Author's note: YES, chapter two is out, I'll try to get these out a lot quicker, preferably after homework, you guys know how it is. Before we start I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Anonymous, for giving me the idea's for this story and allowing me to take creative liberties with it. He actually issued a challenge to me for one of my other stories and this is the second challenge from him. Check out his stuff, check out some more of my stuff and I know some of you have some fanfic's out there too so I'll be checking out your stuff because I LOVE FANFICTION. Smut is not my forte but this chapter got me excited, LEMON ALERT, VERY GRAPHIC, yadda, yadda, yadda, enjoy.

Chapter 2

"NO FUCKING WAY" Buttercup shouts as the three Powerpuff's sit on the bed of Blossom's bedroom. She called them all in for a meeting the night after the "kissing" incident; immediately after her initial idea she was bombarded by Buttercups verbal attack. The green eyed puff angrily looks over at her and said "you want us to go up to the Rowdyruff boys and fuck them into oblivion; you're out of your mind".

"Look Buttercup" Blossom said trying her hardest to convince them "I know the idea is a bit on the outrageous side, but I figured that since a kiss was able to defeat them when we were children then intercourse should be the next step".

Bubbles grinned a little at the direction this conversation was going, but before she became too excited she decides to ask "what will happen after we have sex with them?"

Blossom blushes a bit, even though she wasn't a virgin, none of them were; she never masturbated before, except for last night in the tub, so that moment was still embarrassing and fresh in her mind. Actually the thought of having sex with butch still made her blush and react in places she hadn't in a long time. She squashes all of these thoughts as she answers Bubbles "well two possibilities, one they might explode just like they did before, or two we might be able to weaken them enough to arrest them".

"I'm not doing it" Buttercup argues "they are our enemies, who the hell in their right minds would fuck their enemies?"

"I'LL DO IT" Bubbles said bouncing up and down on the bed, both of her sister's gawk at her in shock. She blinks at them and smiles "well Blossom you are going to need a guinea pig to see if this plan of yours works, right?"

"Well yeah, I mean if you really don't mind" Blossom said suddenly unsure of her plan, sending Bubbles in this early was not her intention.

"Not at all" Bubbles said floating up "I'll get started, and then I'll tell you how it went".

"WAIT" Blossom says looking at her a bit panicked "here", she goes to her drawer and pulls out some condoms, she gives three to Bubbles "those boys have been around if you know what I mean".

Bubbles quirks an eyebrow at her in amusement but doesn't comment on why Blossom has a drawer filled with condoms "thanks" she said and happily fly's off in search of the red rowdyruff boy.

Buttercup scowls "she agreed to that way too easy, don't tell me she liked that kiss she gave Brick too", Blossom simply smiles at her grumpy sister, Buttercup sighs exasperatingly "shit, I'm surrounded by horny sluts, I'll be in my room, come get me when you two have found your brains". She also fly's off into her room.

Meanwhile- Townsville at night

"Now then" Bubbles said while checking her watch, it was 10:00 pm "If I were Brick, where would I go?" she was excited about getting to see Brick again, that kiss was amazing, even though it was forced on him, and she could tell that he liked it just as much as she did. However, she found herself craving more of him and didn't really care about the consequences of their coupling, as long as she had another taste. She giggles a bit as she searches the city for him, she never knew she had such a devilish side to her and she absolutely loved it. In the midst of her reverie she was interrupted by the sound of an explosion from the left side of the town. She stops midair and gazes in that direction "what was that?" she said to herself; her curiosity peaking. She flies over to that direction until she finds herself staring at the Townsville Library; there was a big gaping hole where the entrance should have been. She lands in front of it and looks inside; she spots her target looking through the shelves of books before settling on one of them. Bubbles floats up to the ceiling and draps herself on top of one of the shelves gazing down at her prey "gotcha".

Brick was sitting down at one of the tables in the empty library and looks around him for a bit to make sure nobody sees him. He then opens the book in his hands and begins to read it, everything around him is quiet for now until he starts to feel like he is being watched. Without even looking behind him; he easily identifies who he thinks it is watching him "why are you following me red?" To his surprise a pair of large boobs press against his back, silky smooth arms drape over his shoulders and soft blond hair cascades around his head followed by an equally soft sweet voice.

Bubbles smiles wickedly"Guess again".

Brick nearly jumps out of his skin and floats a few inches away from her "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

Bubbles suddenly felt her confidence falter a bit as she struggled to come up with an answer to that question, what was she going to say, "hey brick, I'm here to fuck you silly, and hopefully you will either explode from it or you will become too weak to fight allowing me to toss your ass into a jail cell, LET'S GET STARTED SHALL WE?". No; there was no way that was going to work, her voice comes out in a slight whisper "I….uh…um, I'm here to catch up on my studies, I have a big test at school tomorrow and I don't have the textbook at home".

