Chapter 5


Bubbles cursed as she and Blossom discover the jail cell where Butch and Brick use to be. It was morning and they both woke up starving, however they realized that they weren't hungry for any food. They were running low on energy and needed a recharge. Ignoring the professor's Good Morning they sped off to the jail cell only to find it completely empty. Bubbles growls in frustration "where are they?"

Blossom groans and floats up next to her, she notices the huge holes in the wall and puts two and two together "shit, it looks like they were saved".

"By who?" Bubbles asked looking around the room.

"Shit, Buttercup must have screwed up" Blossom says agitated even more "Boomer must have gotten away and saved them". The two suddenly hear foot steps down the hall coming towards them and stay quiet.

3 Police officers ran up to the cell in distress, one of them who was the night guard looks at the two girls in relief "oh, Powerpuff girls, thanks goodness you're here, there was a jail break last night and…."

Blossom sneers at him"yeah no shit, we can fucking see that".

"oh" the police officer said taken back by her attitude, he looks back at the other cops in confusion before casting his gaze downward "uh…..s…sorry for letting them get away…..I….."

Bubbles glares at them "your damn right you're sorry, sorriest bunch of incompetent bastards I've ever seen". She turns from the stunned cops and looks over at Blossom "come on, we need to find them".

"WHERE?" Blossom screamed out angrily losing her patience "we have no idea where the fuck they're at, you fucking genius".

"I DON'T KNOW YOU STUPID BITCH" Bubbles screams back, "shit, whatever, let's just search the city". She zooms off and Blossom follows leaving the police to wonder if those were really the innocent, kind hearted girls they knew and loved.

Meanwhile at "Knuckle Crackers, fetish bar"

A woman dressed in leather and high heeled boots walks through the now empty bar. She had forgotten something in one of the fetish rooms. She walks down the hall to one of the rooms when she suddenly hears someone's voice in the room at the end of the hall. At first it was a mumble, then after a moment the mumbling became a bit louder. The woman looks in the general direction of the sound confused, she then decides to investigate. She walks up to where the door to the Boom Boom Room was and opens it; she sees what's inside and stands at the door way stunned.

Buttercup slowly opens her eyes sensing that someone was watching her "w…who are you?"

"Bartender" The woman says suddenly grinning at her; she notices that Buttercup is not wearing any pants or underwear and that she is also shackled to the table "names Gazelle". She circles around the table and stops in front of the raven haired super heroine "but they call me "The Tongue", would you like to know why?" she said eyeing the powerpuffs vaginal area.

Buttercup glares at her "I don't give a shit what they call you; just get me out of here".

Gazelle puts her hand underneath Buttercups chin and looks into her eyes "what's in it for me cutie pie?" She slides her hand down the expanse of Buttercups body "we won't be officially open until 5 pm this evening, how about a little fun?"

Buttercup glares daggers at her but then feels a finger going inside the walls of her vagina and panics "S...STOP, get away from me".

"Oh don't you worry honey" Gazelle says penetrating her with her finger and reveling in the gasp that came from her. She then puts her hand on Buttercups breast and kisses her neck "I'll let you out of there after we're done, trust me".

As Gazelle pushes the table down forcing her onto her back and kneels down before her to plant a kiss on her "Lips", Buttercup cringes a little and growls in frustration "when I get my hands on Boomer, I'm Gonna…ahhhh". Her body involuntarily arches a little as a sudden spark of pleasure shoots through her. Truth be told she was straight, so she absolutely hated the fact that this was feeling good "GAH…..FUCK, JUST GET IT OVER WITH". She has no other choice but to resign to her very first lesbian experience "damn you boomer, you're going to pay for this".

5 Minutes later

Boomer sighs and flops onto the couch of his living room at their lair; he was agitated, to his left Butch was vacuuming the rug on the floor, to his right Brick was sitting in a recliner chair knitting what looks like a sweater. Boomer sends a glare directly at him "what the fuck are you doing?"

Brick smiles at him politely "nothing really, it just looked like it was getting a bit chilly out yesterday. I thought you could use a sweater".

Boomer grabs the sweater away from him and gets up; he ignores the sounds of a protest coming from Brick and sets his laser eyes on it setting the whole thing up in flames "I don't need a fucking sweater, what I need is for you two to snap out of it already".

Butch finishes his chore and looks at him concerned "maybe we should go visit the Professor".

"For what?" Boomer asked throwing the now burning sweater into the sink.

"Well" Butch says setting the Vacuum aside against a nearby wall "think about it, whatever is going on with the girls wouldn't their creator know something about it. Maybe they came to him to find a way to defeat us and he made something for them".

