Authors note: Well here we are ladies and gentlemen, the end of our powerpuff porno. I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading this fanfic. I'd also like to thank my co-collaborator Mr. Anonymous, thanks to him and his idea's this has been the weirdest story I've ever done…..well so far. Anyway just to give you guys the heads up, there is NO SEX IN THIS CHAPTER, couldn't think of a sex scene that would make any kind of sense in the end. Well enjoy the last chapter.

The next morning

It was the quietest, most uncomfortable breakfast the Utonium family has ever had. Neither the Professor nor the girls have said a single word to one another much less look one another in the eyes. It wasn't just the silence that made the girls uncomfortable; when they had woken up this morning they found that they were wearing chastity belts. They wanted to break free of it but given what had happened, the last thing they wanted to do was go against the Professor. Hopefully, if given some time to get over this, the professor will see reason and trust them again enough to remove the belts. But until then they considered this an extreme form of "time out" and accepted their punishment. Now if only the Professor would talk to them, Bubbles is the first to make an attempt "um…….we're really not going to talk about this?" everyone else at the table looked everywhere else but at her.

The professor clears his throat "ahem…uh there's nothing really for us to talk about, now eat your eggs before they get cold".

"Really?" Bubbles says frowning at him "um…I think we really do need to talk about what we did yester….."

The Professor gets up from his seat suddenly and walks a bit from the table smiling at her nervously "oh, would you look at the time, girls your school bus is almost here and I have to head back to the lab".

Blossom looks at him confused "school bus? Dad we're in highschool, we don't use the bus anymore, and we fly".

"Fascinating story Blossom" The professor says making a beeline for the entrance "wish I could stay and hear more but I have a lot of work to do, see you girls this afternoon". He rushes out into the hallway and straight to his lab; he then enters inside and locks the door.

Bubbles eyes begin to well up with tears "he's never going to get over this, is he? We really messed up".

Blossom hugs her in comfort "it's just a little too soon for him to talk about it. Give him some time, he'll come around".

Buttercup dips her head a bit "well I have something I want to talk about right now".

Blossom smiles at her "of course, but before you begin I just want you to know how sorry I am about what happened yesterday. I assure you that I am not a lesbian and I have absolutely no sexual feelings towards you what so ever".

Buttercup smiles "well that's good to hear, but would you have a problem with the fact that I …uh….might have liked it?"

Bubbles and Blossom stare at her wide eyed "you what?"

"I liked it" Buttercup said blushing "and I think I may be a lesbian". The room was quiet for a moment as her sisters look at one another, then back at her.

Bubble then grins "wow, I guess that does explain a lot", She then becomes more confident in herself and makes her own confession "I have a confession to make too".

Blossom pulls her gaze away from Buttercup and looks at Bubbles "I'm almost afraid to hear this but go ahead".

Bubbles takes a deep but nervous breath and then exhale "what I did with the Professor yesterday was actually a sexual fantasy of mine. It was something I was thinking about for a really long time but kept it to myself knowing that it was never going to happen. But now that it has I feel horrible and disgusting and ashamed and now I don't think I ever want to take off this chastity belt". She pants having let it all out in the open.

Buttercup stares at her stunned "well shit woman".

Bubbles frowns at her "oh your one to talk, at least I didn't have to fuck my own sister in order to come out of the closet".

Buttercup gets angry "I didn't fuck her she fucked me, and I had sex with another girl before I came home which was also involuntary. At least I'm not some modern day Myrrha, he's your dad, you freak".

Bubbles gets up outrage "I don't judge you for being a carpet muncher, how dare you judge me on this?"

Buttercup also gets up and in her face "Bubbles its one thing to be under the influence of someone else's life energy to the point of addiction, but you actually wanted to screw the professor?"

"ENOUGH!" Blossom gets up also and glares at the both of them "sit down the both of you". After a moment they both slowly take their seats again. When the both of them have calmed down, Blossom takes her seat again also "ok…..clearly we all have issues here, personally I think I have developed a certain case of Stockholm syndrome, where a person actually falls in love with their capture. I'm love with someone who I know will want to see me dead if we ever encounter each other again".

"Butch?" Bubbles says sadly "you know technically it's not Stockholm syndrome if he doesn't actually capture you".

Blossom merely nods and tries to move on with the conversation "the point is, it's pretty clear that this entire family is in need of some serious therapy after this, so we will deal with these issues then". She looks at Buttercup "Buttercup, you're a lesbian now; I both accept and respect your choice of lifestyle. You should bring it up in therapy so that we are all on the same page. The professor loves us no matter what we do, so I'm sure he'll be just as accepting as I am".

