The Wake Confession.


It was a week and a half after Oliver Valentine and Tara Lo's wedding. Jess, Oliver's 15 year old sister who lived with them, heard the front door creak as it opened and faintly heard the sound of light chatter coming from outside, it was Ollie and Tara arriving from their honeymoon in Australia.

"Good honeymoon?" Jess quizzes them,

"Yeah it was amazing, a load of sun, sea, sand and",

"I don't think she needs to know the rest" Tara interrupted as she made her way into the kitchen.

"Yeah, a bit too much information thanks! Haha" Jess laughed. "When are you two back in work then?",

"Tomorrow" Oliver replied, sounding slightly disappointed. "Why?",

"I was just wondering, is there any chance you could give me a lift to school tomorrow? It's just, I've got exams in the morning and I don't trust the bus to come on time" Jess pleaded

"Yeah I s'pose" Ollie agreed,

"Cheers bro, I'm off out, I'll see you later!" Jess said as she walked away from him.

"Shouldn't you be re...", Ollie didn't get chance to finish his sentence as it was interrupted by the front door being slammed shut

"...vising" He said continued as he made his way upstairs.

A few minutes later Tara made her way upstairs to help her new husband unpack.

"Where's Jess gone? Shouldn't she be revising?" Tara asked him with a confused look on her face.

"Yeah that's what I thought, she's probably gone out with her mates somewhere, she won't be back late, she's pretty well behaved like that" Oliver tried to reassure Tara.

"She better not be late home, if we've already gone to sleep when she gets back and she wakes us up, I'll go mad!" Tara said in a promising way.

"She won't, don't worry!" Oliver hopes...

Jess got back home at about 11pm that night and Oliver and Tara were sitting on the sofa watching comedy shows on the television. She walked into the living room and Tara stood up and said,

"You're late home, where've you been all this time?"

"Out with some mates, what's it to you? And I'm not late home, it's only 11pm!" Jess snapped.

"Well one, I care about you, as weird as that may sound and two, you have an important exam tomorrow and you should be revising! What exam is it anyway?" Tara said back to the annoyed teenager.

"English literature" Jess sighed. "I'm so gonna fail it!" She said sadly. Oliver could see she was nervous and slightly upset about it.

"Well that won't surprise me because instead of revising you've been out with your mates!" Tara answered back at her.

"Even if I did revise more, which by the way, how would you know if I haven't been doing because you've both been away for the past week! I would still fail even if I spent all of my time revising!" Jess was starting to get angry.

"How, what excuse are you gonna come up with now?" Tara questioned her.

"Because I'm thick as hell, I can't even read all of a tiny Mr Men book! I can't spell, read or write to save my stupid, crap life!" Jess shouted before she ran up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door shut.

"She's dyslexic; she's never had much help with it. Me and our sister Penny tried to help her as much as possible but she would never listen to us. We thought she was getting better at the things her dyslexia was affecting, until Penny died last year and she was trying to write something to say at the funeral bit she couldn't manage it. She was devastated at the fact she couldn't write something of her own to say and since then she has had no confidence whatsoever when it comes to reading, writing or spelling." Oliver told Tara.

"Oh way to go Tara, way to bloody go!" Tara sighed as she sank back into the big black leather sofa. "I'm such a twat!" Tara said, she was angry with herself about Jess's condition.

"No you're not, you didn't know, that's not your fault!" Ollie made sure that she believed him.

"S'pose, I'll go up there in a minute and apologise to her, I'll try and help her as much as I can so she can get better at all that stuff." Tara suggested.

"Yeah thanks babe" Oliver replied. "Anyway I'm off to bed, jet lagged, haha, night" He said as he kissed her cheek.

"Night, love you" Tara said as he was walking away.

Ollie stopped and turned around, "Yeah love you too" He said back to her and then made his way to their room.

Tara made her way to Jess's room and knocked on the door, she asked her if she could come in and she reluctantly said yes. Tara sat down on the bed next to the teenager and looked at her, Jess looked at Tara for about a second then looked out the window, Tara could tell that Jess had been crying.

"Look I'm really sorry about what I said and about shouting at you, I had no idea you were dyslexic!" Tara apologised.

"It's ok, I take it my brother told you then" Jess presumed.

"Yeah he did" Tara replied to the upset teen. It all went silent for a minute as they both tried to think of something to say.

