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August 16

All was silent in Ecruteak; midnight rendered the city silent and still. The only noise came from forest. The wind wove through branches, leaving silent whispers in its wake. Twigs and leaves crumbled and snapped from the stirrings of the creatures of the night. Diurnal Pokémon slept soundly while the nocturnal denizens crept through their world of darkness.

Looming over the sleeping populace like a spectral guardian was the old Tin Tower. Had it not been for that significant feature of the town, we would never have recognized our birthplace, our graves to our past lives.

My brothers had avoided it, like one avoids a cemetery. As we looked upon the now barely recognizable Ecruteak, we were reminded of how old we really were – the passage of time was almost irrelevant when our lives were measured in millenia. The gentle tinkling of bells from the ninth floor of the tower shattered the brief moment of reminiscence.

We made our way to the top of the tower; no doubt our master would desire an audience with us up at the very top. The sacred bells, hewn from sapphire crystals of the purest blue, adorned its interior; all that remained of the full set were three bells. The fourth bell having been long lost to the mists of time. The three bells chimed as the wind blew, sending a clear ethereal melody echoing across the night sky. Those bells heralded the arrival of the very Pokémon they had been created for.

Quickly and quietly we ascended the floors, visions of phantom flames haunted our eyes with every bound. The fires had long since burnt out and died but the memories of our cooked flesh and choking lungs made our recollections all the more vivid.

The phantom sentinels of the tower gave us a wide berth, knowing not what we had come for but knowing better than to get in our way.

As we had surmised, our master resided within the top floor of the tower, roosting on the opposite end of the room, veiled in darkness and awaiting our arrival. An aura of discontent saturated the very air, permeating every crevice of the fire ravaged tower. For a moment we wondered if we had displeased him in some fashion by possibly not arriving soon enough.

"Amusing, is it not? The humans seek forgiveness for their previous transgressions by building me another tower. Do they believe me senile and stupid?" Ho-oh mumbled bitterly. "Do they believe I have forgotten what occurred to me in the last tower? I find myself insulted that they would build a monument to their insolence of that night. It's as if they seek to boast and remind me of their actions." As he finished brooding, he glanced around the room. "I often wondered what sort of traps they would have unleashed had I taken up their offering. I see now that there are none, but it matters not."

Master's eyes ceased wandering, and focused intently on the three of us.

"How have you adjusted to your sacred forms? To survive in the wild of Sinnoh is an arduous task at best even for pokemon such as yourselves. I had hoped these forms would give an edge, not that I thought you would ever need it."

"I found it difficult to suppress at first, but I've managed to contain it now," Entei admitted as he stepped forward. Raikou and I nodded in agreement, allowing brother Entei to speak for our situations as well.

"Wonderful news, but I imagine you must all be wondering why I've summoned you here? Why I've neglected this area of the region for so long? What could possibly make me return after so much time has passed?" he asked rhetorically.

My brothers and I gave the slightest of nods, drinking every word that flowed from his beak.

"As I'm sure you are aware, I have been traveling all over the planet. An old and misguided friend of mine urged me to journey across this world after the incident that caused your deaths…and rebirths. He assured me that I would find that the humans of this world were not all as terrible as the ones that tried to capture me. His naïveté will have to be rectified as I found my time squandered on searching for a concept that does not exist among the humans. In fact, my search merely served to solidify my views of their species," Ho-oh said.

The rainbow phoenix directed his gaze at us. His deep orange eyes elicited an involuntary shudder from my brothers and myself; it was as if we peered into the deepest reaches of time and space. "Today shall mark a new age for Pokémon, I would've started this from the beginning had I not been deluded into believing humans could peacefully coexist with our kind as equals. I shall wait no longer. I shall bestow unto the Pokémon of the world the power to take back what is rightfully ours. There are special tasks that I need the three of you to attend to."

"Tell us master and it shall be done," Raikou replied.

"I know Raikou. I know all of you shall do everything within the power I've given you to get the job done. I know each of you will demonstrate that my decision to save the three of you was not wasted. I know you shall make me proud."

"You honor us with your words," Entei whispered as he bowed his head.

Master gave the semblance of a smile with his beak and directed his focus to the Flame Emperor. "My task for you is to travel across the region and destroy every human settlement you can find. Raze them to the ground; leave no survivors."

"It shall be done master," Entei said, keeping his head bowed low.

"Suicune, I task you with going in the opposite direction as your brother and wiping out any human you come across; do not spare their Pokémon. It is lamentable but their minds are so far gone that they cannot be saved. Do not concern yourself with the metal monuments to their vanity; Entei shall deal with those once he has finished with his side of the region. You shall also slay any that have escaped Entei's watch."

"Master!" Entei began to object, lifting his head in protest.

"Entei, let us be realistic. I know that you will do your best, but even I can overlook things. Suicune's assistance is merely a contingency plan. If all goes well then Suicune will find few, if any, survivors."

"And what of me, master?" Raikou said, taking a step forward.

"Eager to please as always, Raikou." The golden guardian of the skies smiled in his own special way. "Worry not. For you I have a special task. But before I continue, I think it's time the human behind you be punished for eavesdropping."

I turned to face the human behind us and found the misfortune of recognizing him immediately. Tresses of blond hair hung over his purple bandana and scarf, his eyes widened slowly in…surprise? Fear? Awe?

Whether it was a mix of them or none at all, it mattered not in the end.

A shimmering river of flames surged through the air and worked its way through the black fibers of his shirt, spreading across his flesh in an instant. The man's screams had yet to fill the air before a bolt of lightning struck him at his core. The force of it lifted him off the ground and over the edge of the railing, sending him plummeting towards the base of the tower. Spectral residents of the tower watched solemnly as the cooking carcass descended the flights of stairs. The blonde was dead before his body crunched and splattered on the ground floor.

