Author's Note: long time no see everybody, there was a fire in my apartment building recently so I haven't been able to get to my computer. Anyway I am doing what little I can do off the computer at my workplace or the library. Now; back to business, I have noticed that I did not include a description of the girls and the boys. My bad, I have a tendency to only include a description if I have a specific way that I want them to look like that is outside the traditional look people are use to from the original series. Well all three girls are slim, average build except for Buttercup. You know my green girl is always going to be ripped, she has the signature short black hair, small boobs, tight butt and six pack abs. Blossom no longer has the bow on her head but her hair is still in the same signature style. She is very slim and graceful looking thanks to the yoga classes she has been taking. Her boobs are average and perky which compliments her delicate figure and perfect heart shaped butt. Bubbles is always going to be the most shapely member of the group, slim in the waist, large double D-cup boobs and plump of shapely butt. The boys basically have sexy underwear model bodies, I love the lean slim toned bodies, not too muscular and at the same time not too weak and flimsy. Now that's taken care of on with the story, its Blossoms turn to get down.

Chapter 3

Blossom couldn't sleep that entire night, her mind was overflowing with thoughts of Bubbles and her "special mission". She was so worried for her enthusiastic sister, was she ok? Will she come back home tonight? Is she dead or laying in a ditch somewhere? Blossom turns onto her side; if she knew she was going to worry this much she would have never suggested such a crazy idea. She stops her worrisome thoughts when she suddenly hears someone coming in through the front door downstairs. The light sound of someone making their way upstairs while humming to herself put Blossom at ease. It was Bubbles making her way into her bedroom and from the sounds of it, she seems happy and tired. Blossom lays on her back on the bed and grins a little "the mission was a success", she whispers to herself. She could finally get some much needed rest; the redhead fluffs her pillow and allows herself to drift asleep.

The Next Morning

The Blossom and Buttercup had woken up early despite the fact that it was the weekend and they were off from school. They showered and were fully dressed in their everyday wear and sat at the kitchen table while Professor Utonium was happily whistling while he cooked pancakes and bacon, the two powerpuffs loved Saturday morning breakfast. The day was always bright and sunny and the sounds of the neighbors walking about outside cheerfully greeting each other were always an extreme comfort to the Utonium household. The professor playfully flips the pancakes with his spatula and the girl's chuckles, he always tried to do stunts and little flip tricks with the pancakes but it would always mess up on him in the end. Just as he flips a pancake in the air a sudden blur of blue snatches it before it hits the ceiling. The professor quirks an eyebrow and looks over at Bubbles who is floating close to the ceiling still wearing her pajama's with little bunny rabbits on them. The professor took in his daughter's appearance and picks up a big plate of bacon from off the counter top "there's something different about you this morning, is everything alright?" He places the plate in the middle of the kitchen table for the girls to share, then goes back to the counter for the pancakes.

Bubbles takes a bite out of the pancake she just caught and smiles at the professor "I feel terrific, hmmm today is just a beautiful day, the sky is beautiful, this kitchen is beautiful, this pancake is delicious, I want extra bacon and syrup on mine, I'm hungrier than a mother". She hurriedly floats down and snatches the professor up in a hug that nearly made him choke "GOOD MORNING OLD MAN, I totally forgot to say that when I came downstairs". Blossom and Buttercup look at each other briefly then they watched their sister move around like the energizer bunny.

The professor could feel himself blacking out slightly "B….Bubbles a little too tight sweetie".

"Oops" Bubbles says letting go of him "I'm sorry", she then goes to sit down next to Blossom.

The Professor breaths a bit before addressing her again "well…..I'm glad you are having such a good morning, but if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you've gotten stronger and faster".

"Maaaaybe" Bubbles said playfully, she then takes eight strips of bacon and presses them on to the pancake she had nabbed earlier. She wraps the bacon in the pancake and drizzles syrup all over it "All I know is that I am feeling awesome today Professor.

The Professor smiles happily, besides his daughters sudden appetite and energy, she seemed relatively fine "that's very good to hear".

Buttercup rolls her eyes as the oblivious Professor returns to cooking breakfast, Blossom inspects Bubbles behavior. Bubbles takes a bite out of her pancake burrito and smiles back at blossom; her face dripping with syrup. She then gives the red head a wink and licks her pancake burrito suggestively as if she was ready to give it a blow job. Blossom blushes furiously and looks away wondering what has gotten into her little sister, suddenly her whole face turns red when she remembers exactly what got into her little sister. The rest of the morning went by without a problem; the Professor went to his lab to work on yet another experiment while the girls offered to do the breakfast dishes.

Blossom picks up a plate and rubs it down thoroughly with a soapy sponge "I take it last night went really well"; Bubbles simply giggled and took the plate from her to rinse it out in the sink.

