill with wind magic.

"Come on let's get going." Ryan told her as the Two of them continued their search for their friends as Ryan took out any magi that got to close for comfort.

With Zai...

"Dammit, how do I get myself into these kinds of situations?" The cloaked male asked himself as he watched the battle between a white haired giant and a pyredemos after he took a wrong turn...

"Fuck!" Zai shouted as he was caught off guard as the beast aimed its cannon at him and fired a large fireball at him, he didn't have enough time to dodge or bounce it back!

Pulling the staff off of his back, its cover thrown off as it went, the stranger slammed the mace edge against the ground creating a wall of fire to shoot along the ground between Zai and the pyredaemos absorbing the fireball.

"The hell..?" Zai muttered as he stared at the wall of fire that saved his life that soon disapated and spoted a cloaked male with the mace end of his staff buried in the ground still smoking. The male then threw off his cloak revealing his features...

He stood at six feet tall and was thin and muscular (martial artist build). His eyes and hair are a matching deep blue while his hairstyle has braided sides like a headband with short spikes up top and has a face that seems to be set in a permanent frown. Wearing travel worn black leather boots, grey cotton leggings and a black sleeveless tunic, he also wears a midnight blue, hooded robe that was open.

Zai did not have anymore time to study him as the beast that he was fighting suddenly charged farther into the castle, suprising him and the stranger who saved his life.

"Looks like it was in a hurry." The stranger stated blandly "But why did it look like it it rammed itself into a mountain?"

"I'll tell you later." Zai answered as a bunch of black suited men surounded them as he and the stranger went back to back.

"Looks like were surounded." Zai stated casualy as he twirled his hammer

"Indeed, name?" The stranger asked just as casualy as he held his staff at the ready.

"Zai Zarongi, you?" Zai asked as he shifted his eyes to look at the Magi

"Alastor De Varce, and its gonna be a long night..." Alastor muttered as the Magi charged

With Leonard

Leonard was hurrying over to where the Princess was last seen. Sure, the guards were probably watching over her & the King, but another blade to aid them wouldn't go amiss surely?

The two royals in question had made their way up the staircase near the throne. They were stopped halfway when a man in pitch black armour suddenly appeared at the top and started walking towards them with a curved sword in one hand.

Before King Valtos could demand who the black knight was and if his aide had already been killed by the man before him, he was run through with the knight's blade. As darkness took over him, he felt his failing heart lift as he heard Cisna, his dear beautiful Cisna, plead for him not to die. He felt beyond elated that his deepest wish could be granted before passing away.

"Noooo!" Cisna shouted as she cried over her father's corpse, the man in the demonic armor pointing his sword at ther head.

With a speed he had no idea he had, Leonard placed himself between the black knight and the princess deflecting the blade aimed at her and throwing the knight off-guard. Taking the moment, Leonard clasped hold of Princess Cisna's hand and pulled her back down the stairs only to stop when he saw the black knight again, only this time he was directing the black armoured troops. Quickly glancing back the way he came, Leonard was surprised to see no back knight behind him nor in front when he looked again.

"Weird" He muttered before leading the Princess away from the battlezone.

With Cyrus

"Your Excellency! Archduke Dalam!" Captain Cyrus called out to the dying Farian in his arms.

The Archduke's eyes were wide open in shock as he tried to take one final breath before succumbing to the fatal wound to his chest. The Captain gently rested the Archduke on the ground. Whilst he hated Farians in general, he held a grudging respect for the late Archduke for bravely entering enemy lands to negotiate peace. Now that attempt for peace had died with him.

"Sir Cyrus! The King!"

"What about him?" The Captain of the Castleguard asked as he spun round to face the soldier that was hurrying towards him. The news he had making this unreal nightmare even worse.

With Alastor and Zai

"You guys sure seem endless!" Alastor noted grabbing one of the soldiers by the helmet and casting a spell on the hapless grunt. Shoving him away the grunt stumbled into two more of his comrades before suddenly exploding taking all three lives while knocking several more off their feet.

"Get off me." Zai growled as he repeatedly threw off grunts that thought attaching themselves to him was a good idea as they made their homes in the nearby wall

"Strong one aren't you?" Alastor stated blandly as he looked at the stone wall that the Grunts were sent through before diving back into the fray.

With Leonard and Cisna

Leonard and Cisna finally stopped when the Princess's knees finally gave way and she collapsed to the ground. Taking the moment to sheath his sword and catch his breath, Leonard knelt down in front of the Princess and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Come on, I won't let them get you" He assured her softly. "Not you"

Cisna slowly raised her head to look at the person who had saved her from her father's killer. 'Who are you?' she asked quietly.

