hands can heal, hands can bruise





The cut on her cheek is crusted with dried blood, the laceration on her stomach, cutting through her shirt, is dripping slow ebbs of the sticky red liquid. She limps, ankle throbbing from when a chi-blocker had kicked her legs out from underneath her. Despite her wounds, she feels light, like she's walking on a ball of air.

It was over. It was done. Amon had been unmasked, chained, and carted away in a thickly padded box.

Republic City's square is in ruins, buildings crumbled, torn down, destroyed. The citizens cheer, though, the looming threat of Amon gone. They cry, embrace, praise the Avatar. Asami smiles, looks around the square, and feels something akin to pride. She had helped, she has been apart of Team Avatar, she had saved Republic City.

Rain pours down in a sudden onslaught, cleansing Amon's filth from the earth, and Asami turns to her left, to Mako, expects him to be standing right beside her, only to find that he's not.

He's pulling Korra from the rubble, fingers ghosting along the cuts on her face, whispering soothing words to her. Something stirs in Asami's stomach. A bout of nausea rises in her throat. The rain pouring down isn't so cleansing anymore, it's drowning her.

She swallows roughly, steps back, away from Mako holding Korra close, away from Mako brushing the dark hair from her eyes and kissing her forehead, away from Mako telling her that she had done it, she had defeated Amon.

Asami stumbles back, back, back. She falls against a hard body, and long, muscled arms catch her, "Woah, there." Bolin wheezes, "You okay, Asami?" he turns her around to face him when she doesn't answer, and his green eyes widen, "You're all cut up!" his fingers glide over the cuts on her cheeks, and before she knows what he's doing, he'a ripping a piece of his shirt off and pressing it to the wound on her side.

A certain kind of sudden warmth fills her, as Bolin works her over, making note of her scratches and wounds. She doesn't think about Mako curled up with Korra a few feet away, only thinks of the gentle way Bolin is twisting her face, this way and that way, examining her.

"C'mon," he says, "I'll take you to the healers." he places a hand on her back, and starts to lead her away. They walk for a moment, and then her leg gives out. Before she can crash to the ground, his arms catch her, and despite his own sore spots, he lifts her bridal-style, and carries her away.


Later, when her wounds are healed and her ankle is resting on ice, Korra slams the door to her sick-bay room open, "Asami! Are you okay? I came as soon as—"

"I'm okay." Asami interrupts, voice stiff. She hasn't forgotten Mako pulling her into his arms and kissing her cuts.

Korra blinks, "Are you sure?"

Bolin slips into the room then, eyes finding her immediately. She looks back at Korra, feeling lighter with her green-eyed friend in the room.

The Avatar looks tired, eyes rimmed with red. She'd taken the time, instead of getting some well deserved and much needed rest and relaxation, to come and visit her. To ask if she was okay. Her anger evaporates, and Korra's eyes light up when Asami smiles.

"I'm okay." Asami repeats, then whispers, "Bolin took care of me." eyes locked with the earthbender's.

They share a secretive smile, and Bolin steps closer to her bed, hand reaching out to grab hers.