Buttercup was clearing stuff off the table "can't you tell leader girl? My question is did he hurt you?"

Bubbles looks over at her and smiled, she appreciated their concern regardless of the fact that it is unfounded "no, but….ooooooh I soooo wanted him to". She chuckles and holds a plate to her chest while floating in and out of dream land "oh yeah Brick, hurt me…..I've been a bad little girl". She swoons and floats around the kitchen giggling.

"Bubbles" Blossom said staring at her in shock "behave yourself, your acting weird".

"I can't help it" Bubbles says doing little miniature twirls in the air close to the ceiling "I can feel his power surging through every part of my body, it's like we're still having sex, it's….it's…INCREDIBLE" she wraps her arms around herself as she talks "he was so nasty and passionate and sensual, ooooh I felt like a construction site, he just kept on drilling my shit like crazy. Niagara Falls had nothing on my pussy, I was so fucking soaked".

Blossom quickly floats up and covers Bubbles mouth with her hand "quiet, the Professor is right downstairs, are you crazy?" All three girls stand perfectly still in case the Professor might come out, then blossom separates from the blonde "ok girls, bedroom meeting, now". All three head for the stairs and up to Blossom's room; while there they all took a seat on her bed. Blossom looks over at Bubbles and frowns a little "ok, anything to report to us? Besides the fact that you obviously enjoyed it".

Bubbles nods a little excitedly "well, I discovered that we can drain the boys of their power and energy through sex. It's a lot like psychic vampires only without the creepy stares. The coloring of his hair and eyes were drained, he really didn't look too good when it was all over". She laughs to herself for a bit thinking about what she did to him "you should have seen it, I practically broke his dick off, there was no way he could even think to handle all of this. What a chump". She suddenly jumps onto blossoms bed and nearly pushes Buttercup off of it.

"Hey" Buttercup says "I was sitting there".

"Well" Bubbles says sticking a tongue out "now you're on the floor".

Buttercup frowns at her and floats over to Blossom "I guess this means that she also inhabits a piece of Bricks personality. Does it wear off or do I have to eventually punch her in the face?"

"It's too soon to tell" Blossom says looking at Bubbles "Interesting, I think I see it now".

Buttercup tilts her head a bit "see what?"

"Well" Blossom continues "when we first kissed them, we took away their momentum as fighters by grossing them out with the threat of the cooties which caused them to explode. When we met them a second time, we took away their dignity by cooing and cuddling them, while whispering sweet little baby phrases at them which caused them to shrink into almost nothing. So in that retrospect I guess it only makes sense that having sex with them will take something important from them also. I'm just surprised that it would be their energy force".

Buttercup snickers" I'm not, trust me", She chuckles even more seeing Blossom roll her eyes at her.

Blossom then sighs and looks over at Buttercup "sooooo, which one of us goes next?" They both look at one another slightly nervous.

Buttercup breaks the awkward silence "how about we play "rock, paper, scissors?"

"Fine" Blossom said inching closer to her sister, as they play their game Bubbles plops onto her side on the bed and watches them. It was best two out of three and Blossom lost, she curses a bit under her breath as Buttercup laughs in her direction. She glares at Buttercup and sighs "I guess that means I'm next, But I've got Butch".

"Whatever" Buttercup said smiling wickedly "that just leaves boomer with me". She stares off into nowhere for a moment in thought "maybe this will be fun after all. I get to make him my bitch".

Bubbles look over at her and smile "he might actually like that. First one of you to pussy out gets a kick to the head".

Buttercup smiles at her wickedly "yeah right, you're talking to the wrong damn person. I'll crack the whip on boomers lily white ass".

"Hello?" Blossom says "remember we are not supposed to have fun with this, it's a mission to defeat the Rowdy Ruff Boys, understand?"

"Uh yeah sure" Buttercup says thinking about all the naughty things she will do to Boomer "whatever you say".

"Alright" Blossom said getting up from her bed "meeting adjourned, I will report to you two when my mission is over".

Bubbles also gets up and walks over to the door followed by Buttercup "ok, GI Jane", both her and Buttercup chuckle as they leave the room.

Blossom lays down on her bed and thinks to herself what she should do next, she glances over at the clock next to her vanity realizing it is 10:00am. She sighs and rolls onto her back and stares at the ceiling, she really wasn't ready to face him. She would have gathered up a little more courage if Buttercup had gone first; she talks to herself in the usual way she always did "I guess I can go find him later tonight". As she thinks about this, her thoughts wandered over to the fantasy she had that resulted in her "moment of madness" as she called it. Before her mind took her to a place she didn't want to go; she decides to preoccupy it with a little exercise. The red head teen goes over to her closet to get her gym clothes out; she eyes it with a smile remembering the day she first bought it. She takes off her pants and picks up her pink and black spandex shorts and puts them on, they were skin tight, and it was like she wasn't wearing anything at all. She then takes off her shirt and slips on her hot pink sports bra, she goes over to a full size mirror against the wall on the other side of the room. She instantly frowns; she had gorgeous, full perfectly sized breasts; however this tight outfit made her feels like she was gaining weight. She quickly dismisses this thought and picks up her water bottle from the vanity. She then flies out the window; on her way to the gym.