Brick looks at the burning sweater sadly and joins in on the conversation trying not to let them see his hurt expression "He's got a point there, maybe this is the result of some kind a serum or elixir that he made for them, you know, to give them the upper hand over us".

Boomer thinks for a moment, but then he got a headache and plopped back down on the couch. This was the first time in his life that he has ever had to think this much, he hated it. He growls in frustration and turns to his side "shit do we really have to ask old man Utonium for help?"

Butch sits next to him on the couch "that seems to be your only option right now".

Boomer gets up and decides to head for the basement of their hideout "or maybe Mojo's got something we can use, just don't go anywhere before I get back".

"Where are we going to go?" Butch says quirking an eyebrow, he watches Boomer disappear into the basement. The room was quiet for a while, A bit too quiet, it left Butch a bit unnerved "uh…Brick?"

The male redhead was over by the kitchen sink by now holding up the burnt sweater to access the damage "yeah?"

Butch frowns and looks out the window of the living room "ever get the feeling like something really messed up is about to happen?"

Brick throws the sweater in the waste basket and comes out to the living room "what makes you say that?" he then stops and hears something in the distance, he looks out the window also and his eyes widen "I … I think we should run". The two quickly back away from what looks like two random objects heading towards the open window. They both dash into the basement and close the door shut behind them leaning against it as if to barricade it from the oncoming threat.

Boomer notices them from his spot at the bottom of the stairs and glares at them "hey what the hell? I told you two to stay…" he was instantly interrupted by the sound of an explosion coming from outside. The blond freaks out a little "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?"

"BOYS…..ARE YOU IN THERE?" Came a female voice from outside the basement door.

All three Rowdyruffs stare at the door in deep concern; Butch shakes his head a bit at the other two and whispers "shhhh, they might hear….." A fist bursts through the door near the side Butch's head and all three boys screamed "DOWNSTAIRS NOW". The three males run downstairs and Boomer goes to grab something in the far end of the room. By this time the entire door is broken into and Blossom and Bubbles float through.

Blossom chuckles as she calmly walks down the stairs "hello my little pop tarts". She steadily walks towards the boys dressed in a pink tight mid-drift shirt and tight black jeans "I have been looking everywhere for you Butch".

Bubbles was dressed in a white tank top and white pants "I missed you so much Brick baby".

Butch backs up a bit and bumps into Brick who backs into an old work table; both wondering where Boomer ran off to. The raven haired male tries his best to be brave "get away from us, you leeches".

Blossom smiles at him seductively "you're beginning to hurt my feelings Butch".

Brick hides a little behind Butch "how did you even find us?"

Bubbles laughs a little and twirls one of her pigtails with her finger "oh come on, it's not that hard, especially with these new powers we got from you, tracking you was easy". She then gets serious and takes off her top revealing that she is not wearing a bra. Her large boobs wiggle a bit as she moves "god I'm so hot for you right now Bricky".

Blossom also takes off her top and smiles at Butch "All I can think about is your cock deep inside of me".

"W…wait a minute" Butch says stuttering "Blossom this is hardly the time for that".

"There's something seriously wrong with you two" Brick says keeping his distance "can't you see that?"

"We're not doing this with you again" Butch said sternly "you almost killed us the last time, this time you might actually succeed". Both Blossom and Bubbles suddenly eye them dangerously and they look ready to pounce.

"You know Bubbles" Blossom said giving the boys a dark look.

"Yeah Blossom" Bubbles says also eyeing them like they were her latest meal.

Blossom slowly corners the two males "I don't remember giving these drones a choice", in a blink of an eye she rushes forward and pins Butch against a wall and presses herself against him "hmmm, don't hold out on me baby, I need my fix". Butch makes a strangled noise trying to weakly fend her off by trying to push her away.

Brick gasps and tries to rush to his rescue when Bubbles suddenly zooms in front of him and presses her finger against his chest, this catapults him to the floor on his back. He panics as Bubbles straddles him "STOP…..G…GET OFF ME".

Bubbles holds him down by his wrists "god you're so hot when you're scared". Suddenly a huge light beam blasts her completely off of him and right through a wall.

Blossom gasps and raises up from Butch "what the….."

The same beam bombards her knocking her clear off of her raven haired victim, launching her through the same wall next to the hole Bubble went through. Boomer comes out from his hiding place while holding a huge ray gun practically the same size as himself "NO MEANS NO, ASSHOLES". He then looks at his two bewildered brothers on the floor "on your feet, we're blowing this joint". He pulls another device from his pocket which looks like a large red button. Butch and Brick get up and stand next to boomer, the blonde then presses the button and it starts to glow "teleportation button, that was easy".

