The power of sex

Rating: M for smut, sexy boys, sexy girls and mild violence.

Pairings are nontraditional: Bubbles X Brick, Blossom X Butch, Buttercup X Boomer

Authors Note: this is another challenge from a fellow fanfic author, I hope you guys like it. I do not own the Powerpuff girls and even though the series is no more, I am glad to see that their fanfiction still exist.

Chapter 1

The city of Townsville is quiet and isolated, there's no one on the streets and cars were left abandoned. This was common for the citizens of Townsville, at least when it came to the events that transpired. This was after all the protocol for when a monster attacks, however today was different…

Blossom is blasted through two apartment buildings; smashing through the both of them and bouncing off the pavement. Buttercup is thrown through the glass of a nearby toy store and her head collides through 4 rows of shelves. Bubbles is rammed into an oil tank truck resulting in a huge explosion that rattles everyone there, she skips across the pavement on her face and lays there. The worst thing about their day was the fact that it was their 17th birthday. Hovering above them were their enemies, three teenaged menaces, The Rowdyruff boys, who terrorized the town an hour ago were now kicking powerpuff ass. The boys laugh and high five one another; making barking and howling noises, they two were celebrating their 17th birthdays today, what a wonderful way to celebrate it.

The red-head with the red baseball cap and matching red colored eyes stops for a moment and looks over at his blond haired blue eyed brother and his raven haired green eyed brother "WAIT A MINUTE".

Butch, his raven haired brother looks over at him "what Brick?" Boomer, the blond haired brother also looks over at him.

"I totally forgot" Brick says pretending to be ashamed "How can we be so heartless boys? It's the girl's birthday today".

Boomer chuckles and stares at bubbles maliciously "let's wish them a happy birthday".

Butch laughs like a maniac and zooms at Buttercup "yeah lets". Buttercup zooms back at him and tries to punch him straight in the face. Butch grabs her arm, yanks her to face him and head butts her in the face "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU". While buttercups vision is impaired; Butch punches her in the face flinging her to the pavement below. Butch chuckles and cracks his knuckles "time for the birthday punches". He lands like a rock onto buttercups stomach causing her to scream, then proceeds to punch her repeatedly.

Brick rams into blossom and the 2 tumbled inside the kitchen of the building Blossom had just come out of. The pink powerpuff knees him in the stomach pushing him away for a minute and floats speedily away to try and gain some distance from him. Brick laughs and rests a hand on the refrigerator behind him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU". He lifts the fridge and uses it to smash Blossom in the face, she falls to the floor. Brick then continues to pummel her with the fridge, her blood staining the fridge door.

Boomer spin kicks bubbles in her side throwing her off her feet and into a nearby car. She bounces off the windshield of the car and onto the other side. Boomer laughs "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BITCHES", he lifts the front of the car over causing it to fall on top of Bubbles.

Bubbles zoom out from under it but not without cutting her arm on a piece of metal sticking out of the wrecked vehicle. Buttercup bucks Butch off and laser beams him in the eyes causing him to scream out in pain, she also zooms out from under him. Blossom punches through the fridge yanking it from Bricks grip; she then throws it at his face hitting him directly. She zooms away out of the building joining her other two sisters; they then fly further away from their enemies. They inside of an underground subway station to catch their breath. The rowdyruffs gather together then separate to look for the girls.

Buttercup pants "t….this is insane, did they get stronger?"

Blossom leans against a wall "looks like it, things are looking kind of grim for us girls".

Bubbles sinks to the floor sitting on her sore bottom and cradling her still bleeding arm "what are we going to do?"

Blossom racked her brain, trying to think about all their past battles; she then remembers the time the boys first met the girls "we could try kissing them again".

"Oh yeah, great idea, just one problem" Buttercup says sarcastically "the last time we did that, they grew 20 FUCKING FEET TALL".

"OK, OK" Blossom says, she was obviously grasping at straws. Truth is she really didn't know what to do; they were having their asses handed to them. She then gets an idea, realizing something she hadn't before "maybe it's the way we kissed them that needs to change".

"UGH" Buttercup growls "again with the fucking kissing".

"Got any better ideas" Blossom glares at her, her other sister's looked at one another then back at her. Neither had a clue as to what to do about their current situation, so at this point any idea seemed like a good one. Blossom prays that her new idea works and makes up her mind to grab the first rowdyruff boy she sees as she waits by the entrance of the station. Soon all three girls could hear the boys closing in; having found their hiding spot "this is it, get ready girls". Her sisters didn't know what they had to be ready for but poised themselves anyway by her side.