"I'm Leonard" He replied remembering the face little girl he had met so many years ago now being replaced by the older, more beautiful one before him.

"Why did you...?" Cisna asked, astounded that a complete stranger would help her...

"Because, I care about you" Leonard said before realising what had passed his lips and quickly stepped away as he amended himself. "We all about you, I mean. Your Kingdom loves and needs you"

Cisna's expression, which had looked startled when he first spoke, changed into one of determination as she allowed Leonard to help her to her feet. A sudden roar emitting from nearby informed them of the pyredaemos being close by.

"Are you survivors?" Someone suddenly asked from a side passage entrance. Leonard and Cisna looked round to see an old man garbed in a strange green tunic and wielding a long sword beckon to them. "This way! To the Cellars!"

Leonard quickly grabbed Cisna's hand before the two of them ran passed the old man into the passage way just as the pyredaemos's head appeared around the corner.

With Ryan and Yulie

"Leonard! Leonard where are you! Leonard!" Yulie called out looking for her friend in vain.

"Where is he? Right when we need him most, the guy runs off. Bet you he's taking a nap or something." Ryan said to himself not knowing how wrong he really was.

He glanced to his left and his eyes widened, and leapt into action as he got in front of Yulie to shield her from a magi that recently killed a soldier right in front of her causing her to flinch in fear of seeing death.

Ryan waited for the magi to kill him or even stab him but nothing happened when Ryan turned to look the magi lay dead on the ground and an old man stood tall in his place.

"Are you two the only survivors?" The Elder asked them. Ryan and Yulie nod not sure what to say.

"Good then come with me." Eldore told the two of them as they follow after him in search of Sir Cyrus and anyone else.

Under the Castle

While Ryan and Yulie were making their way through the same passage way Leonard and Cisna took, the latter two had found themselves in the underneath Balandor in the old catacombs and were currently making their way further down.

"This is like a castle under the castle" Leonard exclaimed, suprised and awed as he looked about.

Cisna just nodded quietly clearly still distraught about what had just happened to her father and his Kingdom, although now it was her Kingdom.

"Come on, we have to move!" Leonard urged her pulling her lightly to make her follow him.

As they continued to wander further down into the old catacombs, Cisna suddenly gasped as she realised where they were headed.

"Wait...This is where..." She cut herself off suddenly and walked on ahead. 'Never mind, keep going'

Despite being confused, Leonard followed Cisna down the set of stairs they were on where up ahead a huge door could be seen.

"What's this?" Leonard asked the Princess, curiously pointing towards the doors.

"I's the treasure vault" Cisna explained slowly, having a vague memory being down there once, long ago.

A loud crash occurring behind them caused them to freeze up. They did not even have to look round to realise that the pyredaemos had found a way down to their location and was now barrelling towards them with a guttural roar. Grabbing Cisna's wrist, Leonard charged through the doors just seconds before the doorway exploded as the pyredaemos collided with it sending them flying with the shockwave.

Cisna's eyes opened to find herself on Leonard's chest seeing his dark green/hazel eyes and geting lost in their depths for a moment before she remembered where she was and got off him with a small unseen blush. Blinking stars out of his eyes, Leonard was sure Cisna had just been staring into his own but decided to put it at the back of his memory, for now. Standing up, it was only then that he noticed the suit of armour at the far end of the chamber. A towering, twenty odd foot suit of white armour.

"W-What is that?" He asked in pure awe of what he was seeing.

"We found this in the ancient ruins...In the dogma rift." Cisna said as she finaly got the image of Leonard's eyes out of her head

"They say it was used by the ancients." Cisna said as she remembered when they brought it in

"Those ancients must've been pretty tall" Leonard joked weakly as if he were trying to lighten the mood...

"That is an Inncoruptus." a new voice spoke as the same elder man who guided Ryan and Yulie, walked through the vault, seemingly out of place but yet vast in his knowledge. "A weapon of war, crafted by an Ancient Race. It is an awesome, cursed power..." he stopped before Leonard and Cisna as he pointed up at the suit of armour. "The castle raiders are after this. They seek a holy relic known as the Ark, the key to this Incorruptus."

A sudden roar coming from behind them underneath the pile of rubble informed them of the pyredaemos still around.

"It's still around!" Leonard swore as the rubble started to move.