"FUCKING JERKS" Blossom screams at them Rowdyruffs as the bright glow envelope them, she zooms at them, ready to wreak havoc and Bubbles follows her. In that instant the rowdyruffs disappear being teleported into an unknown location.

Blossom stops in her tracks and Bubbles runs right into her and teeters backwards. Blossom growls in anger "ARRRRGGHH, FUCK…..WE HAD THEM".

Bubbles stomps her foot on the floor creating a crater "WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO?"

"SEARCH THE PLACE" Blossom screams starting to get desperate "they couldn't have gotten far; they have to be hiding somewhere". Without thinking the two crazed irrational women start tearing the house apart, breaking down walls, shooting laser beams at any spot they don't feel like breaking through and zooming into any area they can. Blossom practically foams at the mouth in rage "where the hell is Buttercup anyway, she should be helping us".

Meanwhile back at the Boom Boom room

"AHHH, OH GOD, AHHH" Buttercup cries out in pleasure as Gazelle grinds her vagina hard against her own. Gazelle had released the clasps on her feet and was now on the table scissoring her vigorously, Buttercup felt hot, sweaty and extremely shocked by each and every sensation she was feeling "OH….OOOOOH….AH, WHY….DOES…..THIS…FEEL…SOOOOO…GOOD?" Like an approaching tidal wave, her orgasm was about to take over "S…..STOP…..GOD…NO…..I'M…GOING…TO….AH…."

Gazelle panted and grinds harder against her "MMMMM, YEAH, CUM FOR ME BITCH…..COME ON….CUM FOR ME…AHHH YEAH".

Buttercup arches her back, the world around her meant nothing, she didn't even care that she is supposed to be straight, all she wanted was to cum, right here right now. Her orgasm washes over her body like an electrical current "OH….GOD…FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!"

Back to the Rowdyruffs lair

Bubbles floats ahead of Blossom and takes out another wall, she then stops and thinks to herself "you're right, I haven't seen Buttercup all morning…..ugh whatever, she's probably in a ditch somewhere, lets keep looking".

"WAIT" Blossom says stopping yet again.

"For what" Bubbles says agitated.

Blossom turns to her and Bubbles takes a step back for a moment, Blossom looks at her with blood shot crazed eyes as she asked her question "do you think that the boys are the only ones that we can draw energy from through sex?"

Bubbles started to shake for a bit like a crack addict looking for their next fix "I don't fucking know…..I….I…. guess….m…maybe". She undoes her pigtails speedily and scratches her head messing it up and making her look even crazier then she already was "Why?"

Blossom smiles wickedly "Then we've had an untapped power source all along, or at least it will be something to hold us over till we find the boys".

Bubbles instantly realizes what Blossom is implying and her eyes widen "Y...You don't mean, are you serious? The Professor?"

"We're losing power, Bubbles" Blossom says "we're getting weaker by the second, we need more, and I don't give two shits how we get it". She looks over at Bubbles determined "you in?"

Bubbles frowns "yeah, but first we need to get dressed, he'll suspect something if he sees us like this". They make their way back to the basement to find their shirts and clean themselves up.

Back at the Boom, Boom Room

Buttercup sighs and lays there completely agitated "so apparently, I can't suck out an ordinary person's power during sex".

Gazelle sits between her legs and frowns a bit at her "are you kidding me chick? You could actually do that all along and didn't warn me? Bitch". She drapes herself over Buttercups body and smiles down at her "just for that, how about we go for round two". She slides down the green eyed girl's body until her head was positioned over her pussy. Before she could even flick her tongue out Buttercup tightly clamps her legs over Gazelles head and turns her bottom half to the side taking Gazelle with her "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Gazelle struggles to try and get out of the hold but can feel her neck straining and about to dislocate, if she pulls away anymore then she will decapitate herself.

Buttercup glares at her "now listen up and listen well, GET ME OFF THIS FUCKING TABLE OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF".

"Oh please" Gazelle says trying not to sound frightened "you're a super hero; you don't have the guts to…." She gasped and moved upward as Buttercup moves her head with her legs, she could hear her neck popping a bit "ACK…. Shit…wait, wait, wait I….I thought you were enjoying what we just did".

"Doesn't matter" Buttercup says angrily "you came in here, saw me strapped to a metal table with no pants on and instead of helping me out like any normal sane person would, you decide to play pussy bumper cars with my lower half. I don't care how good it felt, I didn't ask for it to happen, I didn't want it to happen and it was a completely unwanted violation of my personal space. So in my book this constitutes as rape which means I have every right to snap your neck in two".