Butch floats downstairs and spots Blossom, he then looks behind him at his other brothers "Hey guys I found them". The moment he returned to look over at Blossom again the other red head bombards him, dips him and gives him a passionate kiss on the lips. She had done this before in the past to Brick, however this kiss was different. She sticks her tongue into the surprised boy's mouth and French kisses him. She swirls her tongue and wrestles with his own exploring his mouth causing him to moan a little.

While Blossom kisses Butch, Buttercup looks over at her stunned "that's her master plan?" she thinks to herself and looks over at Bubbles only to be further shocked to see the blond enthusiastically tackle Brick. At that moment the raven haired puff decides to not give a shit anymore and grabs Boomer pulling him in for a kiss.

Butch can feel his body reacting to the kiss being forced on him, his cock is hardening and pleasure is shooting through his body. Realizing he was close to cumming, he instantly pushes her away and gains some distance "crazy bitch".

Brick separates himself from Bubbles and Boomer does the same scrambling out of Buttercups grasp and jetting behind Brick and Butch. The area was silent until Brick spoke "what….the….fuck?" he angrily faces the girls but tenses up as the three powerpuffs advance on him and his brothers. The rowdyruffs move backwards, gaping at the girls with a mixture of shock and confusion. The only course of action that the boys could think of was a hasty retreat, as the boys float up and towards the stairs, Brick glares at his enemies "This isn't over". The three zoom away, flying fast out of the subway station and out towards the night sky.

Buttercup and Bubbles look at each other in amazement, they couldn't believe that worked. Buttercup moves towards the stairs and cautiously glances outward "wow they bolted, how did you know that was going to work leader girl". She looks over at her red headed sister and quirks an eyebrow "uh…..Blossom".

Blossom felt her body grow hot, she was blushing furiously and when she moved her legs a little, small tingles of pleasure warmed her "special area" making it wet. She leans against the wall and wraps her arms around herself; this was horribly embarrassing for her. She looks up to see Buttercup staring back at her concerned "w…what? Stop looking at me".

Bubbles walks over to them matching Buttercups concerned look "are you ok blossom?"

"Yes I'm fine, ok?" Blossom said getting a little annoyed, however Buttercup and Bubbles still look at her with even more concern over her sudden and strange behavior. Blossom couldn't take the unwanted attention any more; she floats up and flips out a little at her siblings "STOP GAWKING AT ME". She zooms away from them and up the stairs leading to the outside streets.

Bubbles suddenly smirks at Blossoms retreating figure "uh oh, I think we have a problem here".

Buttercup frowns at her a little in confusion "what problem? What's going on?"

"Didn't you notice her wet spot?" Bubbles said grinning.

Buttercup blinks at her for a moment and then as if a light bulb has suddenly been turned on, she gets what Bubbles is trying to say. She cringes upon this realization "ewww are you kidding me? Did she really…I mean… creamed in her pants…that's so….ugh". Bubbles giggles while Buttercup gags "how gross can she be?" the raven haired powerpuff floats up and zooms after her apparently horny sister while Bubbles zoom after her.

Utonium Household- Blossoms room

Blossom sits in the bath tub of her bathroom fully clothed and trying to calm her nerves from the events that happened earlier. She couldn't believe what had happened to her body, her crotch was still moist and she was feeling sensations she hadn't felt in a long time. Granted she knew exactly what she was feeling but the shock came from the fact that she was feeling it from kissing her enemy. She groans a bit in frustration; she had to make this feeling go away, but how? At that moment a thought popped into her head and she fought against it. She lightly banged her head against the wall hoping the action would distract her from where her thoughts were taking her. It was no use; all she could think about was the feeling of Butch's hard lean body in her arms and those incredibly soft lips. The red head whimpers in misery and she rolls onto her side, her hand slowly wanders to the inside of her pants. She closes her eyes and the thoughts of Butch's naked body floats into her head. She imagines him with his shirt off slamming her against the wall and getting between her legs completely immobilizing her. Her senses were completely bombarded by him, his strength, his power, and the rough way he grabbed her hair and ravished her neck. Blossom whimpers again as her fingers rub against the clit of her vagina, she closes her eyes and bites her bottom lip as tiny twitches of pleasure flow through her hips. Her fingers travel deeper, circling and massaging between the outside lips of her vagina, her body jerks as more sensations run through her being. In her mind she can literally feel Butch running his hands all over her before finally settling them on her hips. A look of sheer passion and lust in his green eyes as he stares into her very soul and invades her.


Bubbles and Buttercup arrive back home and float inside, they both noticed their father in the kitchen and pleasantly greet him "Hi Professor".

Professor Utonium turns to them and smiles, his hands wrist deep inside of the bowl in front of him "hello girls". He takes his hands out of the bowl and picks up a wash rag to wipe them "I hope you girls are hungry, we're having meatloaf tonight. By the way, did something happen to Blossom?"

Bubbles grins a little but says "nope, why do you ask?"

