Sorry it's really short! Had loads of coursework to catch up on because i've been ill :(


Both Oliver and Jac froze and looked at eachother until Jac said

"When was the last time you saw him Ollie?"

"About 14 or 15 years ago..." He replied to her.

"Is Ryan the one that was living in London?"

"Yeah why?" Ollie wondered

"No reason, just asking... Ok look I don't want ANY trouble on my ward, got it?" Jac said sternly.

"And why would there be?" As soon as Oliver finished his sentence, Ryan walked in the staff room...

"Y'alright bro? I got told you was working here" Ryan said to his brother.

"Right, well sorry I can't stay and chat, some of us have got work to do.." Oliver replied sharply before storming off.

"What's his problem?!" Ryan laughed as he turned to Jac,

"You" Jac said before chasing after Oliver.

Ryan looked around suspiciously, thinking of what trouble he could possible cause, before he was called back on to the ward.

"Mini Valentine, over here now" Mo shouted to Ryan as he walked onto the ward.


"You're here to work, not stand around and do nothing!"

Ryan paused then laughed in Mo's face.

"Whatever mate" he said before walking towards the patients, leaving Mo shocked and feeling slightly threatened by Ryan.

Mo was sitting at the nurses station later on when Jonny could tell something was the matter.

"What's up with you?" he asked her.


"Well obviously something is!" Jonny wasn't the type to give in.

"Just leave it Jonny!" Mo shouted at her friend.

Jonny stood up and walked away, leaving Mo by herself, with Ryan walking towards her.

"Are you actually gonna to do any work?"

Ryan completely ignored Mo until she repeated the question, Ryan turned around and slammed his hands down onto the dest right in front Mo.

"You never shut up do you?... One day you're gonna regret having so much to say for yourself" he whispered.

Mo looked at Ryan and said nothing, she was trying to hide how scared she was feeling.

Unbeknown to Ryan, Jonny had heard all of what he said..

"Valentine, you think you can talk to her like that an get away with it?!"

"Wanna bet?"

"You're pathetic!" Jonny said to him

Ryan reached for the scalpel on the tray behind him and waved it in Jonny's face

"As if YOU would actually stab someone!" Jonny laughed

"Jonny don't get involved!" Mo shouted across to Jonny

"Watch me mate!" Ryan said before sticking the scalpel into Jonny's chest.

Jonny collapsed onto the floor, gasping for breath, blood rapidly flowing from his wound.

"Someone get some help please!" Mo screamed as she knelt down next to her best friend.

Will Jonny survive?...