Townsville Fitness Club

Blossom lands in front of the gym, the building looked like a warehouse from the outside, but on the inside it was really a fitness spa/ weight training facility. She walks through the glass doors of the building and is immediately bombarded by loud chanting coming from the other end of the room next to her Yoga classroom. There was a group of men surrounding someone who was bench pressing a very large amount of weights. Blossom's heart skips a beat as she walks closer to the crowd and peaks through them, all she needed was glimpse of dark green before she ducked into the classroom and hugs herself. "ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod, He's here, what's he doing here? I can't do this, I'm not ready", she chanted to herself in utter and complete nervousness and fear. She hyperventilates a bit and she presses her back against the wall. She decides to make a quick run for it and turns to the entrance way only to come face to face with the object of her desire.

Butch glares at Blossom taking only a brief moment to look at her outfit "what the fuck are you doing here? You following me red?"

Blossom was completely distracted by his rock hard body, her eyes trailed down to his cock "my god, it's like a third leg". She shakes her head and concentrates on his eyes trying to keep her knees from buckling "I….I'm here for the yoga class; you know do some stretching and all of that. I'm not here for a fight or anything".

"Like you'd win" Butch said "I wouldn't waste my time on a weakling like you". He turns from her and goes over to the closest machine near them "when you see Buttercup, let her know I'm ready for a rematch".

Blossom tries to squash the swell of jealousy rising within her; all of her unsure thoughts and fears vanish. He was ignoring her and she was insulted by it "you know, I think I can do this after all. Let my mission begin". A new swell of confidence took over her being as she swayed across the room to where Butch was. His back was turned to her as he sat on a work bench lifting over 1000 pounds worth of weights. She made sure to stand a good distance behind him so that he can watch her reflection in the wall mirror in front of him. She bends over causing her tight shorts to ride up into her ass; she wraps her arms around her legs and does a count of ten to herself.

Butch ignores her "why the hell is she doing that here anyway?" He does a few more lifts before making the mistake of glancing at the mirror again. Blossom manages to lift her entire leg a little past her head and Butch nearly drops the weights he was working with. Her body was amazing, her tone lean stomach, creamy clean skin, perky breasts and the hottest ass he had ever seen.

Blossom leans back wards and loops her arms behind her "hmmm….ahh..Yeah, that feels soooo good". She stands up right and loops her arms above her head stretching again "ahhh, wow hmmm", her voice was dripping with sexuality. She gets down on the padded floor and went on all fours; she then bends over sticking her butt in the air. She stretches there, and then brings her legs up to the back of her head; she bends over again. She bends backwards and leans against her hands; she throws her head back and moves her hips up. Her spine cracks a little and she cries out in surprise over the sound; however she sound as though she had just cum.

The sound of a heavy dumbbell dropping to the floor caught her attention and she looks over at Butch. The green eyed male sat there staring at her with a lustful look in his eyes, however her gaze fell on the raging hard on he was sporting through his gym pants. Butch throws a glare her way and blushes even more "fine, you got my attention, now what?"

Blossom gets up and sways her hips towards him, she then sits on his lap; pressing her boobs against his chest and gives him a full passionate kiss. She separates from the shocked male and whispers in his ear "I'm so hot and sweaty; I think its time for a shower. Care to join me?" she floats out of his arms and away from him "I assure you, it just may be the perfect way to use up all of that pent up energy". She saunters away being sure to wiggle her ass a little beckoning him to follow. She walks into the ladies locker room and notices that it is empty, this suited her just fine, very few people come to the gym this early on a weekend, at least until 1pm. She also knew that Butch would have no problem following her to the ladies locker room, not with the promise of sex in the air. In a hurry, she goes over to the shower room and pulls a towel off one of the racks there; she then strips off all of her clothing. While wrapping the towel around her body; she can hear footsteps coming inside the locker room. She turns on the shower and soaks her head underneath; her normally long hair seemed longer as it trailed down to the crack of her butt. She closes her eyes and allows the water to cascade over her; she revels in the spray when suddenly a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist. She can feel his lips on her neck, his body pressed against her back, his cock grazing her buttocks and her senses reeling from this passionate moment. He turns her around by the waist and she looks deep into his dark green eyes, her fantasies were coming true. Butch sinks down on his knees and kisses her vagina, darting his tongue out caressing her clit. Blossom bites her bottom lip and whimpers, Butch's tongue swirls around the walls of her vagina forcing her to cry out and arch her back. Pleasure shoots through her body as she holds onto his head with her hands, wrapping both legs around his head.

