Christmas was never an easy time at Baker Street. Much as Mrs. Hudson and John tried to make it a pleasant experience, it really depended on Sherlock. The last Christmas they spent together ended in death and disaster.

Molly was hoping she could stop that from happening.

"What is this?" Sherlock asked. Molly smiled triumphantly, pleased that he seemed to have no idea what was in the tiny box wrapped loosely with a red ribbon.

"Just open it."

Sherlock eyed her warily but pulled the ribbon off. Greg and John settled in behind the two, John biting his lips with worry. He was sure whatever Molly got him would lead to nothing more than deduction and insult; that's just how Sherlock functions.

Which was why John jumped backwards when a high-pitched squeal came bursting from Sherlock's mouth.


"What is it? Are you okay? What is it?" Sherlock turned slowly, displaying a huge, happy smiling, before pulling something out of the box.

He opened his palm and a little creature poked it's head out, sniffed the air, then sniffed at Sherlock's hand.

"That's a…That's a hedgehog," Greg gasped.

"Yes, and it's all mine!" Sherlock brought the tiny creature to his face and let it sniff his hanging curls. "What shall I call him?"

"How did you know Sherlock liked hedgehogs?" Mrs. Hudson asked. Molly shrugged and clapped her hands together happily.

"He mentioned an interest in them once. I had no idea he loved them this much!"

"Of course I love him! Oh, dear Molly, you truly are a superb human being. What should I name him?"

John stood back and watched as Sherlock walked around the room showing his new hedgehog off. He made sure to give Molly a big hug for making this Christmas the best yet.

"I shall name him John!" Sherlock announced after a few minutes. John's head snapped up, a blush forming over his cheeks.

"What? Why?"

"Because," Sherlock whispered, "he's perfect."

Hello peeps! I know I haven't been writing as much lately as I used to, but that's mostly because I keep posting things on tumblr and forgetting to transfer them over. This one is from my tumblr, as are the next two or three that I'm posting, and I hope you enjoy!