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Chapter Eight: Off With His Head

When a man's pride is injured a drink or two is due.
I know it seems like its impossible, just to stop it all.
And if you think I'm a mistake just break it off.

Off With Her Head : Ghost Town

Kurosaki was red as his name. I couldn't help the manic grin that split on my face. He groaned and covered his face. This just made me laugh like a fuckin' tard. I rolled off him, landing in the sand with a dull thud. Laughter took over my body and shook me to my very core. Apparently Kurosaki had stood up because I felt his foot connect with my ribs as he stomped off.

"Aw, don't be such a women Kurosaki!" I clutched my sides as my laughter increased.

"Fucking Grimmjow. Who the hell does he think he his?" I stormed down the halls, as that bastard's laughter echoed behind me, sending shivers up my spine. Much to my displeasure. When I barged into the room Nel's head snapped up. She stood from the floor that had markers and paper littered across it. Her small dainty hand grabbed my larger one.

"Is everything okay, Ichi?"

Worry and concern was etched into her face, her small pouty lips drawn into a frown.


"What's wrong?"

"Grimmjow." The word came at as snarl, venom spewing behind the name. I ripped my hand from her grasp and fled to the safety of the bathroom. The door slammed shut behind me; the lock was soon in place with a quick flick of the wrist.

Nel's worried voice flittered through the white wood but was soon drowned out by the patter of water falling from the shower head. I stepped under the scolding hot spray, clothes and all.

I could smell him on me. His touch lingered. Like ghostly finger tips moving over the planes of my skin, sending my heart into a frenzy. My fingers brushed against my swollen lips. They tingled. I pushed the hair from my forehead, pulling at the strands in frustration. This only reminded me of the way he had done the very action. I shivered.

No. I don't like men. I don't like Grimmjow.

I flipped the knob to cold and screwed my eyes shut as the water flowed into the cuts littering my body and cooled my heated skin. Growing annoyed with the clothing sticking to my body I ripped them off, throwing it away. I poured soap into my hands, spreading it over my body and scrubbing till the skin was raw and bright pink. I scrubbed my hair too. Trying to wash away the feeling of my hair being pulled harshly.

I took a deep breath as I stood under the water, rinsing my body of the soap, only to realize that I had been using Grimmjow's body wash. My senses were assaulted as I sucked in another greedy breath. I groaned, throwing the bottle of soap from the shower; the container landed somewhere unknown to me. I slid to the tiled floor, hugging my knees to my chest and resting my head on top. The water continued to beat into the tense muscles of back as my body shook like a tree in a storm.

Grimmjow is seeping into me, wrapping his fingers around my heart and using me like a damn puppet. I should hate him, hell, utterly loathe him for taking me, stealing my first kiss, beating the shit out of me constantly. But I can't bring myself to do it. I feel a primal connection to him, every time our blades meet, or our fists meet the other's face, it feel as if it's being tugged at. I use to crave his fights, back when Aizen was still around. I looked forward to crossing swords.

The first time we fought, I was so entranced by his presences that I couldn't stop him from skewering Rukia on his hand. I was mad, at myself, at Rukia for worrying about my well being and not her own. I attacked him without a second thought. He beat my ass into the ground. Literally. He made a huge fucking crater using my body. He beat me to a bloody pulp using sheer power. He hadn't even drawn his sword. And as I lay there on the ground, too beat to stand on my own two feet, I watched him stalk forward with the grace and power of a magnificent predator. I couldn't stop myself from being lost in his cerulean blues, shining bright even in the darkness. My heart caught in my throat as he brought me to his level by grabbing hold of my robes and lifting me with ease, I found that his eyes were many different shades of blue. A darker, deeper ring of blue surrounding his pupil, the kind of blue you would see in the ocean just before the light would be lost. It faded out to an azure then to a bright sky blue, rivaling the heavens above. Specks of blue green floated amongst the swirling seas of blue, drifting endlessly. These are the eyes I found myself constantly dreaming about and seeing behind closed lids. His fist on my face brought me back to earth. His fists continued to pound into the tender flesh of my face. His howling laughter echoed in my ears. I gained some sick satisfaction from the fact that my misery made him joyful. If I couldn't put up a good fight, the least I could do was this. The newly born hollow in my head did not like this line of thinking. And as I found myself in a crater once more, I stood to my feet with a new determination weighing heavily on my mind. I fired my Getsuga Tenshou at him, the black and red swirling energy striking him in the chest. A wide smirk spread across my features as he smiled down on me. I had sparked his interest. But Tousen came and took him from me. I was furious. How could he just leave when I was finally showing him what I was made of, he told me to shut up. He left me with his name and the promise of returning to finish what he had started.

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

I liked the way it rolled off his tongue. Smooth and guttural at the same time. It was not a Japanese name, perhaps European.

This man is going to be the death of me. I knew it then.

I strode into our shared room, sprawling out on my king sized bed. I wriggled beneath the blankets, getting comfortable. I dug around in my ear, using my pinky then inspected my findings. Szayel always bitched at me, saying it was a nasty habit. But his dead now, so who gives a fuck? I flicked the crap from my finger across the room near Kurosaki's bed.

Kurosaki. Heh.

The little fucker. I grinned, closing my eyes and settling in. I needed a nap. Of course I never fell into a deep sleep. No one in their right mind would sleep in Hueco Mundo. Especially Las Noches. You can't trust anyone. The beings here don't have any problems taking you out in your sleep. The fucking cowards.

Just as I was gaining some sense of peace in my chaotic mind I felt Nel hovering over me. I let a low, rumbling growl escape from my chest as a warning but it didn't seem to register in her mind. I peeled one eye open. She was staring, a frown marring her features.

"What the hell do you want women?"

