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Chapter 3


I get to school the next morning, and I think I must be in a nightmare because what I see truly terrifies me. James has Kaycee wrapped around his finger. She comes to school dressed in a pink, ruffled, sparkly number, with kitten heels to match. Her hair is curled into shiny ringlets, and she has actual MAKE UP on. Kaycee is girly and everything, but this is over the top! I've never, in all my years of knowing her, seen Kaycee wear mascara.

And the way Kaycee and James act is so obnoxious. They act like they're completely in love, but they've only known each other for a day! I'm about to go up to say "Hi" to them, to remind Kaycee that she has bigger things to worry about than her appearance, but then I remember yesterday's events.

Holly came blubbering up to me and Jack, talking about how Kaycee completely humiliated her. "She t-told me we weren't even f-friends! Everyone could hear her totally d-diss me! Why would she d-do that to her best f-friend?" Jack had to comfort her, and rub her back for five minutes to calm her down. I felt really bad for Holly. She and Kaycee were so close, and now she had been dumped for a guy.

It was mind boggling. Kaycee was going nuts over a guy who wasn't even half as handsome as me, in my opinion. And James was twisting Kaycee into Kaycee she definitely wasn't. She didn't even know who her own friends were anymore.

So I guess we're not speaking to Kaycee anymore. In truth, it leaves a big hole in my heart. I really liked her. And I think way back when to that afternoon after we left the zoo, and me and Kaycee really had a moment. I thought we might actually start to become more than just friends. I guess I had false hopes. But hy is she being so mean? Even if Kaycee would fall completely 'in love,' that's no explaining her cruelty towards Holly. It's absolutely terrible to publicly disown your best friend. James must have done something to her, but what? There's no such thing as a love potion, is there?

In a flash of anger, I go up to James and shove him a little. "Where's the old Kaycee and what have you done with her?" I ask, gritting my teeth. I want to punch him right in the nose. That would teach him a lesson to stay away from Kaycee.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," James sneers, and brings Kaycee closer to him. I look at Kaycee, to see if she's really turned on us. She gives me a stony glare, confirming my worst fears.

I whirl around and storm away. If Kaycee's going to act like such a jerk to us, then James can have her all he wants. Maybe Kaycee had been this nasty all along, she just always covered it up. She is a great actress, after all.

At lunch, Zach, Jack, Holly and I sit together at our usual spot. There's an empty seat where Kaycee would normally. We try to make regular conversation, as if nothing is wrong, but the act is not convincing at all. It's hard not to stare at Kaycee and James across the room, living it up. They laugh and hold hands and do all sorts of couple things. I completely ignore my food, not wanting to barf it all over the table. Seeing James and Kaycee make me sick.

After the small talk fades away, all that's left is silence. The whole Kaycee thing has left us all in horrible moods, needless to say. We've been tip-toeing around the subject, but it's been nearly impossible to ignore it.

Holly beaks the tension by asking the question that's all been on our minds; "What's going to happen to the Morphimals?"

Nobody says anything to that for a moment. Finally, Jack sighs and replies, "If Kaycee doesn't come out of her funk soon, we may have to kick her off the project."

Zach nods in agreement. "She quit on us. There's no way she'll join us in fighting the Skreey anymore. Maybe we can ask the Animorphs if we can take her powers away." His voice is hollow, with no emotion. I wonder what he thinks about all of this. Surely he should have some anger or resentment towards James, but his face is blank and he appears calm. Either Zach never cared about Kaycee, which I seriously doubt, or he's just a master at hiding his feelings.

"There must be some way to get her back to normal," I say, becoming desperate. I'm really mad at Kaycee, but I don't want to accept the fact that she's really gone.

Jack shakes his head. "David, I know this is hard, but it's not like we're gonna be able to dump water on her head and 'poof!' she's back to normal," he says solemnly.

I sigh. I know he's right, but I just don't want to give in. It hurts too much. I get up and go to the bathroom to be a ll sad and stuff. I walk in and there is only one other person in there. He's in the big stall. Then something weird happens. His foot turns into a Skreey foot. He's a Skreey. I hide behind the corner to see who it is. The stall opens and James walks out. James is a Skreey! He has Kaycee hypnotized. That's why she's acting so weird.

I run out and go find my friends at the lunchroom. "Guys, James is a Skreey. He's got Kaycee"