Butch grins and slowly raises himself up to stand; lifting Blossom up with him, sliding her up the wall. He sticks his tongue inside of her vaginal hole and gyrates it in and out of her fucking her with his tongue. Blossom cries out and arches her back, her hands fly up above her head grasping the wall and ceiling behind them. Her mouth hangs open and she tilts her head back as he hits her spot repeatedly "AH..AH..SO GOOD, NGH…AH". He was bringing her to a climax causing her to panic and try to move his head away. He growls and pumps his tongue in and out of her faster bringing her to new heights of pleasure she had never experienced before. This was way better than her fantasies, her orgasm rushes throughout her body like a tidal wave causing her to scream out. Butch doesn't wait for her to calm down and takes his tongue out of her; he then slowly slides his tongue up the expanse of her body as he lowers her to the ground to stand.

Blossom pants and reality is nonexistent to her at the moment, until Butch grabs the back of her head and pulls her in for another rough but passionate kiss. Afterwards Blossom registers just enough to lock eyes with Butch "w…what?" Without warning Butch penetrates her with his large cock, Blossom screams out, more of shock then any kind of pain.

Butch smiles pressing her to the wall "didn't think we were done did you?" He pulls out of her then thrusts himself back in forcefully. Blossom felt a slight twinge of pain which was quickly followed by more intense pleasure. This time around Blossom didn't hold back her screaming, the water from the shower soaked them both from head to toe. After a moment of constant thrusting, another orgasm starts to make its way through blossoms body, but just as she is about to explode again, Butch pulls out and turns her around. He enters her buttocks and thrusts himself through there while using his right hand to caresses her clit. Blossom dug her fingernails into the tiled wall shattering them with her iron grip "FOR…..THE….LOVE….OF…..GOD…AHHHH". She raises one leg up and rests her knee against the wall; with each thrust she was slammed deeper and deeper into the wall.

The wall cracks and crumbles before them as they ride towards their ultimate completion. Butch grabs Blossoms right leg, pulls out of her butt and slams back into her vagina. He turns them both around and rests his back against the wall thrusting upward into her. His left hand holds her leg up and his right one fondles her breasts. Blossom could not hold back anymore, she collides backwards against him and tilts her head back against his shoulder letting out an ear piercing scream "B…BUTCH…..OH…GOD….AHHHHHHHHH". Her screams shatter the glass framework of every door and window in that shower room. She orgasms and squirts everywhere listening to Butch also cum inside of her. As the two stand there panting and wheezing against the wall, Blossom can feel Butch let go of her leg and she was able to stand on her two feet.

To her surprise she was still able to stand despite the fact that Butch was leaning heavily against her back. Suddenly Blossoms eyes widened as she realized what she had just done, here she was in the ladies shower room, with Butches dick in her vagina… and it was awesome. She slowly moved forward and smiled "that was quite a workout wasn't it?" She got no response from the other male "Butch?" Slowly Butch slides to the side of her back causing Blossom to be concerned "Butch? What's wrong?" She straightens a bit more causing Butch to slide right out of her and fall lifelessly to the floor, Blossom's look of concern quickly turns to one of panic "BUTCH!" She kneels down and puts her hand on his arm shaking him a little; she then shuts off the shower head. She slaps him a couple of times on his wet face and shakes him, she then notices that all the color has been drained from his body and hair. Her heart nearly stops, she wanted to immobilize him not kill him. She quickly puts her ear to his chest praying that he was still alive. To her relief he was "thank goodness", she hugs him to her chest then get up.

At first Blossom thought she was losing her mind, he couldn't possibly be this light, she then realized that it wasn't Butch that got lighter; it was herself that became stronger. She smiles and carries him over to the ladies locker room, to her surprise there were a few women there gawking at her in utter shock having heard her previous activities loud and clear. Normally Blossom would have been mortified but at that moment she found herself annoyed "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCHES LOOKING AT?" Their shock mirrors her own and they scatter in different directions to avoid her wrath. Blossom quickly tries to remedy the outburst "I'm sorry, really, I'm not like this at all, i…it's that time of the month". She looks at them guiltily as they run out the door, with this she sighs and rests Butch on a bench "but I'm really not like this". With a sad look on her face she tries not to think about the thought of never being able to show her face at the gym again and goes to her locker to grab a towel. As she dries herself she thinks about nothing more than getting her clothes on, dropping butch off at Townsville prison and forgetting this day ever happened.

Meanwhile later that evening

"HELLO?" Boomer walks through the secret lair that he and his brothers were staying. He hasn't seen Brick since last night and now Butch was missing too "where is everybody?" he decides to investigate and fly's out the living room window in search of his brothers.