My gaze seemed fixated on the spot where the human had been standing only seconds before, unable to fully wrap my mind around what I had just witnessed. The human that had stood before had once been a gym leader of this town, as well as the caretaker of the tower. The ghosts of the area had made unspoken oaths to do his bidding and answer whenever he summoned for them.

Our paths had crossed before, if only briefly from a few years back when the sapphire bells that had been stolen from the tower, upsetting the local Pokémon.

It was rare to see ghost Pokémon, notorious for their sadism and cruelty, to give their allegiance to something that wasn't stronger than them. To give it to a human of all things spoke volumes of his character, without having him say a single word. The loyalties of wild Pokémon, especially ghost Pokémon, were not earned easily, and yet this human had managed to earn all of theirs.

No doubt my master and brothers knew none of these things; to them he was simply just another wicked human. Even if they had known, would that have stayed their strikes? Would that have spared him the horrid fate he was dealt?

"Thank you Entei, thank you Raikou," master said, his voice filled with pride until his gaze landed on the Lord of the North Wind – me. "Suicune…I noticed you did not participate."

"Master…I knew…I've seen this human before. He…I believe that he might've been one that was…worthy of your presence."

Master audibly sighed and closed his eyes, shaking his head before opening them once more.

"That is where you are mistaken Suicune, I know his kind all too well. His kind is one of the worst. The humans call them gym leaders. To me, they are nothing more than veteran enslavers that grade and give merit to the enslavement and battle of our brothers and sisters. No, Suicune. There is no human worthy enough to stand in my presence. I should hope that in the coming days you will learn this; and that the hesitation in your strikes shall be no more."

"If…if that is your wish my master," I muttered and bowed my head low, but not before catching the looks of revulsion my brothers gave me from the corner of my eye.

The gaping chasm of silence was filled with words once more as master cleared his throat and continued. "Where was I before we were so rudely interrupted?"

"You were to give me my mission, master," Raikou chimed in and stepped forward, waiting eagerly for whatever mission his master held in store for him.

"Ah yes. Raikou, I shall have you wait for me on the coast of the large human settlement south of here. Remain unseen and wait for my instruction, I shall meet with you shortly."

The news seemed to visibly deflate Raikou as he retreated back beside us. Whether Master noticed this he did not comment and continued speaking.

"I created you each to be powerful but neither of you have achieved your full potential, even with your sacred forms. Long ago our brothers and sisters were shackled with restraints to our true strength so that we might coexist peacefully with these humans. I see now it was a mistake. The humans have abused this opportunity for peace and they shall pay for it with their blood," Master said, arching his head back and spreading his wings.

The white feathers of his breast took on a golden hue as light poured forth and filled the entirety of the room. Each of us stepped back in surprise but eventually held our ground to watch the spectacle.

The golden glossy surface of an orb slowly emerged from our master's core. As the golden sphere emerged from him, beams of pure gold light played randomly across every surface of the room. As the orb drifted further and further from master's body the more the feathers of his breast dimmed until they were white once more.

Master lowered his head, the shining ball of light hovering just before his beak.

"You three might recognize this. It's what I used to revive and transform you into what you are now," Master replied before whispering something into the orb.

The moment his beak clicked together at the end of his whispers, the sphere rocketed through the air and into the night sky, taking with it the golden radiance that once filled the room.

The effect was immediate and intense, like nothing I had ever experienced before. The moment I let the power take me, every cell in my body hummed with euphoria, tendrils of raw power snaked their way through my veins and tendons. An expanding energy radiated from my core as my command over the elements strengthened, threatening to fill me to the brim and burst out of my body.

For a moment I feared for the safety of my brethren and master; I fought back at the power that pined for release. My sudden resistance was met instantly with unbridled agony, anguish that lessened the more I embraced the power once more rather than fight it.

"I've given you the power to take our world back from the humanskill any who stand against you," echoed master's words within our minds.

The undampening lasted only a few moments. And yet the space between each second seemed to span an individual eternity. The white haze that clouded our vision vanished, leaving us dazed and unbalanced before our master.

We composed ourselves quickly, unable to hold back our smiles as our minds attempted to formulate words to accompany the wealth of sensations that bombarded our bodies. For the first time in my life I felt…right? Whole? Complete? None of us were sure, but we could feel every fiber of our being; every atom of our essence vibrated and hummed with a newfound power.

Master smiled at us, his own undampening much less jarring than it had been for us. He had opened his beak to speak to us once more when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. A distant single sliver of cerulean bisected the sky, casting the native clouds of the area to the four corners of the globe. Like a Dustox to the flame, our master turned and studied the spectacle, momentarily forgetting our very presence.

Then, just as soon as it had appeared, it dissipated into the night sky, leaving no proof to show that it ever existed.

"Master?" Entei called out cautiously, to which Master turned with such suddenness that we flinched in unison.

"Do as you were told. I shall meet with you to give you your next set of orders," Master proclaimed before spreading his wings and leaving the tower.

We stood there, stunned by his sudden leave of absence. A solid minute ticked by and Entei came to his senses. He alerted us of his intentions to begin following master's orders; the roiling flames that crackled in his open maw were enough of a clue. Raikou and I nodded, leaving him to his work so that we could attend the tasks that we had been assigned.

Years from now I would think back to this very night and marvel at how this all started, how it all ended.

This was the way the world ended.

Not with a bang.

But with a whisper.

And a Wish.

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