Things are going good so far with Alex as she adjusts to her new life. She had become a permanent new member of the Secret Saturdays and Scientist. Alex also took a liking in studying cryptids, so she always went with Saturdays to see other cryptids live in action. As Zak and Alex grew up together, the two began dating. Soon after a few years had gone by, Zak proposed to Alex when he was 27 and she was 26. They've been married for 5 years now and have a house that's about a mile away from their parent's house; the two of them even raised a family together. They have two sons and two daughters. Zak wanted to name one of his sons after his dad, so his name was Salomon Saturday.

He's the oldest, about 14 years old, he is a very focused young man and as a single determination to complete any job, so he takes his life very seriously, unlike his brother. The second oldest his their second son Andrew Saturday, he's about 12 years old. He likes getting into trouble with Fisk and Komodo, just like Zak when he was young. The third youngest is Ally Saturday; she's about 10, she like helping injured animals and doing research with her mom. The youngest of the family was Carlie Saturday; she's about the age of 6. She's a curious young girl that somehow gets involved with Andrew's plan that get him into trouble, and sometimes herself.

Fisk doesn't really want to get involved with his sinister plots, but he has to because he get threatened by Andrew of him telling Zak and Alex that he did something really bad, but he loves him anyway because he reminds him of Zak when he was younger.

Komodo doesn't really mind getting into trouble with Andrew, the only down side is that they have to get a lecture form their older brother Salomon, but Komodo usually just tunes him out by falling asleep, Andrew dose the same thing.

Zon has gotten really attached to ally and Carlie, they were like sisters to her, the two of them have always been nice to Zon and sometimes sneak her a fish when their parents aren't looking. Naturally she is grateful for that.

Zak and Alex try hard to keep them out of trouble and keep them safe, but only one child is a complete handful. They also realize that they may be their children, but they're not afraid to discipline them. Not to Minchin their training was just as hard. It seems that the four of them have inherited the mother's power over the elements, but for some reason no dragon form. Salomon was in control of fire, Andrew had control of lighting, Ally had power over earth and Carlie had power over ice. This is the weird part, when they master one element they obtain control over another. Like say if you're in control of Fire and you master it you get the next element in line and etc. Mostly it's their mom that trains them to control their power, their dad just teaches them fighting skills.

When it comes to cryptid sightings they all try hard to do as their parents say and stay out of trouble, but they manage to get into it anyway. Sometimes punishments will include grounding or no T.V. privileges for a week. They were good parents, but Zak told stories to his kids about how he and Alex met and what happened when they were together. He even told them a little about Francis, he did try to date Alex once or twice but eventually gave up, the two of them just remain close friends, and she somehow got Zak and Francis to become good friends instead of enemies. They also stay in touch with Doc and Drew, who are now grandparents. They teach their new grandkids about what kind of cryptids they could run into. That's what life is like now with Zak and Alex now all they need to do is keep it up, and hope they survive.