Buttercup smiles a little "thanks blossom that means a lot to me".

Blossom hugs her and then turns to Bubbles "same goes for you bubbles, the professor still loves you, and I'm sure he understands that you just weren't yourself at the time. And as for you being a modern day Myrrha, I'm surprised Buttercup even knows who that is much less used her in a sentence…."

"Hey" Buttercup says pouting "Myrrha is that chick from Greek mythology who falls in love with her father and tricks him into having sex with her, when he found out the truth, he chased after her with a sword to try and kill her. She became so frightened that she begged the gods for help, they took pity on her and turned her into a tree to hide from him….DUH".

"Impressive" Blossom says smiling "this coming from someone who said only a month ago that college is for losers". This illicit a chuckle from Bubbles, soon all three of them are laughing, Blossom then hugs the both of them "I'm really sorry girls, this whole plan of mine was stupid, to be honest, I was having sexual fantasies about Butch and I suggested the plan to you two as an excuse to have sex with him".

"It's ok" Bubbles says "I had a lot of fun with brick".

"Yeah boomer wasn't so bad either" Buttercup says "although fighting against them now is going to be extremely awkward".

"I know what you mean" Blossom says thinking about Butch "well at least for now we can work on regaining the professor's trust and hopefully work out everything in family therapy. Until then let's not mention any of this to anyone outside of this house. Deal?"

"Deal" Bubbles said.

"Definitely" Buttercup said nodding, "let's get to school"; they all get up and fly out the door to head to school.

Pokey Oaks Highschool

Blossom sits down in her seat in her Chemistry class and for once is not paying any attention to the session itself. All she can think about was Butch, she wondered if he was ok, had he completely forgotten about his love for her. In a different classroom, Bubbles sits in her desk at math class doodling in her notebook. She doesn't really pay much attention to what she is doing; she is basically in her own universe when her mind travels to a certain red headed super powered male. She remembered the last time she saw him; her vision was a bit blurry at the time. Yet she remembered the kind and caring expression on his face, the way he allowed her to rest her head on his lap and comforted her until her universe turned to black. She smiles a bit to herself, despite everything she and her sisters had done to the boys, he still loved her. She stops doodling and realizes that she had written and drawn Bricks name repeatedly in different styles, having noticed this she sighs "I miss Brick".


Buttercup, dressed in a white high school jersey and matching short, dribbles her basketball down the court. Her females basketball team decided to play against the boy's basketball team, these guys were smug enough to suggest that the girls should be their cheerleaders. She doesn't use her powers having chosen to run around by foot instead of flying. She had managed to score over five times throughout this game; the guys were having their asses handed to them. The bleachers were filled with school girls, some actually had gym class and others walked in from the hallway to watch whatever was going on. One of her team members passed her the ball and she barreled through the guys blocking her way, she finally jumps and slam dunks the ball hard. That was it, the girl's team won the game and Buttercup felt as though she was on cloud nine. Not only were the boys humiliated and now had to wear cheerleader outfits for the rest of the day but some of the hottest girls in school were practically screaming for her to even grace them with a smile. She gives them a charismatic smile and they practically melt from the sight of it. This was interesting; she never used to smile at anyone in school before, never really cared about whether anyone wanted to be around her or not and basically was feared by everyone for being thee biggest bitch in school. Now her new attitude and mysterious appeal were getting her plenty of attention from both genders. Buttercup walks towards her adoring fans "ladies, how's everything going?"

A teenager wearing an extremely tight and short shirt and top skips up to her nervously excited holding a bottle of water "w…want some water Buttercup?".

Another teenage girl comes up to her "Buttercup, use my towel, you look so sweaty".

"Speaking of which" A girl from her team interrupts them to speak to her "I'm hitting the shower right now, care to join me?"

Buttercup blushed at this "I just might, Venus, give me a minute".

Venus slaps her on the butt before walking away "don't keep me waiting too long". Buttercup blushes even more as the other girls there clear away from her all pouting in some way shape or form. She was amazed at how everyone automatically assumed the possibility of her being gay even though she hadn't actually revealed that to anyone. This also kind of depressed her a bit because even if she actually got anywhere with Venus she wouldn't be able to do anything anyway due to the chastity belt the professor so brashly fitted her with. She sighs going over to her gym bag and taking out her own towel to wipe off with, it was just as well, the last thing she should be thinking about was sex given what happened just yesterday.

"Wow, it all makes sense now".