Brick eyes her suspiciously "it's 10pm, and you are catching up on your studies?" He decides she wasn't worth his time and floats over to the next desk away from her "whatever just don't try anything stupid", he goes back to his reading ignoring her.

Bubbles sighs, that didn't go as well as she planned, she expected him to not be able to take his eyes off of her. She wrecks her brain trying to figure out what she was doing wrong; she looks down at her clothing and realizes her mistake. She was wearing a blue sweater and a short mini skirt; she takes off the sweater; revealing her tiny, skin tight mini top. Her boobs were practically falling out of her top as she perks and pushes them together making them look even more pleasing to the eye. Her flat stomach was also showing and she rolls up her already short skirt, at this rate every little thing that she does will give him a full on view of her perky tight ass. She smiles and blushes, then fly's over to the librarian desk all the way in the back of the library. The old librarian always kept lollipops at her desk to give out to the kids, sure enough there they were, she picks up a strawberry flavored one and unwraps it. She pops it into her mouth, and gingerly floats over to his desk seeing him heavily engulfed in the book in front of him, she then makes a slight sighing noise in order to get his attention.

It did.

Brick looks up from his book and his eyes widen gazing fully onto her body in those skimpy looking cloths, she looked like a wet dream come true or a porn star. Bubble grins and thinks to herself "gotcha", she sees a book on the floor in front of them and instantly seizes the opportunity saying "ah here's the book I need to study from". She bends over in front of him slowly to pick up the book, then slowly raises herself up and takes a slight look behind her at the red head. To her disappointment his head seemed to be buried even more in the book, little did she know that the full on view of her ass caused Brick to have a major nosebleed to match his raging hard on.

Brick couldn't believe she just did that, his heart beat like a jack hammer and he prayed that the book was hiding the look of lust in his eyes "what the fuck is going on?" Brick wonders to himself; trying to control the beating of his own heart.

Bubbles goes to the same desk as Brick and sits opposite him, she opens the book and pretends to read it. Rotating the lollipop in her mouth, looks ahead of her and sees Brick fidgeting behind the book he is reading. She watches him intently as he blows his nose on some tissue and finally puts the book down on the table "now's my chance" She thinks to herself. She seductively licks the tip of her lollipop; swirling her tongue around it before taking it completely into her mouth again. Brick's eyes are now glued to her mouth but he quickly looks away when he realizes she is staring right at him. Bubbles smiles wickedly and looks down at her book "Brick?"

"W…what?" Brick says, still trying to avert his eyes.

Bubbles pushes the lollipop in and out of her mouth making a light, but distracting sucking noise. She takes the lollipop out of her mouth to speak "there are a few words that I just don't get, would you mind helping me with them". She pushes the book forward a little towards him.

Part of Bricks brain leaves the building as he stares at her giving the lollipop a blow job "fine", he reaches for the book but realizes that bubbles slowly pulls it out of reach. He reaches for it again and Bubbles continues to pull it slightly away, soon Brick finds himself reaching over the table and in direct view of her cleavage.

Bubbles grins and takes the lollipop out of her mouth but not before allowing it to hang off of her tongue "oops, sorry Brick".

Brick becomes nervous "uuuhhh" he decides to grab the book and shifts back to his side of the table "w…whatever".

Bubbles smiles "And now for the piece de resistance", her smile widens as she takes off one of her shoes "I'm taking Latin, so I need a little help defining some of these words". She slowly raises her foot to where his crotch is underneath the table "what does "commercium" mean?"

Brick looks through the book to find the definition ; he then instantly blushes when he finds it " it means intercourse".

"Oh", Bubbles said rubbing his crotch gently with her small toes "I see, and um…what does "catulum stilo" mean?"

Brick lets out a slight moan; feeling the gentle caress on his member "d…doggy…style".

Bubbles continued to rub him all the while making herself a little wet in the process "ok…and um…what does "equitare mea irrumabo" mean?

Brick pants a little and grips the table; if this kept up he was going to cum soon. Deep inside he was freaking out by the situation, yet what she was doing to him overcame his desire to push her away. He stares up at her with lust in his eyes, he couldn't resist her anymore "ride my dick", he breaths out; letting another moan escape his lips.