Back in Blossoms room

"Ahhh…ah" Blossom cries out, one hand gripping the side of the tub, the other rubbing her clit in a more rapid circular motion. She couldn't believe how good this felt, and wondered why she has never thought of this sooner. Her hips bucked in sync with her hand and the imaginary image of butch fucking her was vivid in her mind. Her toes curled and she arches her back forcing the back of her head to collide hard with the bottom of the tub. However in her mind it was butch slamming her head against the floor as he relentlessly pounds into her "AHH, YES….HMMM, FUCK ME …..MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, AHH". Her body grew hot and desperate; something was coming, something big, something epic. However with knowing this she still could not stop herself "AHH….YES….MORE…IT'S COMING…JUST ….A LITTLE…MORE…YES". She throws her head back as her orgasm consumes her.

Back at the kitchen

The Professor blinks at his two daughters "well you see girls, when she came in she didn't even say hi to me. She just went straight up to her room and….." he was interrupted by the sound of blossom screaming from her room.

"AHHHHHH YEAH !" They heard blossom scream and all three of them look upstairs.

"What on earth was that?" the professor said confused and worried, he makes his way to the stairs but Bubbles and Buttercup block his path.

Bubbles nervously smiles at him "uh…we'll check on her", she knew exactly what that sound meant, but to save blossom the embarrassment and to avoid giving the professor a heart attack, both sisters spontaneously decided to check on her.

Buttercup also grins "yeah don't worry about her professor, she probably got excited over some T.V show or something. " she gently escort her father back to the kitchen "hmmm we are really looking forward to that meatloaf, we'll just stay out of your way while you finish it".

"Uh…well…ok" The professor says still unsure of what really went on "I'll come upstairs a little later".

"Ok" Buttercup says floating upstairs with Bubbles who was trying desperately not to laugh. They got to Blossoms room and opened the door, they didn't see the redhead but they did hear some tumbling around inside the bathroom. She uses her x-ray vision to peer into the bathroom and could see Blossom breathing heavily and huddled in a fetal position on the porcelain floor of her own bath tub. Buttercups eyes widen "what the hell happened in there?" she walks up to the bathroom door while Bubbles takes a seat on Blossoms bed "HEY LEADER GIRL" she bangs on the door roughly "you ok in there".

"GO AWAY I'M FINE" Blossom shouts through the door, her voice clearly saturated with a mixture of shame and self loathing.

"Shit, give me a break. WHAT'S WITH ALL THE DRAMA?" Buttercup shouts at the door, the sound of Bubbles giggling invades her senses and she quickly glares at her "shut up bubbles, this isn't funny".

This causes bubbles to crack up hysterically, she couldn't tell which was funnier, Blossoms obviously "special" moment was or Buttercup's bitching. She tries her hardest to control herself "I hope she's taking a really cold shower".

Buttercup rolls her eyes "oh please".

"LEAVE ME ALONE" Blossom yells from inside the bathroom.

Buttercup sighs in frustration "fine, call us when you're done being a spaz", she walks away from the bathroom and out of Blossoms room.

Bubbles calmed down from her laughing fit and approached the door; there was a tone of sincerity in her voice as she talks to her still hidden sister "if it makes you feel any better, I actually liked kissing Brick". There was no response from her sister inside the bathroom, she smiles sympathetically and touches the door "when you're ready to talk, you know where we are".

Blossom can hear her blonde sister leave; she had never been so ashamed, never felt so dirty, and at the same time never felt so alive. "Oh god" she said and wraps her arms around herself, grimacing at her hand which was now covered in her own bodily fluids. She floats out of the tub and over to the sink to wash her hands. She avoids looking at herself in the mirror; a little afraid to look at herself, she wasn't sure she would like what she sees. Finally after washing her hands, she looks into the mirror and her eyes widen, she was tired and looked worn out, as if the experience had drained her. However she also saw something that made her grin slightly, she loved every minute of it and worst yet she wanted more. She turns around and sighs to herself slowly making her way out the bathroom door; she wondered why she became so perverted. She then frowns a bit "Butch, he's the one who's making me feel this way, there has to be some way of getting rid of the Rowdyruffs". In her mind she remembers the look of the boys as they were being kissed. She also remembers the first time they kissed them, the ruffs exploded and they were only 5 years old. Her only guess was that the amount of energy they had back then was minimal at best, but now they were years older and more powerful "so that can only mean that destroying them will require more energy and exertion" she mumbled to herself. She lies down on her bed and stares up at the ceiling "we can't just kiss them anymore". She sighs, the conclusion that she came up with is not going to go well with her sisters. Sleeping with the enemy may or may not be a good idea, but it was the only one she could think of at the moment, so with that thought she turns onto her side and closes her eyes trying not to think about her previous wet dream.