"I s'pose I was just too ashamed about it to mention it to you then" Jess sighed.

"Well me and Oliver are here to help you whenever you need us" Tara said warmly.

"Thanks, I'm going to sleep, see you in the morning, night" Jess said as she yawned.

"Night" Tara said as she turned off the light in Jess's room and shut her door.


Oliver made his way downstairs into the kitchen to find Jess and Tara sitting at the table revising for Jess's exam that morning. The sight of them getting on with each other put a smile onto his face. As he walked into the kitchen Jess turned around to face him and told him to put some more coffee on for them.

"Cheeky, do it yourself!" Oliver joked as he walked towards the table to see what part of the English Lit course they were studying.

"How you getting on?" Ollie asked his sister.

"Yeah ok like" Jess said back to him unconvincingly.

"You'll be ok, we better leave in about half an hour so we make sure you get into school ok and so we are not late on our first day back. I doubt the Termi-Naylor will be too happy if we turned up late!" Ollie sounded sure of that fact.

"I take it you're on about Jac?" Tara asked him.

"Yeah I am, sorry you're not used to her nickname are you" Ollie replied.

"You weren't saying bad stuff about her before when you were with her in the locker room at new year a few years ago though were you Mr Oliver Valentine, you know what I'm on about so don't deny it you dirty dog. Haha" Jess winds her brother up.

"Shut up you, that was quite a while ago thanks!" Oliver reminds her.

"You and Jac Naylor? Seriously!" Tara says in a shocked way then starts laughing.

"Thanks Jess" Oliver says in an unimpressed way, He then walks away. Tara and Jess look at each other and laugh before Tara says

"Right you, go get ready for school, if we're late then Oliver will kill us!" Jess then walks away, still laughing at the thought of Jac and Ollie.

Tara's car pulled up outside Jess's school and they wished Jess good luck as she got out of the car and made her way into school. They started to drive away and make their way to Holby General for a day of treating sick people and getting shouted at.

As they walked onto Darwin ward where they both worked in the hospital, there was not a single member of staff in sight. Then all of a sudden everyone jumped out from where they were hiding and shouted


Ollie and Tara jumped a little from fright but then laughed and thanked everyone. Tara was presented with a new name badge saying 'Dr Tara Valentine' on it. She looked at Oliver and smiled, he smiled back then made his way over to Jac. she was standing in the corner watching everyone celebrate and Oliver could tell that she was a little sad that he was no longer single as she has always had a bit of a thing for Ollie.

She looked at him then looked away and said

"Congratulations, you two are good together." She said as she started to walk away.

"Look Jac, I'm sorry about the way things have turned out between us, I really am but I love Tara and I wanna be with her, we're still mates though yeh? Oliver asked her.

"Yeah I s'pose we can be" Jac replied as she was walking off to see to her patients.

Ollie and Tara were trying to keep out of trouble as they had both noticed that Jac was in a foul mood as ever and getting told off by her when she was in that particular mood was quite terrifying! It was 11am and Oliver kept on looking at his phone anxiously to see if there was anything from Jess.

"She'll have just finished now" Ollie said to Tara,

"What?", She looked puzzled.

"Jess's exam" He replied quickly.

"Oh yeah, still nothing from her then?"


Time passed before they realised it was 13:25pm and there was still no word from Jess. Oliver was starting to get worried about her, and he had good reason to be...


The doors to Darwin ward flew open, nearly coming off its hinges and Jac and a few paramedics burst through pushing a trolley with a young girl lying motionless on it. The girl was covered in blood coming from multiple stab wounds and at a glance neither Oliver nor Tara could identify whether it was Jess or not, all they knew was that the patient was a teenage girl wearing the same school uniform as Jess has to wear.

Oliver started to panic and Tara tried to calm him down but he wouldn't listen, Elliot Hope, one of the consultants told him to go in the staff room and stay there so he had no choice but to do as he said.

Jac rooted around in the patients' belongings to find out details about her, she was a 15 year old girl, was in year 11 in Holby Comprehensive School, and her name was... Jessica Valentine...

Jac walked into the staff room and sat down next to Ollie and grabbed his hand.

"It's her isn't it, it's Jess that's lying unconscious out there and covered in blood, I know it is."

Jac looked at Ollie, the look of fear and terror in his big sad blue eyes made her sigh and look down at the floor. After a moment of silence she looked into his eyes said softly said to him

"I'm really sorry Oliver, it is your sister that's out there..."