"Don't mind if I do" Bubbles slips off her panties and floats across the table. She lands perfectly straddled onto his lap and immediately gives him a passionate kiss. The two make out with each other; their tongues wrestling with one another, Brick pulls her closer and the two moan from the contact. They separate from each other, and bubbles giggles at Bricks dazed expression "too bad that we are always fighting…..." She slides herself down the frame of his body until she reaches the floor; she then winks at him from between his legs. She proceeds to unzip them and speaks to him seductively "when there are sooo many other things we could be doing". She gently releases his cock, which is dripping hard right now and uses the lollipop to rub the tip of it. She kisses it and suddenly without warning takes the entire 6 inch dick into her hot mouth.

"Oh shit" Brick breaths out; reacting to the sudden move, Bubbles tightens her lips around him and sucks hard on it, she then chuckles a bit sending the vibration through his cock; this causes Brick to cry out a little and grip his chair.

Bubbles pulls the length out of her mouth and slides her lips back down to the base again, she continues this motion over and over again. Brick throws his head back and moans' loudly bucking a little as Bubbles bobs her head up and down on his throbbing cock. She then pulls the length out of her mouth and giggles "tea time", she licks Bricks ball sacs and takes them into her mouth. She grips his cock firmly and works his hard shaft with her hand while sucking on his balls. The red headed ruff could not believe what was happening right now, the chair he is sitting in splinters under his grip which tighten more and more. His mind was a complete blank as his body convulses and he cums in her hair. Bubbles quickly pulls away and makes a face at the gross substance in her hair. She looks up at him and tilts her head a bit confused. She notices the color in his hair and eyes faded a little and that he was breathing harshly.

The blonde raises up a little and touches his chest, his heartbeat was pumping hard and fast as if he was one point away from getting a heart attack "are you ok? Bubbles says suddenly concerned. Brick's arms suddenly shoot out and he grabs her by her arms. He throws her onto her back on the floor and gets on top of her. He kisses her fully and passionately crushing their lips and bodies together, Bubbles gets overtaken by the kiss and wraps her legs around his waist. She raises herself up a little just enough to take off her shirt and unhooked her bra. She then pulls off his shirt and takes off his hat for him, she bites down on his neck suddenly leaving behind a hickey. All Brick could feel or even care about were the fingers through his hair; his owns hands unbuckling his pants and the overwhelming presence of this lustful blonde harpy beneath him. His body moves on its own as he pushes her to lay flat on her back and rips off her skirt, he then kicks off his pants and caresses her breasts. He sucks and nibbles on them causing her to fidget and moan a little. While he plays with her boobs; his fingers trail down to her vaginal hole and he inserts a finger deep inside. Bubbles cries out in shock; feeling his digit inside of her and bites her bottom lip. Brick pushes his finger deeper inside of her and massages her clit with his thumb; he then inserts another finger and stretches out her vaginal wall.

Bubbles couldn't take it anymore "Ah…s...Stop…need you", Brick complies with her and pulls his fingers out. He pushes his hard throbbing cock inside of her slowly, until it reached the base and slowly pulls out. Bubbles moans even louder; thankful that they are all alone in the library, she raises her hips to meet his thrusts. He works up a good pace and pumps himself into her, their movements soon go from slow and steady to fast and desperate. Brick rolls his hips with every thrust sending shock waves of pleasure to shoot through Bubbles body, the blonde cries out with each thrust and arches her back. She meets his thrusts enthusiastically, pushing against him "AH...AH…..OH GOD….B…BRICK…YEEEEEEESSS!"

Brick thrusts into to her one more time and the two cum together; their orgasms causing them to scream out simultaneously as the last lightning shock of pleasure wrecks both of their bodies. As Brick came, the color from his hair and eyes fade until they are almost gray. He hunches over, panting and sweating; he could feel his body grow weak and tired. He could barely keep himself upright and allows himself to fall to the floor next to Bubbles; his cock sliding out of her causing her to gasp. He knew he was still alive, that part he was sure of, however his body felt like it was being tied down by 2 ton weights. He turned his head just enough to see Bubbles gaze at him in utter shock "w…what did…you do to me?" he said in a hoarse and tired voice.

Bubbles is just as confused as he is "I'm not sure", she said, then beams a smile at him and gets up "but thank you, I had a wonderful time". She puts on her clothes and searches for her sweater and panties, after looking for a small amount of time; she finds them and turns back to Brick "now it's off to jail with you". She picks him up and slings him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes; she was surprised at how much energy she had from their sexual moment. She was also surprised by how light Brick was, he was teetering in and out of consciousness as Bubbles zooms like a rocket through the large gaping hole Brick made earlier. Bubbles looks at her watch seeing that it is now 1:00am and sped over the City of Townsville towards the jailhouse at the other side of the town. She lands in front of the building and gingerly skips inside to deliver her drained and unconscious parcel.