It's short. Just haven't time to write at the moment. This is a half chapter, or maybe a quarter, lots planned for this date so this is kinda an intro.

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Katie finished putting her lipstick on in the mirror just beside the front door.

"How do I look?" she turned to face her audience.

"Wow! He is not going to know what hit him!"

"Stunning, Kates. You really look amazing!" Shannon and Emily both enthused.

Katie turned back to the mirror, enjoying the feel of the thick velvety material against her body. Her hair was uncharacteristically tamed, swept high in a chignon. smooth and quite sophisticated. The effect was to make her look slightly older, but in a good way, as Emily had commented. It made her beauty much more pronounced.

"That colour really looks good on you. I can't believe he sent you a dress!"

"I can't believe he got the size right!" Shannon, in her dressing gown added.

"I know," Katie smoothed a hand over her hips. "You don't think I should have refused it?"

"You did try and he is more stubborn than Jo so I think honour has been served."

"I know, it's just..."

"Look, he seems really into you and you agreed to this weird competition which apparently allows for him to do this in the rules. You deserve to be treated, enjoy."

"And if he thinks it is a down payment on anything else you cut it up real small and send it back!" Emily added, grinning.

This made Katie stop chewing her lip and laugh. "I suppose you are right."

The parcel had arrived on Wednesday from a very exclusive boutique in Manhattan and it had taken some persuading to get Katie to try the expensive dress on, let alone agree to wear it. The soft turquoise material hung delicately around her slight frame, the low back was tasteful but incredibly sexy, a word none of the other girls had used out loud, knowing it would have panicked their friend who was completely unaware of how beautiful she was. Everything about it was elegant.

Harvey had started prepping for his date early, the dress had been followed every day by a single pink rose. "Romance and admiration, pink means romance and adoration," Jo had said when she saw them. "We better brace ourselves incase we drown in this charm offensive." Yet despite her cynical comments, she had been annoyed to be working as Katie would be leaving for this date!

Now the night was here. Despite her continued protests, Harvey had maintained that his gifts were within the rules and Katie had eventually capitulated and allowed herself to relax and enjoy herself. Butterflies were gathering in her stomach though as she wondered what else he had in mind! He was so considerate and sweet but the shark was always there.

The door knocked, sending Shannon to hide while Emily pulled the door revealing the sight of Harvey in a tux, smooth grin on his face and box of expensive chocolates in his hand. Katie moved towards him. There was a moment of silence as each drank in the sight of the other, each more than satisfied by what they saw. If he had had any doubts about the dress when he had selected it, seeing her standing there in it more than made up for it! The air practically sizzled!

"You look beautiful," Harvey lent in and kissed her cheek chastely. "These are for you girls" Harvey handed the chocolates to Emily, not taking his eyes off Katie, "A thank you for letting me tag along last time." he finally tore his eyes away from Katie and gave Emily a devastating grin. "And you too, Shannon," he raised his voice toward the half closed door behind which Shannon had thought she was unnoticed.

"Thanks!" she poked her embarrassed head through the door. Harvey's grin got wider. He liked these girls, they reminded him of a different part of his life, a simpler one. Fixed with the grin she found herself making comparisons with James Bond and envying her room-mate.

"Big plans I see?" he added pleasantly, the reference to her appearance clear from his humour.

"Long Day," she grinned back.

"Tell me about it," he rolled his eyes. While this was happening, Katie had retrieved her wrap.

"If you are ready, Katherine, the car is outside."

He Helped her wrap the soft material around her shoulders, his fingers gently brushing the bare skin at the nape of her neck."Yep," she thought, "drowning." She grabbed her purse and as he guided her through the door, his hand resting on the small of her back.

Neither Shannon or Emily spoke until the door was firmly shut behind the couple, then they erupted into squeals. "Oh man, I need to get me one of those" Emily sighed, collapsing into the sofa and opening the box of chocolates.

Warned it would be short! Hope it doesn't annoy you but I wanted to do a wee bit, wet the old appetites. I was worried this was going to go stale and it is quite non Harvey. More of the other characters next chapter, promise.