Buttercup turns around her eyes widen "Boomer?"

Boomer walks casually up to her dressed in a gray t-shirt and matching track pants "sup babe, how's lesbo life treating you".

"Wait a sec" Buttercup says turning to him fully "how did you know I was a lesbian?"

"Oh please, everyone in school could practically smell the fish on you" Boomer said grinning.

Buttercup frowns at him "whatever, what are you doing here?"

"I go to school here now" Boomer said calmly.

"You what?" Buttercup said surprised.

"It's a court order" Boomer says frowning a bit "for breaking my goodie two shoes brothers out of jail".

"Oh" Buttercup said, she then looks a bit off to the side "listen Boomer, I wanted to tell you…..well….uh…..I….I'm….sssssoo…..ssssoooo".

Boomer laughs "come on chick, you can do it".

Buttercup sighs in frustration "ok, I'm sorry, there I said it, now fuck off".

Boomer rolls his eyes "wow you're all sincere and shit, I'm touched", he turns and is about to walk away when Buttercup puts a hand on his shoulder. He glares at her "what?"

"Look…uh…thanks" Buttercup said "for putting a stop to us, this has officially been the craziest past couple of days I've ever been involved in. I mean seriously, fucked up. Throughout this whole thing, you seemed to be the only one who made any kind of sense. I appreciate that".

Boomer smirks "whatever, I just wanted my brothers back, so don't act like I was doing this for any of you bitches". He shrugs her off and walks away "later".

Buttercup smiles at his retreating figure "yeah, later".


Bubbles looked shocked as the teacher introduced a new student into their math class. Her eyes followed the red headed figure all the way till he reached his seat. He sits down at the desk next to hers and avoids her stare choosing instead to focus his gaze at his desk. Bubbles heart pounds in her ears, she yearned to see him all morning wondering if he was ok or what happened to him recently and there he was so close and yet so far. She tears out a piece of paper out of her notebook and writes a note in it, she then folds it and tosses it lightly onto Brick's desk while the teacher has his back turned.

Brick gives Bubbles an annoyed look but unfolds the paper, it read:

"I'm sorry, I know I went crazy and I know you probably don't want anything to do with me anymore. But regardless, I need you to know that I'm truly sorry. I hope things will be ok between us from now on".

Brick's expression softened a bit as he read it, However he looks at her with an empty look on his face. They lock eyes with one another for while in quiet understanding before Brick breaks the gaze and writes something in his notebook. He then faces the page towards her so she could see what he wrote, it said:

"What the fuck ever, wanna cut out at lunch and grab a beer?"

Bubbles eyes widened a bit, she didn't expect him to get over that ordeal so quickly. She looks at him for a while and smiles at him sweetly "ok".

Blossom's heart skips a beat as she looks to the front where Butch stands awkwardly being introduced by the teacher. Butch gets annoyed and rolls his eyes "enough already, everyone knows who the fuck I am. Can I sit down now?"

The teacher gives him a quick glare "watch the language young man; we don't tolerate that in this class. Now then, your partner for today will be Blossom Utonium". Butch's eyes widen and he looks over at the red head a bit reluctantly. As he makes his way towards her, Blossom starts to feel flush and her breathing quickens a little, the anxiety was starting to get to her. She wondered if he remembered their special little moment yesterday, does he remember being so nice and gentle to her. Does he remember telling her that he loved her through the confession he made to her yesterday.

Butch sits next to her avoiding her gaze a little, he then sighs and leans back in his seat "I need a smoke". There was a silence between the two for a while before Butch breaks the silence again "look, I'm not any good at this chemistry shit, so you're going to have to do all the work".

Blossom's nervousness instantly disappears and she frowns at him "first of all I'm not doing it for you, second of all how do you even know whether you're good at something or not unless you give it a try. I…..I could help you if you want me to".

"Uh…" Butch hesitates for a moment "Nah I'd rather have you do this shit for me" He smirks noticing the look of pure annoyance on her face "oh and Blossom, one more thing".

"What?" Blossom said about to give up all hope that Butch would still want to be with her.

Butch pulls Blossoms chair closer to his and leans in to whisper in her ear "I remember", he smiles as Blossom gasps a little in shock. He then kisses her on the cheek "I guess we're getting a little too old to keep fighting each other anyway". He plants another kiss on her plants before shifting quickly back to his side "consider that a truce".

Blossom remains shocked at this revelation and her eyes begin to tear up "yeah, guess you're right". She smiles brightly at him as they enjoy their love and new found truce.

The End