200- Creeper

They'd been on holiday for about a week, and they were beginning to need a vacation from their vacation. Ginny had slept in that day while Katie went off to an early morning practice. After she'd woken the kids and they'd had breakfast, she brought them out into Muggle Dublin for the day.

Currently, she was sitting on a bench, wondering how much bacteria was growing on the playscape her children were on.

"Hi there."

Ginny looked up to see a tall Irish man. "Hi."

He sat next to her. "Haven't seen you around before. New to the area?"

"I'm on holiday with my family."

"Oh." He seemed disappointed. "Er…so your husband's around?"

"My wife is working this morning."

"Oh! Er…right."

That was usually the response. "So which one's yours?" Ginny asked.

"Er…the wee blonde on the swings."

"The one with the pigtails? Blue dress?"

"Yep. That's little Magda."

"Really? Because I could've sworn that I gave birth to little Ainsley."

The man blushed. "Er…I have to go."

Ginny spent a few minutes relaying this story to the other moms and dads before telling the kids it was time to go.

"What a creeper," Katie said that night at dinner.