"Morgana, Agravaine, now this."

Merlin stomped through the halls and out to the training field where he belonged, throwing himself down on his customary seat on the side, glaring at everything his blue eyes fell upon.

"Sir Mordred," he muttered angrily. "Sir Mordred. And now he outranks me! A decade, and that's where he ends up. And where am I? Still same servant, completely ignored."

Sir Leon looked up from where he was taking his break, chuckling slightly to himself as he saw Merlin's mouth move. He couldn't make out the words, but apparently the king's servant was discontent. That didn't happen often, but it was usually pretty funny.

Ignoring the other knights who were loitering about, Leon made his way over to his king's servant and best friend—one of Leon's favorite people, actually. Merlin was still muttering to himself, obviously incensed:

"'No, don't be ridiculous,'" he was saying with his face scrunched up in mockery. "'This is safe, naturally. What do you know, Merlin, you're just an…'"

"Problem, Merlin?" Leon asked, eyes twinkling.

Merlin looked up and shut up. He sighed, his eyes resigned but good-natured as he replied, "I'm being ignored and then I'm going to turn out to be right. Again."

"Ah," said Leon, following Merlin's gaze as the smaller man cast it out. He was just looking at the knights, especially – it seemed – at their newest recruit.

"Tell me, Sir Leon," Merlin said calmly. "Would it be considered terribly inappropriate in Camelot just to take your sword and run it through the back of someone when they aren't looking because you just know they are about to cause you a whole cartload of trouble, lost sleep, and probable near death experiences?"

Leon's brow furrowed. "Yes," he said. "Yes, that would be considered very inappropriate. Illegal, in fact."

Merlin sighed in defeat as he picked up his polishing cloth. "I figured it would."

A/N: I wrote this because… seriously? Someone else who is bad news in Camelot? I've heard for season 5 Mordred is going to be a knight. And I just really hope that doesn't mean he's-evil-Merlin-knows-but-Arthur-won't-believe-him. Because Arthur and Merlin have been together about what, a decade as of season 5? Longer? And yet every single time Merlin tries to warn Arthur, he gets brushed off. And then is proved to be right. And I'm scared it will happen again. So I figured Merlin would be as irritable about it as I am.