CHAPTER 16: Coconut Juice Anyone?

Author's note:

*IF a sentence looks like this(italic, bold and centered, then its an extract from a movie.

Just to clear things up so you won't get confused.*

Cece's POV

'Hey you want pink lemon juice or orange juice?' I shouted out, looking in fridge.

'Uhmm do you have coconut juice?' Gunther was sitting on the couch lining up the Dvds on the coffee table.

'No I don't have Coconut juice sorry.'

'Oh okay anything's fine.' I preferred pink lemon because i loved the zesty taste.


I juggled the drinks to the coffee table, bring popcorn with me.

'Can you please put down the DVDs on the floor? These drinks are the purpose of this table you know,' I sighed.

'Sorry,' he showed a toothy grin as he laid down the DVDs on the floor.

'So what do you have? Chick flicks? Action films? Comedies?' I slumped down on the couch taking a sip of my pink lemon juice.

' Your pick. Ladies first,' he winked. I was going to have a hard time surviving tonight.

'Uhm..I would say Chick flicks but I don't think you'd like that. So I'm gonna go with Actions films. How about Fast and furious 4?' I asked, pointing to it.

'Well said Cece,' he nodded as he set it up.

'You know, I still don't see how this is considered a date,' I looked at him.

'How about this?' He jumped on the couch right beside me, leaving no spaces in between us, not even a centimeter apart.

I was too shocked to react. He did the cliche yawn-then-arm-around-the-shoulder move as the movie started its intro.

'Still don't see how it's a date?' he grinned.

'Well, none of your charms gonna work on me, Glitterboy,' I ignored him,trying to focus on the screen. Even though I felt uncomfortable, I didn't know why I let him leave his arm there.

Gunther's POV

Hmm. Glitterboy. I kinda liked it. It had a catchy ring to it when she said it.

Rocky's POV

I had to do this either way right? Should I call him? I sighed, laying in bed.

'I should. Oh here goes nothing.' I took in a deep breath before pressing on the call button.

It rang a few times before he answered.

'Ello~ Deuce speaking,' He said with his unfortunately, cute Cuban accent that I always loved.

'Hey Duece, it's Rocky.' I heard a loud a thud as I said my name.

' *loud noise* R-rocky?..Ow..'

'Is everything okay there?' I put my ear closer to the speaker.

'uh.. Y-yeah.. I kinda fell outta bed,' he said. I bit my lip, tying not to laugh.

'Wh- Are you laughing at me?'

'Hahah... sorry. Couldn't help it.' I smiled.

' I didn't think you'd call me after what I did to you. Sorry..'

'Well, I have no choice do I? We're paired up for the math assignment. It's time to put the Geeky Deuce back in.'

Deuce is a lot of things. One. He's actually good in Math. Like me. Only he asked me to keep it a secret when we were dating. I know, total shocker huh?

'Oh right. The Math assignment.' He sighed. I couldn't help but think about how we used to be.

'I'm calling because I can't meet up and do it together in person. I'm grounded so..' I trailed off.

'Grounded? Since when do you get grounded?' He chuckled. No, I wasn't gonna tell him it was because of him. Well, partly because of him.

'Uh.. you know.. I'm not a good-two-shoes afterall,' I forced out a laugh.

'You okay?'

'Course. Let's start with Math.' I took out the assignment worksheet.

'We're supposed to make a Clinometer and measure some angles for task 1. Do you have your paper refer to?' I asked, noticing he wasn't answering me.

'Actually... No. I kinda lost it.' He forced out a small laugh.



'You're hopeless.' I laughed.

'I know it too... I'm Hopeless without you.'

'Sorry what?'

'Uh.. nothing..'

'Okay. You know what. I'm gonna just ask my mum whether I can meet up for this assignment. I'll text you later.'

'Okay. Bye.'

Whut? Was I imagining things? Did he say that? I must be missing him too much.

'MUM!' I went out of my room.

'What?' she looked at me, sitting alone with her bag of chips.

'Mum.' I sighed as I sat down with her.

'I'm sorry really. For shouting at you, for disappointing you, for everything. I really am. The silence has been going on for too long. You need to start trusting me again mum,' I held her hand.

'How do I know I can trust you?'

'I'll work my butt off mum. I'll pull my grades up. I promise. But right now I need to meet up with my partner for my Math assignment. It's 20 percent of my overall grade mum.'

'20 percent?'

'Yes. I'm not lying.'

'Who's this partner?'

'Deu- Uh.. Cece,' I bit my lip. Sorry mum. If I mentioned his name, you would've freaked out.

'Okay. But be back before seven,' she smiled.

'Thanks mum, love you,' I hugged her tight before going back to my room to get dressed.

Gunther's POV

'Get of. My back.'Mia said frustrated as she left.

Letty rolls out from under the car.

'Hey Dom. Don't you think your sister's entitled to a little happiness?'

'Of course I think she's entitled to happiness.' He answered back.

'I have to make sure she keeps moving forward. She doesn't move on here.'

'What do you care anyway?' He asked her.

As we watched the movie, the garage scene left both us an awkward atmosphere.

'She's old enough to make her own decisions man,' she put a lock of her hair behind her ear.

'Letty this.. ah..' He turns away, sighing as faced his back to her but she caught his hand in time and pulled him closer to her.

'What'd you need to be worrying about?' she asked him.

'She's always gonna stick by your side.'

'You're gonna stick by me?' he asked her.