She flicked me in between my eyes. "What did you do Ichigo?"

I opened my other eye and gave her a feral grin. "I kicked his ass then kissed him."

Her bad mood instantly lifted and she squealed. "You guys really kissed?"

I sat up, forgetting about my nap and raised a blue brow in her direction. "What of it?"

She giggled again and jumped onto the bed, crushing me in a bone breaking hug. Her insanely huge tits were making it really hard to breathe. I tried to communicate that to her but it was muffled by her cleavage.

Kurosaki decided to show up and tapped Nel on the shoulder.

"Nel, careful. You might actually kill the bastard." She released me and attacked Kurosaki instead.

I laughed, watching him to struggle to break free. When she finally let go she looked between us then squealed and giggled like a retarded monkey. He frowned at me like he expected me to save him.

"Why didn't you tell me Itsygo?" Nel pouted.

"Because there's nothing to tell."

I trailed Kurosaki's mile long legs pouring from a fluffy white towel that hung precariously low on his trim hips. I smirked and allowed my eyes to flutter close.

"'S'not what I got from all those girly noises you were makin'."

Another squeal from Nel. Something hit my face, presumably a marker but I let it slide. I was in a good mood. I vaguely registered Nel's excited chatter as my mind drifted.

What is Kurosaki to me?

A foe? I'm not so sure about it anymore. He is no longer a shinigami. I still wish to fight him however. A comrade perhaps. I enjoy our fights. He keeps me on my toes. He's is worthy of my attention and energy.

Would I want him as a lover? No. I don't like that word. There is no such thing as love. It's just a stupid word humans use. A mindless one at that. Sex is a primal instinct. There is no love in it. I would defiantly have sex with Kurosaki. His mile long legs, endless plains of tanned skin and his eyes. I'm fascinated by them and loathe them all at once. There can be so much warmth and passion glowing in their depths and when he turns that gaze on me it makes me weak in the knees. It makes the tightening in my chest return. I hate it. I hate feeling weak. They piss me of too. They're always trying to decipher me. They pick away at my exterior, trying to understand, to help. I don't need his help. Who does he take me as?

I will make him stronger. Then I will defeat him. It'll be a battle to the death and I refuse to go down.

After I had stepped out of the bathroom my vision tunneled in on Grimmjow and he was all I could see. The bastard. I hate the way he makes me feel. I kept up playful banter with my demise and Nel as I tried to calm my heart. I turned away and lay in bed, my towel still wrapped around my hips. My clothes were still wet. Nel hurried over talking a million miles an hour. I blocked most of it out, only nodding when I felt it was appropriate. She finally got tired of my unresponsiveness and cuddled up against my back. She muttered something about getting rest for training tomorrow. It went over my head. My eyes were transfixed on Grimmjow's still form. I watched the subtle rise and fall of his chest. Was he sleeping? I wasn't sure how long I openly gawked at the former Espada but my eyes began to droop and my gaze dropped to the floor. Nel had left a mess of coloring books and markers scattered across the floor. A cerulean colored marker caught my attention and I smirked; an evil idea had formed in my head. I quietly slipped out of my shared bed picking the marker up as I tip toed across the floor. Once I stood at the side of Grimmjow's bed I gently climbed on top of him. I discarded the lid of the marker, smile still set firmly in pace. I carefully drew three whiskers across his right cheek, going slowly so I didn't disturb him. I avoided drawing on the other side of his face, not sure how the marker would affect his mask. I brushed sky blue strands from his face before drawing in a uni-brow. I stifled a giggle trying to keep myself composed. I bent closer to his face and sketched a monocle around his left eye; I then proceeded to draw a swirly mustache above his upper lip. I discarded the marker and eyed my handiwork. A huge grin spilt across my face. Grimmjow looked absolutely ridiculous. I couldn't hold it in any longer. My head fell to his chest as manic giggles bubbled from my lips. My body shook with mirth as the body underneath mine began to stir.

"Kurosaki? The hell-"

I lifted my head and peeked up from under my bangs, stifling another laugh.

"Okay, now yer jus' pissin' me off."

In one swift move my towel was discarded and a smirking Grimmjow was hovering over me, his hands firmly planted on either side of my head. A very unmanly squeak caught in my throat as I stared wide eyed at the Espada. The only thing separating my naked body and his clothed one was a thin sheet. A dusting of pink spread across my nose and cheeks as his eyes all but devoured me. The seriousness of the situation soon left my mind as I continued to stare at his face. A smile slowly inched its way across my features and laughter bubbled up in my chest once more. He scowled.

His lips brushed over mine and I immediately shut up. His eyes bore holes into mine, his lips just out of my reach.

"I dunno what the hell you think is funny enough to wake me up but you need to shut yer face."

In an abrupt movement our lips were melded together. My hands were tangled in his hair and he had a viscous hold on my hips as he ravaged me. All too soon it was over leaving me feeling like a puddle of goo. Our breathes mingled as we panted. He looked flustered, blue eyes burning with an unknown emotion. His mask of anger covered it up before I had a chance to explore. Grimmjow flopped down next to me and pulled me to his chest, muscled arms encircling me in a warm embrace.

I was shocked to say the least. What the hell happened to pissed off Grimmjow?

Normally he'd just blast a cero in my face and tell me to fuck off. Deciding I enjoy the softer side of the Espada I closed my eyes and listened to the steady beat beneath his chest. There was another noise there too. A soft rumble, vibrating in his throat. Is he-


"I thought I told you to shut up."

"Are you purring?" The sound stopped and I felt him stiffen.

"Go to sleep."

I rolled my eyes at his attempt to hide it but let the matter go nonetheless. My eyes slid close as Grimmjow's rhythmic breathing lulled me to sleep. Just as I was beginning to fall under the soft rumbling was back.

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