Oliver's eyes went all watery and he put his head in his hands and went all quiet. Jac put her arm around her friend and started to comfort him. After a minute or two he lifted his head up, tears streaming down his face and said to Jac, his voice slightly croaky

"I can't lose another sister, I can't lose anyone else!"

This was the first time Jac had ever seen Ollie so upset.

"We won't let that happen ok!" Jac tried her best to reassure him but he was having none of it.

"You can't say that, what if she doesn't survive whatever has happened to her, she's really weak!" Ollie cried.

Jac tried to calm her upset friend down,

"We're gonna try everything we can to make sure she pulls through this! I've gotta go back out there to find out what's the matter with her, I'll see you in a bit ok? You've had a shock, just rest a bit yeah? See you later" Jac then walked out of the room, leaving Ollie on his own.

Tara walked into the staff room to find Oliver fast asleep on the sofa, he was clutching his mobile phone in his hand, it was unlocked and the picture on the screen was of him and Jess on the day of his and Tara's wedding. Oliver slowly woke up and asked Tara how his sister was, she said that she has 3 broken ribs, broken wrist and sprained heart muscle and will be confined to bed for weeks, maybe even months. Ollie was devastated but at the same time relieved that she wasn't dead, yet...


Days went by and it seemed that Jess was improving slightly, until she took a very dangerous turn for the worst.

It was around 1am in the morning and Oliver and Tara were asleep in one of the on call-rooms whilst Jac was drinking her coffee in the staff room when her pager beeped, 'Cardiac Arrest Bed 5' it said on there, it was Jess. She put down her coffee and ran to her bedside.

"What the hell happened? She was fine an hour ago!" Jac shouted as she started chest compressions on the injured teenager.

"I have no idea!" Nurse Carter panicked, "Like you said she was fine!"

"Yeah well she isn't now!" Jac shouted a bit louder than the last time. "She's in VF! I need the crash team here now!". Mary Claire hesitated. "NOW MARY CLAIRE!"

20 minutes later...

"Time of death 1:24am" Jac sighed, she looked at Mary Claire who then questioned her,

"Are you ok Ms Naylor?

"No, I promised Oliver I would make sure she was ok, he's gonna hate us all forever because of this!"

"What?" Mary Claire cluelessly asks

"Jess is... Was Oliver's sister" Jac replied with a tear in her eye, "Sorry I've... I've gotta go" she says to the nurse as she walks away with a tear running down her face.

Mary Claire walked into the staff room where Jac lay there on the sofa,

"Are you gonna tell Ollie?" Mary Claire asked her,

"I'm gonna have to ain't I" Jac replied slowly, then got up and walked to the on call room that Ollie and Tara were in. Jac stood outside the door and froze, she stood there for about a minute and tried to figure out what she was going to say to them. She eventually knocked on the door and entered.

"How is she?" Oliver jumped up and asked,

"Oliver, I am so sorry, she went into VF and her heart was too weak, I'm really sorry!" Jac said to the devastated lad.

"No, no, NO, YOU'RE LYING!" Oliver shouts,

"I'm not lying Oliver, I am so sorry" Jac says apologetically. The heartbroken young lad falls to the floor and cries. Tara tries to comfort him but it doesn't work, Jac walks out of the room and listens through the wall, Tears start to fall from her eyes.

1 Week after Jess's death...

"You ok? You look freezing, why don't you go inside and wait?" Tara asks Ollie,

"No I'm ok, I'd rather wait out here for people, thanks" He replied. Jess's family and friends turned up at her funeral, her best friend said to Oliver that the people who did that to Jess have been charged with murder and with everyone there, Oliver entered the church and sat down next to Tara and his parents. The service lasted about 45 minutes and there was a ceremony outside when they put her coffin in to the ground. One of her teachers turned up at the funeral and did a speech; he said that Jess had a very promising performing career ahead of her and her life was snatched away in the cruellest way. Oliver also made a speech but Jac had to help him to finish it because he was too nervous and upset. After the funeral there was a wake at their house that most people attended. News reached them that one of the people who killed Jess had been shot dead the night before. All of a sudden the police stormed in to the house and arrested Oliver, just as the police were putting him in handcuffs; a voice shouts from behind them

"It was me! I killed her"...

Who was that person that confessed?...