"Wonderful." was the older man's sarcastic answer as he groaned.

Leonard cursed as the broken toothed fire beast suddenly burst through the rubble, looking pissed off. Seeing no other way, the youth dashed towards the pedestal in front of the Knight where a gauntlet and cerimonial dagger lay similar in style and color to the armour behind it.

"Stop!" the Elder man snapped. "What in blazes do you think you're doing!" he was too far to physically stop Leonard and he didn't think to move. But unnoticed by the two, Cisna started to glow faintly and mutter words that seemed indeciferable.

"This is a weapon, right? You said so yourself" Leonard said as he picked up the gauntlet. "Then let's use it!"

"You fool! Stay away from it if you want to live!" The Elder snapped "Only the worthy are permitted to touch that!"

"As the saying goes: Damned if you do, damned if you don't. And by the look of things, we're dead if we don't try!" Leonard declared before fitting the gauntlet onto his left arm.

"You mustn't!" he tried one last time, but it was already too late as blue light flared outwards and consumed the boy...

Opening his eyes, Leonard found himself atop some sort of stone platform with the strange glyph glowing at the centre of it.

Inner world

"Where am I?" He asked himself as he stared at his strange surroundings. "What happened?"

"O thee who wouldst wield my pow'r..." a mysterious voice called

Leonard spun in a full circle as he tried to locate the source of the voice, only to gasp when he saw what appeared to be some sort of phantom spirit float down in front of him. Half of it was covered in a pale white skin whereas the other half its skin was peeling off revealing black limbs with pale blue veins crisscrossing everywhere along them. Where its heart should be, a golden sphere was embedded in its chest.

"O thee who wouldst wield my pow'r... Draw thy blade"It said in a hollow voice. "Now is the time to prove thyself worthy!"

'Worthy of what?' Leonard asked before having to dive to the side to avoid being pierced by a spear appearing out of thin air.

"Hey! Just hold on!'"Leonard called out to the phantom after leaping out of the way of another blade appearing out of thin air and trying to cleave him in two. "I don't even have my sword!"

No sooner did he say that did a sword appear in his hands. Stunned by the sudden appearance of the weapon, Leonard almost did not duck in time before he was sliced in two horizontally. Now armed, Leonard waited patiently for a gap between his adversary's attacks. After ducking a wide sweeping blow, Leonard quickly lunged forward and thrust his blade at the phantom's heart.

The sword vanished from his hands the moment it was about to penetrate the phantom's heart, yet when Leonard backed away assuming the phantom was about to counter strike the spectral did not move. It remained hovering where it was before Leonard not trying to attack him anymore.

"O thee who standeth and liveth before my blade. Thou art worthy of a pact. My master..."It said as it kneeled before Leonard's feet."To thee, all my pow'r I bequeath"

The phantom suddenly transformed into an ethereal mist and disappeared into Leonard surrounding him once more in a pale blue light.

Real world

The older man lowered her arms after the blinding flash of white light that had nearly consumed the vault. Leonard was standing there, dazed and surprised, the older man himself was slightly at a loss for words.

"He's alive? Impossible, he cannot be one of the worthy." he paused. "No, it means that he is." he told himself slowly but spun around quickly when he heard the Pyredemos roar and slowly make its way over to the trio at the foot of the Knight's armour.

Leonard payed not attention to the rampaging beast. Instead, went to pick up the dagger still residing on the pedestal as a chant came to his lips.

'O, Wizel, white warrior, wielder of the ancient sword-'

It was as far as he got before the pyredaemos decided to put its foot down on the proceedings. And Leonard.

"No!" Cisna shouted, she did not want her saviour to die...!

Ignoring the other two humans in the vault, the creature began attacking the incorruptus, tearing it from the chains that bound it in place and stomping down on it yet hardly making a dent. As if suddenly sensing a threat, the broken toothed creature looked to its left where Leonard was now standing, the ceremonial dagger clutched in his right hand.

"...grant me your power..."

Flipping the dagger so he held it in the reverse hold, Leonard sheathed it into place on the gauntlet causing plate with the glyph to split in two down the middle whilst an enlarged version of the glyph appeared before him


In a blinding flash of light, the White Knight disappeared from under the pyredaemos's feet and reappeared kneeling in the place Leonard stood moments ago before rising to a standing position, eye sockets flashing a blue color, awakening from its long slumber.

"This is rather... unexpected." the elder man spoke aloud as he watched the Knight move up upon the creature. At the same time Cryus and came rushing in with his men. Ryan and Yulie also followed after, having met them in the catacombs...

