Ch1. The Creature

The Saturdays were having a bit of a boring day. Doc was in lab with Drew studying the Kur Stone. Their son Zak was playing video games with Fisk to pass the time. Komodo was sitting next to Zak fast asleep. Zon was passing the time by flying around the mountains that weren't very far from the house. Suddenly an alarm went off saying there was a cryptid that was attacking a nearby city. They all stopped what they were doing to see what it was and where it was attacking. Zak was the first to rush in.

"So, what are we dealing with this time?" Zak asked

"Not sure, but it looks like it's burring down a city not too far from where we are." Doc said in response.

Every one ran towards the airship and prepared their selves for action. The airship flew towards a city that was somewhere north. When they got to the city it was up in flames. The ship landed in a safe distance from the city. They all ran out to see what kind of damage was done; yet something was strange about this city. The town was up in flames, but in some parts of the city it was freezing cold and small patches of snow were everywhere. The power lines were bursting with electricity, but they knew that this city didn't have a strong enough power source to make the power lines freak out like they did. Most of the buildings were in shambles as if a giant earthquake hit and a few chunks of earth were everywhere as if they erupted to life.

"So are there any cryptids that can do stuff like this. Because from the looks of this place it seems like a pretty awesome challenge." Zak said with excitement in his voice.

"Zak we're not here to look for a challenge. We need to find this creature and find out why it was attacking this city." Drew said with a biter look on her face.

"Not to mention the fact of what kind of damage was caused here and from the looks of it, I say the creature's power are involved with the four elements "Fire, Lighting, Earth and Ice". Right now I suggest that we split up and try to find any survivors, and if you can find them try to get them tell us what this creature looks like. That way will know what we're dealing with." Doc said.

Every one nodded in agreement and split up to search the city. Doc went alone to search the north part of the city. Drew and Komodo took the west. Zon flew above the city to warn the others if the creature came back. Fisk and Zak searched the area they landed in. You never know, sometimes the easiest clues to find are usually close by.