"WAIT…..OK" Gazelle says panicking "ok I'll let you go", she reaches her arm underneath the table to find the button. After a few minutes of feeling around she finally finds it and presses it releasing the latches holding Buttercups hands. Buttercup let's go of her and suddenly kicks her in the face launching her backwards onto the floor. Gazelle cries out in pain while holding her nose "w…..why?"

"Come on" Buttercup says getting off the table and finding her pants on the floor "did you really think you were getting out of this unscathed?" she puts on her pants and walks toward the door. It crossed her mind to give Gazelle another kick but she figured that with her strength the first one did more then enough damage. She grabs her shoes off the floor and walks out the door, looking forward to making her way home.

The Utonium home

The Professor sits in front of his computer in his downstairs lab and clicks away at the keys on his keyboard. His brow frowns a bit in deep concentration, there's a specific formula he has been trying to perfect for the last couple of days. He then smiles and rushes over to the lab table and takes out a beaker, he pours various chemicals into it and places the now full beaker over a Benson burner. The yellow liquid turns jet black after a moment of boiling over the burner. The professors observes this and takes out a dropper full of red liquid, he slowly drips about 2 drops of the liquid inside of the beaker and waits anxiously "come on, come to daddy". The liquid boils for a while then suddenly turns blue, the professor jumps from his chair and shouts in excitement "ERUEKA!" He rushes upstairs and slams open the door to the living room "GIRLS, GIRLS I'VE DONE IT, I'VE….."He realizes that nobody is home and sighs "they're not home, what else is new". Ever since the girls turned into teenagers they have barely been able to spend any time with him. He missed the days when they were five year old spritely little girls who were always excited over seeing his latest invention. The professor sighs and leans against the door frame "ah those were the days, wish they were here to see….."

"See what?"

The professor nearly jumps out of his skin after a voice comes from behind him "WAHHHH, wait….b..Bubbles?"

The blonde teen leans against the wall to the side of the door and smiles at him in a way that he can't really identify at the moment. Bubbles looks at him up and down for a moment before speaking calmly "what have you been up to, Daddy?"

"Daddy?" The professor couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was very off about the way she just said that. He decides to ignore it for now and eases away from her a bit "Well….I…"

"Whatcha doing papa?" Blossom appears on his other side silently.

The professor backs up through the basement door near the descending stairs careful not to fall down them "Papa? S..since when did you ever…."

Bubbles approaches him slowly "did you have something to show us?"

"Oh…um right" The professor says, he hastily rushes down the stairs "um..are you two alright? You both seem a bit, strange today and where's Buttercup?"

"Well" Blossom says floating down towards him "we don't really know where she is".

Bubbles floats up behind her "she'll turn up later".

"Oh…well if you're sure about that" The professor says keeping his distance from them, for some reason he was beginning to feel very uncomfortable around them. He looks over at his experiment trying to ignore their probing eyes "well, I have noticed that lately a lot of your arch nemesis and villains have been attacking you with machinery and techniques that deplete your life force as well as your powers. So I've decided to create an elixir to help you replenish you energy without having to come home for a Chemical X shot. I've already built a few dispensers for you girls to wear on you while you're out saving the WOAH….." He was interrupted by a pair of large breasts pressed against his back; he immediately jolts away from Bubbles who simply smiles at him "Bubbles".

"Sorry, I'm just so excited about your little experiment" Bubbles says.

Blossom bats her eyes at him "we both are".

The professor forgets his discomfort again and gets excited "you are? That's wonderful, check this out". He turns to the desk to his right and opens a drawer, he then pulled out a small watch with a large red button on it "you see, I plan to put a small amount of the elixir into a small compartment in the watch. When you press this red button a small sprits of the elixir will spray out, just spray the elixir into your mouth and viola, instant rejuvenation without the hassle of having to come home for a shot". He turns to them showing them the watch and the area that is supposed to spray off in their mouths "so what do you girls think?" he waits for their answer but it doesn't come. He looks at them for a moment seeing them looking at the watch with a look of utter boredom and disinterest. He then sighs and gives them a sad look "you don't like it do you?"

"It's not that" Blossom says, she floats over to him and goes behind him, she then wraps an arm around his shoulder from behind and whispers in his ear "it's just that, we have found another way to replenish our energy".

The professor separates himself from her but ends up running into Bubbles who wraps her arms around his waist. He instantly pulls away from her and backs up against his work table "w…what are you two talking about? What other way is there to replenish your energy?" The girls look at each other and smile wickedly, they then look at the professor and approach him menacingly. The professor's eyes widen as they descend on him "girls? What are you doing? GIRLS…."