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"Oof!" Clint was thrown into Natasha, who then stumbled over Bruce Banner, seeing as the man had been deposited, rather clumsily, face-down upon the floor. A golden floor, the scientist recalled as the gears of his mind immediately leapt into action.

Where the hell where they? Also, why wasn't he seeing things in a green tinge? From past experience, events like this usually made him, as Stark would fondly put it, 'hulk-out'. Instead, he felt oddly calm for someone who'd just been thrown from a vortex that was completely out of control. Gathering his senses, he put his arms under his torso and pushed himself up, clambering to his feet.

"Urgh, and today was my day off!" Tony whined from his position, which wasn't quite clear as he seemed to be tangled in a mass of limbs, currently.
"Uh, little help?" he added as an afterthought.

Clint had picked himself up off the floor, apologizing to Natasha, before going over to help Bruce separate Tony from Steve and a very angry looking Loki.

"So, where are we?" Steve said after the group had finished checking for any injuries and making sure everyone was still intact, limbs and all.

"Welcome to Asgard." Thor spoke solemnly, standing at the head of the group. He surveyed the great Hall of Odin that was oddly empty for this time of day, Thor concluded. The sun was high in the sky, alerting the god that it was midday.

"It's just transported us." Loki spoke, although with an air of uncertainty as he walked up besides Thor with tentative, cautious steps.

A mere 5 minutes ago, they had been stood in Tony and Bruce's lab, discussing what they should do with the tesseract which had found its way back to S.H.I.E.L.D once more, after a petty Chitauri invasion of Asgard.

It was not entirely successful, they had lost the majority of their already-weakened army, and although they had managed to escape with the tesseract, they made the poor choice of opening a portal to a random destination, not having the time to think properly with a horde of Asgardian warriors on their tails. That random destination turned out to be Midgard, and they were promptly served a glorious ass-kicking by the Avengers, and a very irritated god of mischief who was after revenge.

Tony had wanted to keep the energy source for a little while to run some tests. He was kind of the only name in clean energy right now, and wanted to bump up his repertoire of clean energy sources. He couldn't have the tesseract itself, but he could get some helpful readings. Or at least try to.

It was in one of these attempts that he discovered the tesseract wasn't just an energy source. Alright, he already knew – and first-hand at that – that the tesseract was capable of ripping open portals through space, which was fair enough, but after a rather messy experiment involving Bruce throwing a camera through the mini-portal that Tony had managed to open in a solid glass dome-room that was there for the purpose of ridiculously dangerous and usually entirely pointless experiments for their own amusement.

They had recorded evidence that this little box of unlimited energy was also a portal through time.

"Of course! It's a wormhole!" Tony exclaimed, rather excitedly, to a dubious looking Bruce.
"It essentially connects two points in space, but also time-" Tony quickly shut off the portal before anything could happen, "-how the hell did I forget that? JARVIS, how you doin' with those readings?"

At that point, Steve and Thor appeared in the doorway. Thor was clutching Mjolnir and had it raised as if he was about to attack, and Steve had his shield at the ready.
"Huh?" the Captain frowned in confusion, looking at the two scientists who stood there, totally unharmed, and with no enemy in sight.
"We saw the light of the tesseract, and then a portal! We thought an enemy had broken through once again." Thor stood up straight, bringing Mjolnir back to his side, but the confusion was evident on his face also.

"Ah, you guys just missed something fantastic!" Bruce grinned; his doubt had been thrown out by the clear, solid video evidence that was playing on a screen in front of him.

Natasha appeared shortly with Clint and Loki in tow, wondering what the commotion was.
"Hey guys. What's going o-" Clint began to speak, then he saw everyone crowded around the tesseract. Raising an eyebrow and glancing at Natasha, who returned the incredulous look, he ventured over to have a look.

Loki remained where he was; he didn't trust the tesseract any longer, not after the Chitauri had stripped him to the core and implanted their own barbaric nature in his mind, so that he was no more than a tool to retrieve the tesseract. It had taken months of recovery for him to get to where he was now, sane and in control of his own mind.

A babble of conversation quickly filled the momentary silence of the room, distracting the occupants from the tesseract which had started, well, misbehaving. Surges of power went unnoticed by Tony and Bruce, and JARVIS failed to cut across the loud hum of conversation.

It wasn't until the lights began to flicker and a low rumble rattled through the chests of the Avengers, alerting them to the now misbehaving tesseract. Panic set in, except for Bruce who, as always, regarded the situation calmly in order to avoid, or at least reduce the chances of hulking out. However, they'd left it too late.

A blinding flash of blue light was thrown out, and it swallowed the occupants of the room in a swirling cloud of energy, wrapping itself around each body firmly and pulling them into its power and into the vortex that had opened up. Screams and various noises of shock and occasionally anger sliced through the howling wind, which grew louder as the vortex grew bigger, the power mounting and ripping right through the heart of the S.H.I.E.L.D base. Suddenly, the vortex came to a shuddering stop. The room was silent for a second, before an incredibly loud boom sounded, rattling the steel foundations of the building itself and sending quite a lot of agents flying with the force of it.

The sheer mass of this curious vortex, combined with the added pressure of its seven unhappy occupants simply caused it to collapse in on itself, taking its captives along with it.

"Where's the tesseract?" Clint alerted the group to the missing energy source. Without it, they had no easy way of returning unless someone in the S.H.I.E.L.D base could a) operate and open a tesseract portal and b) actually noticed they were gone. The latter option was pretty likely, it's not every day that a bunch of superheroes and their once-nemesis-but-now-making-amends acquaintance suddenly disappeared into thin air, but S.H.I.E.L.D agents weren't exactly experts on tesseract handling.

In short, they were stranded. On the bright side, they were in Asgard. Thor and Loki could sort them out, right?

"Loki, slow down!" the voice of a child reached the ears of the Avengers, who turned to look at Loki. He was still standing where he was, ablbeit rigid with what seemed to be shock, so the Avengers returned their attention to the doors of the great hall with wide eyes and bated breath.

The sound of childlike laughter and voices grew louder, and louder, until two small figures barreled through the golden doors, stopping abruptly when they saw the odd looking group of people stood in front of them.

Loki immediately recognized himself and Thor as their younger selves. His chest constricted and his stomach knotted, the uncomfort worked its way through Loki, binding him in place. Thor simply blinked twice, he was used to magic, but time-travelling was a different matter altogether.

"Oh my God." Tony muttered, hysteria creeping into his voice, "Is that you?"