Author's Note:

This is my first drabble fic, so all the chapters will be around/approximately 500 words. I hope you enjoy. I will hopefully be updating every other day at a minimum. I've already got the first 30 chapters written so there shouldn't be a shortage any time soon. Thanks for reading!


After Bella felt like she had lost it all, she risked everything in hopes of healing and finding herself nearly a world away. However, she wasn't expecting to meet a person who had the ability to change it all. Was she ready for change or would she be content to return to the only life she'd ever known?

Disclaimer: I own the story, not the characters. Some adult content in later chapters. BxJ. BxE.


I was doing it. I was starting a new adventure, my first adventure to be exact. After everything that had happened this year, I needed it. I was going to do it and not look back. I just needed to step away from it all, from everything I've ever known.

"Are you sure you've got everything?" Jake asked.

I nodded. "I'm sure."

"Are you sure you want to do this? You can change your mind. Six months is a long time."

I searched his dark brown eyes for understanding. "I have to. You know I do."

He didn't understand. He didn't understand why he couldn't just fix everything, why he couldn't help me through this.

"Okay. Just promise that you'll call or email me as often as you can, and most importantly, that you'll come back."

I scoffed and smiled. "Where else would I go, Jake?"

He looked out the window, away from me. "I don't know, Bella. It's a big world out there."

I nodded and grabbed his hand. "It's only six months. We'll see each other on breaks. I'll call every day. You're all I have, Jake."

He turned to me and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were warm and desperate. "I love you."

"I love you. Thank you for letting me do this."

"I'm not letting you. I had no choice," he said seriously.

"I'm sorry," I said, looking down at my hands in my lap. "I cannot explain it. I just have to do this."

"I know. I didn't mean to upset you."

I nodded my understanding. "I have to go."

He got out first and I followed. He helped me get my bags to the attendant. We embraced. We kissed. I cried. He begged me to change my mind, to stay.

I couldn't.