Red Dawn pawed the air with his striking hooves. He always greeted the morning he was named after with a rear. He tossed his head and cantered the length of his roomy pasture. Unaware that his owner, Susan Hills, was watching, he bucked spontaneously twice and then settled down to graze. The grass tasted best in the early morning with the sweet dew on it. He loved to graze but in his blood was a deep longing to run. His owner hoped that this urge would help her new horse tear up the track. Susan settled back in her easy chair. Today she would try out her new colt. Susan was new to the horse racing business and there was a lot she didn't know but she was determined to do well and she hoped her colt would get her to the top. Susan stirred her tea thoughtfully. This horse racing business was more complicated then it looked, and so much more expensive. "Well Susan, you seem to be enjoying your new steed." Adam Hills, Susan's husband, said. "Oh Adam, Steed? We're not in the sixteen hundreds, you know." She smiled. "I know, just messing with ya." He said before walking into the kitchen to get his coffee. "But it is true, right? You are enjoying watching your colt?" Adam said worriedly. His wife was very spontaneous, and she often had an idea one day, which she thought was silly the next. "Of course Adam. Horse racing is different than modeling." Susan joked. Adam didn't laugh. "Its not funny." He snapped. "This colt cost a lot more than just five bucks." Susan grinned. "I know, I know...I promise this will be different." She said. "We'll see about that," Adam said doubtingly.

"Well," Susan said. "What do you think?" Susan asked the wiry jockey as he looked at the muscular red colt. "He'll do." The jockey said. Red Dawn tossed his head vigorously. "He's got spirit this one," The jockey began. Susan beamed. "Do you think he could do it?" She asked. "Too soon to tell. But his chances are good. He's got good bloodlines and he seems to have the stamina, as far as I can tell from the past few work outs." He finished. "I'll be back tomorrow morning for his first morning run. See you then. " He strode towards his truck. Susan grabbed Red Dawn's lead rope and stroked his rich red chestnut coat. It glimmered like gold in the evening sunset. "Someday...someday you'll be worth ten times more than gold." She whispered as she rested her head on his strong muscular neck. Her words were blown away in the soft wind.