"Sir Cyrus! Look!" his guard shouted as the Captain stared in awe.

"It can't be, impossible... why is it moving?" he asked in general as he watched the White Knight.

Yulie could not believe her eyes either. Not only that, but the Knight's presence reminded her of only one other person. "Is that you...Leonard?"

"Wait, Leonard!" Ryan shouted, now that he looked at the knight closely he was reminded of Leonard...

Motioning with its right hand as if drawing a sword from the scabbard on its left hip, the Knight's sword appeared forming out of white light before solidifying into a ten foot blade with a keen edge. Before it could advance on the pyredaemos, the creature gave a guttural roar that shook the very foundations of the room. Alastor was barely able to conjure up a pair of barriers to protect the two groups of humans in the room before rubble began crashing down around them.

"Fighting's too risky here" The Knight said in Leonard's voice before charging towards the creature and hoisting it into the air. "Change of plans!"

With a great heave, both the Knight and the pyredaemos went up through the roof to wherever above them was.


"They're reminding me of an infestation, these guys..." Alastor muttered breathing heavily as he stood back to back with Zai while the Magi grunts surrounded them. Belcitaine saw this as a perfect oportunity to introduce himself to the two who decimated most of his soldiers, he walked to them with an insane glint in his eye as he rasied his septer-

But they were saved by the timely arrival of Leonard in his knight form breaking through the floor of the grand hall. Zai was shocked at seeing this and voiced it...

"The hell...?" Zai muttered as the Magi around them scattered

"That kid obtained the Knight?" Alastor muttered in disbelief as he watched the battle of the Goliaths. "He should't have been able to gain it so quickly"

Pulling his fist back, Leonard slugged the pyredaemos right in the broken kisser sending it soaring through the broken entrance to the castle.

"Did I do that?" Leonard asked out loud staring at his armoured fist in astonishment.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Belcitane made a hasty getaway seeing as there was no way he could take on a Knight with no proper plan of attack.

As Leonard made way outside where the pyredaemos was just getting up, the rest of the party had finally reappeared from the treasure vault having had to take the long way up. As the group with the addition of Zai and Alastor, followed the White Knight outside, none of them noticed General Dragias watching them from behind a nearby pillar.

After a brief struggle with the pyredaemos, Leonard finally managed to land the death blow. The creature gave one last roar before collapsing, its brief reign of terror finally finished.

"The lad did it..." The old man muttered sounding amazed that some random youth had managed to unlock and wield an ancient weapon effectively enough to smite such a powerful adversary.

Going down on one knee, the Knight reverted back into a breathless yet unharmed Leonard.

"It's over?' He asked himself in obvious disbelief whilst staring at his hands. "But how did I...Where did I...?"

A sudden scream rang out across the courtyard followed by a loud boom as something struck the ground. Turning to the castle doors, Leonard could only stare and watch as Princess Cisna was held between the black knight and the ringleader as they were lifted into the air on what appeared to be an anchor for the huge black monoship that hovered overhead.

"Color me surprised." Belcitane spoke to Dragias. "Who would have thought a mere child could control the knight? This puts a kink into our plans."

"I would call this more than just a 'kink'" the black clad general told him.

"He's not bad I'll admit." Belcitane forced himself to say. "But so what if he got the Ark? We can sort that out in due course. And we did achieve our other objective." Belcitane the last bit referring to the deaths of the king and the archduke.

"Indeed." The general said agreeing with Belcitane. "Time has proven there can no peace without wise leadership. With their leaders dead, these two nations are bound to pick up arms once again and return to their pointless war."

"Yes." Belcitane said eager as an evil smile formed on his lips. "The world we seek is close General..." Shapur said nothing as his thoughts would remain a mystery.

"Leonard!" Cisna called out.

"CISNA!" he yelled out as the Monoship flew away.

On that day, souls once parted came together again. It seemed like mere coincidence...

But softly, sadly, the wheels of a cruel destiny had already begun to turn

Wing:Ok that was chaper 3, what'd ya think?

Alastor:Was good...for an amature. (Shrugging)

Wing:...I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that...

Luminary:Was good, chearecters were in chearecter (Shrugging)

King:It was AWESOME!

Wing:Inside voice King. (Putting her finger on the trigger made him go to his emo corner)

Alastor:Anyway Carefree Luminary owns me, if I was owned by these two clowns I would have killed myself. (Jercking thumb in Wing and King's direction)