I looked to Cece, still having my arm around her. Cece eyes widened as she payed attention to the screen, stuffing in more popcorn in her mouth. I tried keeping my laughter in.

'Maybe,' she slowly unbutton his suit.

'Maybe,' he smirked. She pulled off his suit over his shoulders fiercely, lowering down to his waist.

Talk about Sexual tension. I felt muscles in my lower body tightened as I started feeling hot all of a sudden.

Cece's POV

'You don't always have to be such a tough guy,' Letty whispered, leaning in closer to him.

This was pretty awkward because Gunther had his arm around me. Did I mention it was getting and lower down to my waist? But I didn't know why I couldn't turn away from the screen.

Dominic looked down as she lowered his suit, showing his perfectly defined, bare muscles that could make a smart girl dumb.

She slowly tilted her chin upwards, planting a slow kiss on her as she entered his mouth. Dominic let her explore his mouth as he slowly moved his hands down to her butt, cupping it slowly as he lifted her effortless. She wrapped both her legs around his waist and laughed huskily.

I froze, not moving a muscle, leaving my half-chewed popcorn in my mouth.

I was starting to think this movie was a bad idea. I noticed Gunther sitting closer almost cuddling me with his arm around me. It wasn't just that. He felt tensed up.

Dominic carried her to the bench and sat down as they continued deepening the kiss, swirling their tongues in each others mouth.

I noticed Gunther's other hand on his thigh, moving awkwardly as he watched the screen.

Gunther's POV

I felt tensed up. The worst part is, she knew I was tensed up. I mean, it was obvious. It wasn't because I was uncomfortable. I've watched make out sessions far more worse than this but knowing Cece was right beside me with my arm around her, I couldn't take it. What? I'm a guy, if you haven't noticed. What do you think I was thinking right then? I don't think I need to explain. I tried focusing on the screen instead of those stupid unnecessary dirty thoughts.

'Hey Gunther you alright?' she turned me. We were sitting pretty close to each other. When I faced her, her lips were a few centimeters apart from mine. If I would've leaned forward, we'd be kissing. I wanted to. But I didn't want to force her into something she didn't want, remembering my lesson the first time I did it.

Hearing smooches from the speakers, wasn't great help either. Her eyes bored into mine as she moved in closer. She did something I didn't expect her to.

She close her eyes and kissed me.

Cece's POV

I shut my eyes tightly and pressed my lips softly to his. What was I doing? Did I just make the first move?

I thought of pulling away but his hands found his way to my face, slowly caressing my cheeks. He sucked on my lower lip as he his hands slid to my waist. I didn't try to pull away this time. I let myself be kissed by his tender lips while the warmth passed through my mouth to the rest of my body.

I finally had the courage to put my arms around his shoulders as the music from the movie played. I ran my fingers through his dirty blonde hair. I don't know. It seemed natural to me. We molded together as if we were made for one another, two missing puzzle pieces finally placed together. Eventually we broke apart. I knew we were connected for a long time but the kiss felt short to me.

He seemed breathless. Of course, I was too. I probably looked more pathetic than he did. But I wondered whether I made him that way.

'C-cece,' he looked at me, his hands still on my waist.

'What are we now?' he looked at me as if he wanted an answer. Right here. Right now. I understood why.

'I d-don't know,' I looked down, blushing. I needed air. I mean, we just had a full on make out session a few seconds ago.

'Fallen for me yet?' he winked, making his accent more obvious. You have no idea.

'Nope,' Okay. I need to see a doctor. I'm in denial.

He raised an eyebrow.

'Really?' he grinned. I gave him a playful smirk.

'Oh absolut-'

I felt him lips on mine once again where it should've been a long time ago.

Rocky's POV

I waited for Deuce, seated on a bench near the park,watching kids fly their kites and playing tag.

'Hey, sorry I'm a little late! ' I heard his voice behind me. I turned to see him, panting catching his breath.

'You ran all the way here?'

'Yeah. I had a little problem coming here,' he quickly sat down, looking slick with his black jacket.

'It's fine. Dina. Wasn't it?' I asked.

He bit his lip but told the truth and nodded.

'Apparently she's giving me only an hour,' he sighed as he looked through the task papers.

'I've got the materials right here to make the clinometer. We have to measure the height of the tallest tree around here. That's task 1,' I lifted the paper bag I was holding.

'Right. So let's get started then,' he smiled. We seemed to be getting along even though we just had a meltdown just the other day. Well, I had the meltdown. I guess.

'Here you cut the paper cardboard and piece it together with the protractor while I figure out the formulas to the equations,' I passed it to him. As I did, the touch of his fingers on my skin gave me butterflies. I tried hard to keep those in. Things are over now. He's with Dina now. It's done and forgotten.

He smiled sadly.

'I'm sorry you know,' he said after a moment of silence.

'About?' I looked to him.

' Everything really. The way I acted. What I did.'

'It's fine. It's over anyways so.' That's right Rocky. Mean what you say.

'I know. I just wanted to clear things up. You know be close friends again.' Close Friends? Please. Enough with the torture.

'We can be friends. But not close friends like we used to be in elementary and you know that. It's never gonna be the same.' I shrugged. Especially not with Dina around.


We sat there silently. Not knowing what to say except about our little assignment. Things were fine, laughing at his lame jokes and funny impersonations but every time he did, I'd think of the old times again. Being close friends with him again was never gonna work.

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